Fred Gamble

Fred Gamble (born March 17, 1932 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a former racecar driver from the United States. He participated in one Formula One Grand Prix, the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, on September 4, 1960. Although he completed the race, he failed to score any championship points. ... more on Wikipedia

Fred Gamble Filmography

movie 1928 Laddie Be Good as Henry Cody
movie 1928 Painted Post as Theatrical Manager
movie 1928 West of Zanzibar as Vaudeville Comedian
movie 1927 The Red Mill as Innkeeper
movie 1926 Born to Battle as Morgan
movie 1926 Chasing Trouble as Bartender
movie 1926 The Blackbird as Man saying theres a present for Fifi
movie 1926 The Fighting Stallion as Tubby
movie 1925 Tonio, Son of the Sierras as Lt. Willet
movie 1925 Tumbleweeds as Hotel Proprietor
movie 1924 The Tornado as Pa Jones
movie 1923 Black Oxen as Oglethorpe Butler
movie 1923 The Virginian as Fat Drummer
movie 1922 Boy Crazy as Mr. Cameron
movie 1922 Golf
movie 1922 Hope as André
movie 1922 The Firebrand as Judd Acker
movie 1921 Love Never Dies as Sam Cavanaugh
movie 1921 Passing Through as Hezikah Briggs
movie 1920 Bullet Proof as Father Jacques
movie 1920 Fixed by George as Father Starr
movie 1920 Homespun Folks as Gabe Howard
movie 1920 La La Lucille as Colonel Marion
movie 1920 Officer, Call a Cop
movie 1920 Oiling Uncle
movie 1920 Stop That Shimmy
movie 1920 The Screaming Shadow as Fred Wilson
movie 1920 The Secret Gift as Benjamin Ullman
movie 1919 All in the Swim
movie 1919 Oh! Ethel!
movie 1919 Taking Things Easy
movie 1919 The Woman Under Cover as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 Three in a Closet
movie 1919 Tick Tock Man
movie 1919 Up the Flue
movie 1918 A Broadway Scandal as Falkner
movie 1918 Bad News
movie 1918 Please Hit Me
movie 1918 The Extra Bridegroom
movie 1917 A Dark Deed
movie 1917 A Fire Escape Finish
movie 1917 A Hasty Hazing
movie 1917 His Wife's Relatives
movie 1917 Hot Applications
movie 1917 Jilted in Jail
movie 1917 Married by Accident
movie 1917 Mixed Matrimony
movie 1917 Move Over
movie 1917 Pete, the Prowler
movie 1917 Poor Peter Pious as Mr. Gamble - Edith's Father
movie 1917 Seeing Things
movie 1917 Shot in the West
movie 1917 Taking Their Medicine
movie 1917 Tell Morgan's Girl
movie 1917 The Home Wreckers as Mr. Lemon
movie 1917 The Love Slacker
movie 1917 The Rushin' Dancers
movie 1917 The Shame of a Chaperone
movie 1917 The War Bridegroom as Mr. Thurston
movie 1917 Under the Bed as Second Crook
movie 1917 What a Clue Will Do
movie 1917 When the Cat's Away
movie 1917 Why, Uncle!
movie 1917 Wild and Woolly Women
movie 1916 A Political Tramp
movie 1916 A Silly Sultan
movie 1916 Billy the Bandit
movie 1916 How Do You Feel?
movie 1916 It Sounded Like a Kiss
movie 1916 Knights of a Bathtub as Thomas Dawson
movie 1916 Love and a Liar
movie 1916 Model 46
movie 1916 Pass the Prunes
movie 1916 Pretty Baby
movie 1916 The Terrible Turk
movie 1916 The White Turkey as Priscilla's Father
movie 1916 Two Small Town Romeos
movie 1916 When the Spirits Fell
movie 1915 A Polar Romance
movie 1915 A Yankee from the West as The Railroad Superintendent
movie 1915 In the Vale of Sorrow as Mr. Van Arsdale
movie 1915 Mrs. Cook's Cooking
movie 1915 No Quarter as Mr. Meeker
movie 1915 Oh, Daddy! as Mr. Hymens
movie 1915 Persistence Wins
movie 1915 The Constable's Daughter as The Constable
movie 1915 The Doctor's Strategy as Mr. Jones
movie 1915 The Face Most Fair as Doctor Stoddard
movie 1915 The First Stone as Reverend Arthur Johnson
movie 1915 The Girl from His Town as Ruggles, Joshua
movie 1915 The Happier Man
movie 1915 The Haunting Memory
movie 1915 When the Fire Bell Rang as The Fire Chief
movie 1915 Which Would You Rather Be? as Jim Jansen
movie 1914 A Flurry in Hats as Captain Hood
movie 1914 A Joke on Jane
movie 1914 A Midsummer's Love Tangle as Judge Lynn
movie 1914 A Rude Awakening as Bob
movie 1914 A Suspended Ceremony as Judge Lynn
movie 1914 As a Man Thinketh as Mr. Steele
movie 1914 Brass Buttons as Mr. McArthur - Mary's Father
movie 1914 Closed at Ten as Mr. Evans
movie 1914 Dad and the Girls as Mr. Madden - Frank's Father
movie 1914 Eugenics Versus Love as Hugo Limburger
movie 1914 Fooling Uncle as Uncle
movie 1914 Her Younger Sister as Billy Lyons
movie 1914 Italian Love as Tony Spezotti
movie 1914 Jane, the Justice as Constable Higgins - Jane's Father
movie 1914 Limping Into Happiness as Dr. Loveren
movie 1914 Mlle. La Mode as Harry Lee
movie 1914 Nancy's Husband as The Lawyer
movie 1914 Retribution
movie 1914 Sally's Elopement as Squinty's Father
movie 1914 Susie's New Shoes as Policeman
movie 1914 Suzanna's New Suit
movie 1914 The Courting of Prudence as Squire Goodman
movie 1914 The Dream Ship as Beggar
movie 1914 The Girl Who Dared as Maggie's Father
movie 1914 The Greater Devotion
movie 1914 The Only Way as Her father
movie 1914 The Other Train as Freddy Harvey
movie 1914 The Peacock Feather Fan
movie 1914 The Professor's Awakening as Captain Hardy - Nell's father
movie 1914 The Sacrifice as Henry's Foster Father
movie 1914 The Silence of John Gordon
movie 1914 The Tale of a Tailor
movie 1914 The Tightwad as Tobias Frye - the Tightwad
movie 1914 Via the Fire Escape as Edward Harding
movie 1914 When Queenie Came Back as Employment Agent
movie 1914 Winsome Winnie as Pa Winsome
movie 1914 Withering Roses as The Child's Father
movie 1913 A Game of Pool as Cop
movie 1913 A Stolen Identity as The Lawyer
movie 1913 Fatty's Day Off as Waiter
movie 1913 Freckles' Fight for His Bride as Vera's Father
movie 1913 Get Rich Quick as Sheriff
movie 1913 How Freckles Won His Bride as Vera's Father
movie 1913 The Janitor as Beach Bystander
movie 1913 The Unhappy Pair as Edwin's Rich Uncle
movie 1913 Three Children as Grandpa
movie 1913 What Happened to Freckles as Vera's Father

Fred Gamble on Youtube

Pastor Fred Gamble visits Dixie Grove Baptist Church in Flatwoods, AL (The Church-Home of his childhood were he was first baptised). 4th Sunday Service ...

True Vine Church 2100 10th St Clewiston, FL 33440 Pastor Fred Gamble.

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