Fred Ellis

Fred Ellis (1885-1965) was an American political/editorial cartoonist. His cartoons spoke to many of the issues of the day, both international (World War II, appeasement, the atomic bomb, the Korean War, Nazi war crimes, Communism) and those close to the heart of the American working-class family (unions, low wages, worker safety, Social Security, political corruption). ... more on Wikipedia

Fred Ellis Filmography

movie 2010 The Magnificent Dead as Barnes
movie 2009 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt as Forensics Expert
tv movie 2006 The Year Without a Santa Claus as Drunk santa
movie 2005 Tha Eastsidaz as Dr. Blaine
movie 2002 Crank Calls as Asshole
movie 2001 The Edge of the Midway as Carl
movie 2000 Attraction as Newsstand Man
movie 2000 Snake Tales as Roy O. Stalk
movie 2000 Urban Chaos Theory as The Homeless Man
movie 1997 Barn of the Blood Llama as Stouker Dash
movie 1997 The Only Thrill as Poker Player #2
movie 1995 Mohammed's Radio as Murray
movie 1995 Underneath as Detective's Partner
movie 1992 Pure Country as Private Detective
tv movie 1991 A Seduction in Travis County as Bartender

Fred Ellis on Youtube

Fred Ellis is a New York City Elementary Public School Music Teacher, Music Therapist, and Recording Artist. See more about him on his website:

Song: Morning Artist: Janice Vidal.

Written by Nat D Ayer.

two year old gold asb mare, the golden temptress. and at the end of video is her 5 year old sister, stella.