Fred Griffiths

Fred Griffiths Filmography

tv movie 2000 Humphrey Jennings: The Man Who Listened to Britain as Himself
tv movie 1998 What's a Carry On? as Taxi Driver
movie 1979 That's Carry On as Various Characters
movie 1974 The Over-Amorous Artist as Window Cleaner
tv movie 1973 Achilles Heel as Wilf
movie 1973 Love Thy Neighbour as Taxi Driver
movie 1973 No Sex Please: We're British as Delivery Man
movie 1973 Steptoe and Son as Barman
movie 1972 Along the Way
movie 1971 Dad's Army as Bert King
movie 1971 Up the Chastity Belt as Father
movie 1970 Carry on Loving as Taxi Driver
movie 1970 Perfect Friday as Taxi Driver
movie 1968 The Window Cleaner as Foreman
movie 1967 Billion Dollar Brain as Taxi Driver
movie 1967 To Sir, with Love as Mr. Clark
movie 1965 The Big Job as Dustman
movie 1965 The Early Bird as Man Who Gets in Lift
movie 1965 The Party's Over as Taxi Driver
movie 1963 A Stitch in Time as Lorry Driver
movie 1963 Heavens Above! as Angry Man in Crowd Scene
movie 1963 Ladies Who Do as Fred
movie 1963 Murder at the Gallop as Pub Landlord
movie 1962 On the Beat as Cabbie
movie 1962 Play It Cool as Skinner's Cab Driver
movie 1962 The War Lover as Taxi Driver
movie 1961 Carry on Regardless as Taxi Driver
movie 1961 Over the Odds as Fruit Vendor
movie 1960 Jungle Street as Dealer
movie 1960 Light Up the Sky! as Mr. Jennings
movie 1960 There Was a Crooked Man as Taxi Driver
movie 1959 Carry on Nurse as Second Ambulance Man
movie 1959 I'm All Right Jack as Charlie
movie 1959 Left Right and Centre as Billingsgate Porter
movie 1959 No Trees in the Street as Street Orator
movie 1959 The Battle of the Sexes as 1st Porter
movie 1959 The Captain's Table as Plumber
movie 1958 A Cry from the Streets as Mr. Hodges
movie 1958 Dunkirk as Old Sweat
movie 1958 Next to No Time as Customer
movie 1958 The Horse's Mouth
movie 1958 The Square Peg as Lorry Driver
movie 1957 Barnacle Bill as Bus Driver
movie 1957 Just My Luck as Alfie
movie 1957 You Pay Your Money as Fred
movie 1956 23 Paces to Baker Street as Taxi Driver
movie 1956 Dry Rot as Bookie
movie 1956 Lost as Gamble
movie 1956 Reach for the Sky as Lorry Driver
movie 1956 Sailor Beware as Taxi Driver
movie 1956 The Long Arm as Barman
movie 1956 Up in the World as Steve
movie 1955 Carrington V.C. as Fred - 2nd Soldier In Naafi
movie 1955 Doctor at Sea as Seaman
movie 1955 John and Julie as Taxi Driver
movie 1955 One Good Turn as Shouting Boxing Spectator
movie 1955 Raising a Riot as Bargee
movie 1955 Secret Venture as Gymnasium Attendant
movie 1955 See How They Run
movie 1955 The Ladykillers as Junk Man
movie 1954 Bang! You're Dead as Milche
movie 1954 Companions in Crime
movie 1954 Doctor in the House as Taxi Driver
movie 1954 Hell Below Zero as Drunken Sailor
movie 1954 The Final Test as Taxi Driver
movie 1954 The Million Pound Note as Serpentine Boatman
movie 1954 The Sleeping Tiger as Taxi Driver
movie 1954 You Know What Sailors Are as 2nd Lorry Driver
movie 1953 A Day to Remember as Barman on Ferry
movie 1953 Genevieve as Ice Cream Seller
movie 1953 Meet Mr. Lucifer as Removal Man
movie 1953 Street of Shadows as Cab Driver
movie 1953 The Cruel Sea as Gracey
movie 1953 Turn the Key Softly as Newspaper Seller
movie 1953 Wheel of Fate
movie 1952 I Believe in You as Fred Crump
movie 1952 Judgment Deferred as Condemned Man
movie 1952 My Wife's Lodger as Driver
movie 1952 The Woman's Angle
movie 1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again as River Boat Guide
movie 1951 Pool of London as Sailor on Barge
movie 1951 The Lavender Hill Mob as Taxi Driver
movie 1950 Double Confession as The Spiv
movie 1949 Golden Arrow as 2nd Military policeman
movie 1949 Passport to Pimlico as Spiv
movie 1949 Stop Press Girl as Truck Driver
movie 1949 The Huggetts Abroad as Taxi Driver
movie 1948 Escape as Dart Player
movie 1948 It's Hard to Be Good as Chauffeur
movie 1947 It Always Rains on Sunday as Sam
movie 1947 So Well Remembered as Mill Worker
movie 1943 Fires Were Started as Johnny Daniels
movie 1943 Nine Men as Base sergeant

Fred Griffiths on Youtube

enjoy the vid.

Some winter footage of Griff to use up. Featuring: James 'Griff' Griffiths Filmed & Edited: Stefan Darque Additional Filming: Fred Simmons.

Um jovem professor enfrenta alunos indisciplinados, neste filme Clássico que refletiu alguns dos problemas e medos dos adolescentes dos anos 60. Sidney ...