Fred C. Newmeyer

Fred C. Newmeyer (August 9, 1881 - April 24, 1967) was an American actor and film director. A native of Central City, Colorado, he is best known for directing a handful of films in the Our Gang series and for directing Harold Lloyd movies The Freshman and Girl Shy. Newmeyer also had an extensive directing and acting resume in other comedy short films. He appeared as an actor in 71 films between 1914 and 1923. ... more on Wikipedia

Fred C. Newmeyer Filmography

video movie 2005 Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection: Mini Biographies as Himself
tv series 1955 The Little Rascals
movie 1942 Rodeo Rhythm
movie 1937 Mail and Female
movie 1936 Arbor Day
movie 1936 General Spanky
movie 1936 The Pinch Singer
movie 1935 A Scream in the Night
movie 1935 Secrets of Chinatown
movie 1934 Lost in the Legion
movie 1934 No Ransom
movie 1934 The Big Race
movie 1934 The Moth
movie 1933 Easy Millions
movie 1932 Discarded Lovers
movie 1932 Gambling Sex
movie 1932 The Fighting Gentleman
movie 1932 The Night Rider
movie 1932 They Never Come Back
movie 1931 Subway Express
movie 1930 Fast and Loose
movie 1930 Queen High
movie 1930 The Grand Parade
movie 1929 It Can Be Done
movie 1929 Rainbow Man
movie 1929 Sailor's Holiday
movie 1928 That's My Daddy
movie 1928 The Night Bird
movie 1928 Warming Up
movie 1927 On Your Toes
movie 1927 The Lunatic at Large
movie 1927 The Potters
movie 1927 Too Many Crooks
movie 1926 The Quarterback
movie 1926 The Savage
movie 1925 Seven Keys to Baldpate
movie 1925 The Freshman
movie 1925 The Perfect Clown
movie 1924 Foolish Men and Smart Women
movie 1924 Girl Shy
movie 1924 Hot Water
movie 1923 Dogs of War as Director of 'Why Worry?'
movie 1923 Safety Last! as Car Driver Who Gets Parking Ticket
movie 1923 Why Worry?
movie 1922 Dr. Jack
movie 1922 Grandma's Boy
movie 1921 A Sailor-Made Man
movie 1921 Among Those Present
movie 1921 Never Weaken
movie 1921 Now or Never
movie 1920 All Lit Up
movie 1920 Little Miss Jazz
movie 1920 Merely a Maid
movie 1920 Money to Burn
movie 1920 Number, Please?
movie 1920 Queens Up!
movie 1920 Raise the Rent
movie 1920 The Sandman
movie 1919 A Sammy in Siberia
movie 1919 Be My Wife
movie 1919 Bumping Into Broadway
movie 1919 Captain Kidd's Kids as Ah Nix
movie 1919 Chop Suey & Co.
movie 1919 Count the Votes
movie 1919 Count Your Change
movie 1919 Crack Your Heels
movie 1919 Don't Shove
movie 1919 From Hand to Mouth
movie 1919 He Leads, Others Follow
movie 1919 Heap Big Chief
movie 1919 His Only Father
movie 1919 Off the Trolley
movie 1919 On the Fire
movie 1919 Pay Your Dues
movie 1919 Pistols for Breakfast
movie 1919 Ring Up the Curtain as Stagehand
movie 1919 Si, Senor
movie 1919 Soft Money
movie 1919 Spring Fever
movie 1919 Swat the Crook
movie 1919 The Marathon
movie 1919 The Rajah
movie 1919 Young Mr. Jazz
movie 1918 It's a Wild Life
movie 1918 Pipe the Whiskers
movie 1918 The Tip
movie 1918 Two-Gun Gussie
movie 1917 All Aboard
movie 1917 Bashful
movie 1917 Birds of a Feather
movie 1917 By the Sad Sea Waves
movie 1917 Clubs Are Trump
movie 1917 From Laramie to London
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke Loses Patients
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke's Wild Women
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Messenger
movie 1917 Love, Laughs and Lather
movie 1917 Move On
movie 1917 Over the Fence
movie 1917 Pinched
movie 1917 Rainbow Island
movie 1917 Step Lively
movie 1917 The Big Idea
movie 1917 We Never Sleep
movie 1916 Luke and the Bang-Tails
movie 1916 Luke and the Mermaids
movie 1916 Luke Does the Midway
movie 1916 Luke Joins the Navy
movie 1916 Luke Locates the Loot
movie 1916 Luke Rides Roughshod
movie 1916 Luke's Fireworks Fizzle
movie 1916 Luke's Late Lunchers
movie 1916 Luke's Lost Lamb
movie 1916 Luke's Movie Muddle
movie 1916 Luke's Newsie Knockout
movie 1916 Luke's Preparedness Preparations
movie 1916 Luke's Shattered Sleep
movie 1916 Luke's Society Mixup
movie 1916 Luke's Speedy Club Life
movie 1916 Luke, Crystal Gazer
movie 1916 Luke, Patient Provider
movie 1916 Luke, Rank Impersonator
movie 1916 Luke, the Candy Cut-Up
movie 1916 Luke, the Chauffeur
movie 1916 Luke, the Gladiator
movie 1914 Scooped by Cupid

Fred C. Newmeyer on Youtube

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