Fred J. Balshofer

Fred J. Balshofer (November 2, 1877 ? June 21, 1969) was an American pioneer silent film director, producer, screenwriter, and cinematographer. ... more on Wikipedia

Fred J. Balshofer Filmography

movie 1930 La jaula de los leones
movie 1928 The Battling Bookworm
movie 1928 Triple Pass
movie 1927 The Grey Streak
movie 1927 The Lone Rider
movie 1926 Prince of the Saddle
movie 1926 Signal Fires
movie 1926 Temple of Terror
movie 1926 The Millionaire Orphan
movie 1926 The Secluded Roadhouse
movie 1926 Two Fisted Buckaroo
movie 1926 Stacked Cards
movie 1922 The Three Buckaroos
movie 1920 An Adventuress
movie 1919 A Man of Honor
movie 1918 Broadway Bill
movie 1918 Lend Me Your Name
movie 1918 The Landloper
movie 1917 The Avenging Trail
movie 1917 Paradise Garden
movie 1917 The Haunted Pajamas
movie 1917 The Hidden Spring
movie 1917 The Promise
movie 1917 The Square Deceiver
movie 1917 Under Handicap
movie 1916 A Corner in Cotton
movie 1916 Pidgin Island
movie 1916 The Come-Back
movie 1916 The Masked Rider
movie 1915 Billie's Strategy
movie 1915 Counting Out the Count
movie 1915 Love and Dough
movie 1915 Olive's Hero
movie 1915 Olive's Love Affair
movie 1915 Olive's Pet
movie 1915 Pennington's Choice
movie 1915 Playmates
movie 1915 Pokes and Jabs
movie 1915 Raindrops and Girls
movie 1915 Rosemary
movie 1915 The Battle of Running Bull
movie 1915 The Butler's Busted Romance
movie 1915 The Chef's Revenge
movie 1915 The Dude Raffles
movie 1915 The Fox-Trot Craze
movie 1915 The Runaway Closet
movie 1915 The Second in Command
movie 1915 Those German Bowlers
movie 1915 Treasure Seekers
movie 1915 When Snitz Was 'Marriaged'
movie 1914 Love and Vengeance as Racetrack Spectator
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 A Beach Romance
movie 1914 A Bear Escape
movie 1914 A Bogus Baron
movie 1914 A Dramatic Mistake
movie 1914 A Jealous Husband
movie 1914 A Race for a Bride
movie 1914 A Race for Life
movie 1914 A Rural Affair
movie 1914 A Shooting Match
movie 1914 A Strong Affair
movie 1914 A Wild Ride
movie 1914 An Ill Wind
movie 1914 At Three O'Clock
movie 1914 Billy's Charge
movie 1914 Black Hands
movie 1914 Carmen's Romance
movie 1914 Carmen's Wash Day
movie 1914 Dot's Chaperone
movie 1914 Dot's Elopement
movie 1914 Hearts and Swords
movie 1914 Heinie's Outing
movie 1914 His New Job
movie 1914 His Wife's Flirtation
movie 1914 Hypnotic Power
movie 1914 In and Out
movie 1914 Innocent Dad
movie 1914 It's a Boy!
movie 1914 Kids
movie 1914 Lizzie's Fortune
movie 1914 Lost in the Studio
movie 1914 Love and Lunch
movie 1914 Love and Water
movie 1914 Love, Luck and Candy
movie 1914 Myer's Mistake
movie 1914 Neighbors
movie 1914 Noodles' Return
movie 1914 Papa's Boy
movie 1914 Secret Service Snitz
movie 1914 Sergeant Hofmeyer
movie 1914 Snitz Joins the Force
movie 1914 Snookee's Day Off
movie 1914 Snookee's Disguise
movie 1914 Snookee's Flirtation
movie 1914 The Battle
movie 1914 The Broken Doll
movie 1914 The Close Call
movie 1914 The Crash
movie 1914 The Dog Raffles
movie 1914 The Fatal Hansom
movie 1914 The Fatal Wedding
movie 1914 The Flirt
movie 1914 The Tale of a Hat
movie 1914 The Wall Between
movie 1914 Trapped in a Closet
movie 1914 Troublesome Pets
movie 1914 When Smaltz Loves
movie 1913 Her Legacy
movie 1913 The Revelation
movie 1912 The Civilian
movie 1912 The Doctor's Double
movie 1912 The Restoration
movie 1912 His Better Self
movie 1912 Mary of the Mines
movie 1911 A Western Tramp
movie 1911 Little Dove's Romance
movie 1911 In the Heart of the Sierras
movie 1911 An Indian Love Story
movie 1911 An Up-to-Date Squaw
movie 1911 Lone Star's Return
movie 1911 The Savage Girl's Devotion
movie 1910 A Cattle Rustler's Daughter
movie 1910 A Cheyenne's Love for a Sioux
movie 1910 A Cowboy for Love
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Daring Rescue
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Generosity
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Matrimonial Tangle
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Race for a Wife
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Reward
movie 1910 A Forester's Sweetheart
