Fred C. Jones

Fred C. Jones Filmography

movie 1925 The Fool as Poor Man
movie 1923 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande as George Vivian
movie 1923 The Truth About Wives as Harold Lawton
movie 1922 The Man Who Paid as Louis Duclos
movie 1922 Unconquered Woman as Serge Ronoff
movie 1922 Why Not Marry?
movie 1921 God's Country and the Law as André
movie 1920 A Beggar in Purple as Paul Lambert
movie 1920 A Woman in Grey as J. Havilland Hunter, A Man of Mystery
movie 1920 An Arabian Knight as Aboul Pasha
movie 1920 The House of Whispers as Roldo
movie 1919 The Chosen Path as Tony Leonardo
movie 1919 The Gold Cure as Robert Cord
movie 1918 A Successful Adventure as Henry Du Bois
movie 1918 Love's Law as Alexis Khalkoff
movie 1918 The Eagle's Eye as Dr. Heinrich Albert
movie 1918 The Light Within as Joe
movie 1918 The Struggle Everlasting as Musician, aka Pierre Viron
movie 1917 Infidelity as Ali Delna
movie 1917 The Girl Without a Soul as Ivor
movie 1917 Threads of Fate as Marquis Giovanni del Carnacacchi
movie 1916 The Flower of No Man's Land as Pedro
movie 1916 The Gates of Eden as Huxley
movie 1915 The Destroying Angel as John Merton

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