Fred Huntley

Fred Huntley Filmography

movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1924 The Age of Innocence
movie 1924 The Mine with the Iron Door
movie 1924 Thundering Hoofs as John Marshall
movie 1923 Law of the Lawless as Osman
movie 1923 The Call of the Canyon as Tom Hutter
movie 1923 The Go-Getter as Jack Morgan
movie 1923 To the Last Man as Lee Jorth
movie 1923 Where the North Begins as McTavish
movie 1922 Borderland as William Beckett
movie 1922 Man with Two Mothers as Butler
movie 1922 North of the Rio Grande as Briston
movie 1922 Peg o' My Heart as Butler
movie 1922 The Crimson Challenge as Confora
movie 1922 To Have and to Hold as Paradise
movie 1922 While Satan Sleeps as Absolom Randall
movie 1921 A Prince There Was as Mr. Cricket
movie 1921 A Wise Fool as Sebastian Dolores
movie 1921 Brewster's Millions as Mr. Brewster
movie 1921 Gasoline Gus
movie 1921 The Affairs of Anatol as Stage Manager
movie 1921 The Bronze Bell as Maharajah
movie 1921 The Face of the World as Attorney Gundahl
movie 1921 The Little Minister as Peter Tosh
movie 1921 What Every Woman Knows as David Wylie
movie 1920 Behold My Wife as Chief Eye-of-the-Moon
movie 1920 Dice of Destiny as 'Gloomy' Cole
movie 1920 Excuse My Dust as Police Magistrate
movie 1920 The Round-Up as Sagebrush Charlie
movie 1920 The Sea Wolf as Old Man Johnson
movie 1920 The Soul of Youth as Mr. Hodge
movie 1919 Daddy-Long-Legs
movie 1919 Everywoman as Dissipation
movie 1919 Fires of Faith as Joe Lee
movie 1919 For Better, for Worse as Colonial Soldier
movie 1919 Heart o' the Hills as Granpap Jason Hawn
movie 1919 Her Kingdom of Dreams as Parker
movie 1919 Johnny Get Your Gun as Jevne
movie 1919 Love Insurance as Jenkins
movie 1919 The Heart of Wetona as Chief Quannah
movie 1919 The Lottery Man as Hamilton
movie 1918 A Lady's Name as Adams
movie 1918 Johanna Enlists as Pa Renssaller
movie 1918 Rimrock Jones as Leon Lockhart
movie 1918 The City of Purple Dreams as Thomas Quigg
movie 1918 The Only Road as Ramon Lupo
movie 1918 The Sea Flower as 'Brandy' Cain
movie 1917 A Roadside Impresario as John Slade
movie 1917 The Marcellini Millions as Mr. Hargrave
movie 1916 A Man of Sorrow
movie 1916 Fighting Blood as Henry Colby, Her Father
movie 1916 The Fires of Conscience as Peter Rogers
movie 1916 The Ne'er Do Well as Andres Garavel
movie 1916 Crooked Road
movie 1916 The Stained Pearl
movie 1915 A Janitor's Wife's Temptation as The Landlord
movie 1915 Retribution as Senator Cullum
movie 1915 The Black Diamond
movie 1915 The Carpet from Bagdad as Wallace
movie 1915 The Circular Staircase as Detective Jamieson
movie 1915 The Poetic Justice of Omar Kham as David Harcourt
movie 1915 The Rosary as Evarts
movie 1914 'C D' - A Civil War Tale
movie 1914 A Typographical Error
movie 1914 Chip of the Flying U as Old Man
movie 1914 Dawn as The Hermit
movie 1914 Hearts and Masks as Galloping Dick
movie 1914 Reporter Jimmie Intervenes as The City Editor
movie 1914 The Blue Flame as Buck Wade - Nell's Father
movie 1914 The Broken 'X'
movie 1914 The Last Man's Club as Cpl. James Wheeler - the Veteran
movie 1914 The Reparation
movie 1914 The Wasp as Joe Collins
movie 1914 When the Night Call Came
movie 1914 Who Killed George Graves? as William Sykes
movie 1914 Willie as Old Man Clark - Willie's Dad
movie 1914 Ye Vengeful Vagabonds as Heinrich Von Winckle - Jan's Father
movie 1914 Elizabeth's Prayer
movie 1914 Tested by Fire
movie 1914 The Charmed Arrow
movie 1914 The Midnight Call
movie 1914 The Squatters
movie 1914 Through the Centuries