movie 1910 A Husband's Mistake
movie 1910 A Message of the Sea
movie 1910 A Mexican Lothario
movie 1910 A Mexican Love Affair
movie 1910 A Miner's Sweetheart
movie 1910 A Ranchman's Simple Son
movie 1910 A Red Girl's Friendship
movie 1910 A Redman's Devotion
movie 1910 A Romance of the Prairie
movie 1910 A Shot in Time
movie 1910 A Sinner's Sacrifice
movie 1910 A Sister's Devotion
movie 1910 A True Country Heart
movie 1910 A True Indian Brave
movie 1910 A Woman's Better Nature
movie 1910 An Engineer's Sweetheart
movie 1910 An Indian Maiden's Choice
movie 1910 Black Pete's Reformation
movie 1910 Bud's Triumph
movie 1910 By His Own Hands
movie 1910 Company D to the Rescue
movie 1910 Cupid's Comedy
movie 1910 Dan, the Arizona Scout
movie 1910 Dooley Referees the Big Fight
movie 1910 Dooley's Holiday
movie 1910 For a Western Girl
movie 1910 For Her Father's Honor
movie 1910 For His Sister's Honor
movie 1910 For the Love of Red Wing
movie 1910 Girls
movie 1910 Government Rations
movie 1910 Hazel, the Heart Breaker
movie 1910 Her Terrible Peril
movie 1910 His Imaginary Crime
movie 1910 In the Wild West
movie 1910 Kit Carson
movie 1910 Lost for Many Years
movie 1910 Love and Money
movie 1910 Love in Mexico
movie 1910 Married on Horseback
movie 1910 Nannina
movie 1910 Perils of the Plains
movie 1910 Rattlesnakes
movie 1910 Red Fern and the Kid
movie 1910 Red Girl's Romance
movie 1910 Red Wing and the White Girl
movie 1910 Red Wing's Constancy
movie 1910 Red Wing's Loyalty
movie 1910 Rivalry in the Oil Fields
movie 1910 Romance of a Snake Charmer
movie 1910 Romany Rob's Revenge
movie 1910 Saved from the Redmen
movie 1910 The Adventures of a Cowpuncher
movie 1910 The Branded Man
movie 1910 The Cowboy and the Schoolmarm
movie 1910 The Curse of Gambling
movie 1910 The Fatal Gold Nugget
movie 1910 The Female Bandit
movie 1910 The Feud
movie 1910 The Flight of Red Wing
movie 1910 The Girl Cowboy
movie 1910 The Girl Scout
movie 1910 The Imposter
movie 1910 The Indian and the Cowgirl
movie 1910 The Lure of Gold
movie 1910 The Man from Texas
movie 1910 The Mascot of Company D
movie 1910 The Mexican's Jealousy
movie 1910 The Mexican's Ward
movie 1910 The New Partners
movie 1910 The Night Rustlers
movie 1910 The Prairie Post Mistress
movie 1910 The Prayer of a Miner's Child
movie 1910 The Ranch Raiders
movie 1910 The Ranchman's Personal
movie 1910 The Redmen's Persecution
movie 1910 The Rescue of the Pioneer's Daughter
movie 1910 The Rose of the Ranch
movie 1910 The Sea Wolves
movie 1910 The Sheriff of Black Gulch
movie 1910 The Ten of Spades; or, A Western Raffle
movie 1910 The Tie That Binds
movie 1910 The Wrong Trail
movie 1910 True Western Honor
movie 1910 Western Justice
movie 1910 Young Deer's Gratitude
movie 1910 Young Deer's Return
movie 1910 An Indian's Elopement
movie 1909 Dove Eye's Gratitude
movie 1909 A Cowboy's Narrow Escape
movie 1909 A Kentucky Planter
movie 1909 A Squaw's Sacrifice
movie 1909 A Terrible Attempt
movie 1909 An Indian's Bride
movie 1909 An Italian Love Story
movie 1909 Davy Crockett - In Hearts United
movie 1909 Disinherited Son's Loyalty
movie 1909 Dooley's Thanksgiving Turkey
movie 1909 Half Breed's Treachery
movie 1909 His Two Children
movie 1909 I Love My Wife, But Oh, You Kid
movie 1909 Iona, the White Squaw
movie 1909 My Wife's Gone to the Country
movie 1909 Reunited at the Gallows
movie 1909 Romance of a Fishermaid
movie 1909 Sailor's Child
movie 1909 Secret Service Woman
movie 1909 Sheltered Under Stars and Stripes
movie 1909 The Blacksmith's Wife
movie 1909 The Faithful Wife
movie 1909 The Gold Seeker's Daughter
movie 1909 The Gypsy Artist
movie 1909 The Love of a Savage
movie 1909 The Message of an Arrow
movie 1909 The Mexican's Crime
movie 1909 The Parson's Prayer
movie 1909 The Paymaster
movie 1909 The Ranchman's Wife
movie 1909 The Red Cross Heroine
movie 1909 The Squaw's Revenge
movie 1909 The True Heart of an Indian
movie 1909 The Yiddisher Cowboy
movie 1909 Why Mr. Jones Was Arrested
movie 1909 Young Deer's Bravery

Fred J. Balshofer on Youtube

A 1922 recut of the 1918 silent drama film Over the Rhine starring female impersonator Julian Eltinge (More on Julian Eltinge: