Fred Gilman

Fred Gilman Filmography

movie 1951 Across the Wide Missouri as Harris
movie 1950 Annie Get Your Gun as Cowboy
movie 1950 The Magnificent Yankee as Driver
movie 1949 Big Jack as Bandit
movie 1948 The Kissing Bandit as Pedro
movie 1948 The Pirate as Coachman
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Horse Handler
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as Agent
movie 1947 The Sea of Grass as Cattleman
movie 1935 Rainbow's End as George Wright, Bookkeeper
movie 1935 Sunset Range as Cowhand Freddie
movie 1934 Mills of the Gods as Bit Role
movie 1934 Stingaree
movie 1933 The Fighting Parson as Express Agent
movie 1932 A Man's Land as Deputy Fred
movie 1932 Spirit of the West as Bud Ringo
movie 1932 The Boiling Point as Jimmy's Friend
movie 1932 The Cowboy Counsellor as Luke Avery
movie 1931 Clearing the Range as Henchman
movie 1931 Red Fork Range as Fred
movie 1931 Wild Horse as Wally, the Drunk
movie 1930 Roaring Ranch as Chauffeur
movie 1930 The Concentratin' Kid as Radio Announcer
movie 1929 Courtin' Wildcats as Fred
movie 1929 The Long, Long Trail as Cowhand
movie 1928 An Unexpected Hero as The Texas Ranger
movie 1928 Battling Justice as Ranger Jack Dale
movie 1928 Clearing the Trail as Steve Watson
movie 1928 Fighting Destiny as Dan Lincoln - Texas Ranger
movie 1928 The Ambuscade as The Texas Ranger
movie 1928 The Card of Destiny as Texas Ranger Denny
movie 1928 The Gauge of Battle as Breezy Layton
movie 1928 The Ranger Patrol
movie 1928 Wolves of the Range
movie 1927 A Ranger's Romance
movie 1927 Barrymore Tommy as Barrymore Tommy
movie 1927 Daze of the West
movie 1927 Gun Justice
movie 1927 On Special Duty
movie 1927 Tenderfoot Courage as Hal Brennon
movie 1927 The Dude Desperado
movie 1927 The Fighting Texan
movie 1927 The Haunted Homestead
movie 1927 The Home Trail
movie 1927 The Horse Trader
movie 1927 The Law Rider
movie 1927 The Lone Ranger
movie 1927 The Lone Star as The Texas Ranger
movie 1927 The Ore Raiders as Ranger Ted Clayton
movie 1927 The Peace Deputy as The Sheriff's Deputy
movie 1927 The Phantom Outlaw
movie 1927 The Plumed Rider
movie 1927 The Smiling Wolf
movie 1927 The Square Shooter
movie 1926 Law of the North as Kerry Clay
movie 1926 Martin of the Mounted as Martin of the Mountaed
movie 1926 Pioneer Blood as Reggie King
movie 1926 The Shoot 'Em Up Kid as Terry Moore