movie 1914 When Thieves Fall Out
movie 1914 While Wifey Is Away
movie 1913 Greater Wealth as Dr. John Meekins
movie 1913 Hiram Buys an Auto
movie 1913 The Early Bird
movie 1913 The Story of Lavinia
movie 1913 The Three Wise Men as Man at the Door
movie 1913 The Dream of Dan McQuire
movie 1913 A Cure for Carelessness
movie 1913 A Flag of Two Wars
movie 1913 As a Father Spareth His Son
movie 1913 Buck Richards' Bride
movie 1913 Bumps and Willie
movie 1913 Fate Fashions a Letter
movie 1913 In the Days of Witchcraft
movie 1913 Mounted Officer Flynn
movie 1913 Nan of the Woods
movie 1913 Seeds of Silver
movie 1913 The Bridge of Shadows
movie 1913 The Lonely Heart
movie 1913 The Probationer
movie 1913 The Rancher's Failing
movie 1913 The Unseen Defense
movie 1913 The Woodman's Daughter
movie 1912 A Child of the Wilderness
movie 1912 A Crucial Test
movie 1912 A Humble Hero
movie 1912 A Sad Devil as Professor Brown
movie 1912 A Waif of the Sea
movie 1912 Bunkie as Maj. Ford
movie 1912 Disillusioned
movie 1912 Merely a Millionaire
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Abbe Faria
movie 1912 Opitsah: Apache for Sweetheart as Sheriff Jack Warner
movie 1912 Tenderfoot Bob's Regeneration
movie 1912 The Danites
movie 1912 The End of the Romance
movie 1912 The Hand of Fate
movie 1912 The Hobo
movie 1912 The Ones Who Suffer
movie 1912 The Peacemaker
movie 1912 The Secret Wedding
movie 1912 The Substitute Model
movie 1912 The Test
movie 1912 When Helen Was Elected as Freddie Heim
movie 1912 An Assisted Elopement
movie 1912 A Messenger to Kearney
movie 1912 Brains and Brawn
movie 1912 How the Cause Was Won
movie 1912 In Exile
movie 1912 Pansy
movie 1912 The Box Car Baby
movie 1912 The Girl and the Cowboy
movie 1912 The Lake of Dreams
movie 1912 The Man from Dragon Land
movie 1912 The Old Stagecoach
movie 1912 The Vow of Ysobel
movie 1911 A Diamond in the Rough as Old Yell Darrow
movie 1911 A Modern Rip
movie 1911 A Turkish Cigarette
movie 1911 An Evil Power
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 Captain Brand's Wife
movie 1911 It Happened in the West
movie 1911 Lieutenant Grey of the Confederacy
movie 1911 Making a Man of Him
movie 1911 Old Billy
movie 1911 On Separate Paths
movie 1911 Slick's Romance as Bunco Peters
movie 1911 Stability vs. Nobility
movie 1911 The Artist's Sons
movie 1911 The Blacksmith's Love
movie 1911 The Bootlegger
movie 1911 The Convert of San Clemente
movie 1911 The Coquette
movie 1911 The Herders
movie 1911 The Little Widow
movie 1911 The Maid at the Helm as Capt. Barker
movie 1911 The New Faith
movie 1911 The New Superintendent
movie 1911 The Novice
movie 1911 The Old Captain as The Old Captain
movie 1911 The Profligate as The Fencing Master
movie 1911 The Regeneration of Apache Kid as Col. Worthington
movie 1911 The Rival Stage Lines
movie 1911 The Still Alarm
movie 1911 The White Medicine Man as Medicine Man
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1911 Told in the Sierras

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Where the north begins - Ou commence le nord - Donde comienza el norte Cast: Claire Adams, Fred Huntley, Walter McGrail, Pat Hartigan, Myrtle Owen, ...

Superman takes Lois Lane on a little flight to remind her of why the world needs him.

Lois Lane attempts to save Superman by flying him away from Lex Luthor's Kryptonite landmass, but he still has a mission to complete.

After learning Lois Lane has gone missing off the coast of Metropolis, Clark Kent hurries to an elevator, changing to Superman, and flying to the rescue...un...