Fred Kohler Jr.

Fred Kohler Jr. Filmography

movie 1978 Mr. Too Little as Tramp
movie 1977 Ruby as Jake Miller
movie 1967 Custer of the West
tv movie 1966 Spaceship to the Unknown as Robot
movie 1960 13 Fighting Men as Corey
movie 1960 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as Mate
movie 1959 Alias Jesse James as James Gang member
movie 1958 Revolt in the Big House as Guard
movie 1958 Terror in a Texas Town as Weed
movie 1958 The Bonnie Parker Story as Dave Hiller, Rancher
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as First Sergeant
movie 1957 Journey to Freedom as Detective
movie 1956 Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer as Kenton
movie 1956 The Ten Commandments as Foreman
movie 1954 Hollywood Thrill-Makers as Film Crew
movie 1954 Racing Blood as John Emerson
movie 1953 Born to the Saddle as Jeff Sanger
movie 1953 Six Gun Decision as Jordan
movie 1952 At Sword's Point as Regent Guard
movie 1952 Carbine Williams as Lathe Worker
movie 1952 Hoodlum Empire as German Soldier
movie 1952 Sky Full of Moon as Cowhand
movie 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth as Train Fireman
movie 1951 Spoilers of the Plains as Brooks
movie 1951 The Red Badge of Courage as Veteran
movie 1951 Two Lost Worlds as Nat Mercer - Sailor
movie 1950 Desperadoes of the West as Plummer
movie 1950 Gold Strike as Spike
movie 1950 So You Want to Move as Army Sergeant
movie 1950 The Baron of Arizona as Demmings
movie 1950 Twilight in the Sierras as Mason
movie 1949 Hellfire as Card Player
movie 1949 Range Justice as Henchman Stoner
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Soldier at Temple
movie 1949 The Gay Amigo as Brack
movie 1949 The House Across the Street as Cabbie at Accident
movie 1949 Tough Assignment as Grant--Head Rancher
movie 1948 Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' as Emory Tuttle
movie 1948 Loaded Pistols as Bill Otis
movie 1948 The Gallant Legion as Brent
movie 1947 Dishonored Lady as First Motorcycle Cop
movie 1947 Unconquered as Sergeant
movie 1946 O.S.S. as Fireman
movie 1945 Why Girls Leave Home as Ted Leslie
movie 1944 Frenchman's Creek as Pirate
movie 1944 Mr. Winkle Goes to War as Sergeant
movie 1944 See Here, Private Hargrove as Lieutenant
movie 1944 The Big Bonanza as Henchman Roberts
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as Bosun's Mate--Evacuation
movie 1944 Up in Mabel's Room as Johnny
movie 1943 Appointment in Berlin as S.S. Guard
movie 1943 Calling Wild Bill Elliott as John Culver
movie 1943 Colt Comrades as Henchman
movie 1943 Hangmen Also Die! as Czech Patriot
movie 1943 No Time for Love as Sandhog
movie 1943 The Iron Major as Boston College Captain
movie 1943 The Kansan as 1st Gate Guard
movie 1943 There's Something About a Soldier as Military Policeman
movie 1943 Yanks Ahoy as Sailor Swabbing Deck
movie 1942 Boss of Hangtown Mesa as Henchman Clem
movie 1942 China Girl as Flyer
movie 1942 Lone Star Ranger as Red
movie 1942 Lucky Jordan as Second Killer
movie 1942 Raiders of the Range as Henchman Plummer
movie 1942 Western Mail as Lucky Webster
movie 1941 Bahama Passage as Mary's Naval Purser Friend
movie 1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. as House Heavy
movie 1941 Great Guns as Corporal
movie 1941 Nevada City as Jim Trevor aka Black Bart
movie 1941 Sweetheart of the Campus as Football Player
movie 1941 Two Gun Sheriff as Henchman Buck Keller
movie 1940 Half a Sinner as Garage Owner
movie 1939 Man of Conquest as Alamo Defender
movie 1939 Texas Stampede as Wayne Cameron
movie 1939 Young Mr. Lincoln as Scrub White
movie 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars as Martian Soldier
movie 1938 Hold That Co-ed as Daly - Clayton Football Player
movie 1938 Lawless Valley as Jeff Marsh
movie 1938 Meet the Girls as Sailor
movie 1938 Prison Nurse as Miller
movie 1938 Ride a Crooked Mile as Cpl. Bresline
movie 1937 Jungle Menace as Det. John Charles alias Quinn [Chs. 5-6]
movie 1937 Life Begins in College as Bret
movie 1937 Roaring Timber as 'Curley'
movie 1937 The Holy Terror as Carson
movie 1936 Flash Gordon as Robot
movie 1936 Flash Gordon as Robot
movie 1936 Pigskin Parade as Biff Bentley
movie 1936 Sins of Man as Town Bully
movie 1936 Strike Me Pink as Student Bully
movie 1936 The Champ's a Chump as Russ
movie 1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island as Sgt. Cooper
movie 1936 Two-Fisted Gentleman as Conklin
movie 1935 Grand Old Girl as Bill Belden
movie 1935 Paris in Spring as Collegian
movie 1935 Red Salute as Student at Rally
movie 1935 Roaring Roads as Sam
movie 1935 Social Error as Jackson
movie 1935 Steamboat Round the Bend as Ben - Fleety Belle's Fiance
movie 1935 The Hoosier Schoolmaster as Bud Larkin
movie 1935 The Pecos Kid as Donald Pecos aka The Pecos Kid
movie 1935 Toll of the Desert as Bill Collins, aka Bill Carson
movie 1933 Corruption as Bud
movie 1933 Laughter in Hell as Chain Gang Member
movie 1933 This Day and Age as Student
movie 1932 70,000 Witnesses as Football Player
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Max - Elevator Operator
movie 1932 Devil and the Deep as Submarine Crewman
movie 1932 Movie Crazy as Young Actor in Waiting Room
movie 1932 The Knockout as Freshman Champ
movie 1931 A Holy Terror as Party Guest
movie 1931 Bad Company as Yacht Guest
movie 1931 Defenders of the Law as Policeman
movie 1931 The Kick-Off! as Corning Player
movie 1930 Maybe It's Love as Football Player
movie 1930 Renegades as Young Legionnaire
movie 1929 Sweetie as Student Football Player
movie 1929 The New Halfback as Football Player

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A gang of robbers steals the deed to the Pecos Ranch and kill the family. The young son escapes, and years later he returns to the ranch to find the killers ...

English Western Movies Full Length - Toll of the Desert 1935 Fred Kohler Jr.,Betty Mack,Roger Williams Stars: Fred Kohler Jr.,Betty Mack,Roger Williams weste...

Just as Lucky Webster (Fred Kohler Jr). is being questioned about a recent train robbery, Tom Allen (Tom Keene) appears at his ranch and confirms his alibi.

Just as Lucky Webster (Fred Kohler Jr). is being questioned about a recent train robbery, Tom Allen (Tom Keene) appears at his ranch and confirms his alibi. ...