Fred Rains

Fred Rains Filmography

movie 1936 Chick as Warden
movie 1935 Immortal Gentleman as Miser
movie 1934 The Broken Rosary as Professor
movie 1933 A Royal Demand as Walters
movie 1932 Verdict of the Sea as Martin
movie 1931 Stepping Stones
movie 1929 The Clue of the New Pin
movie 1929 The Inseparables as Alexander Figg
movie 1929 The Runaway Princess as The Professor
movie 1928 Victory
movie 1927 The Only Way as President
movie 1927 Tiptoes
movie 1926 Nell Gwyn as Earl of Shaftesbury
movie 1924 The Conspirators as Benham
movie 1924 The Money Habit as Marley
movie 1924 Odd Tricks
movie 1923 Mist in the Valley as Mr. Warren
movie 1923 The Audacious Mr. Squire as Jupp
movie 1923 The Indian Love Lyrics as Selim
movie 1923 The Lady Owner as Sir Richard Tressider
movie 1922 A Rogue in Love as Joseph Keable
movie 1922 A Story of Nell Gwynne
movie 1922 Black Peter as Neligan Sr.
movie 1922 Expiation as Mr. Woodruffe
movie 1922 Little Brother of God as Father Joseph
movie 1921 Land of My Fathers as Bad Bill
movie 1920 The Town of Crooked Ways as Chyver
movie 1919 Bamboozled as Shingles
movie 1919 Her Greatest Performance
movie 1918 The Blunders of Mr. Butterbun: Trips and Tribunals as Vicar
movie 1918 A Case of Comfort
movie 1918 Diamonds and Dimples
movie 1918 His Busy Day
movie 1918 His Salad Days
movie 1918 Love and Lobster
movie 1918 Paint and Passion
movie 1918 The Blunders of Mr. Butterbun: Unexpected Treasure
movie 1918 The Haunted Hotel
movie 1916 A Welsh Singer as Music Master
movie 1916 Blood Tells; or, The Anti-Frivolity League
movie 1916 Doorsteps as Stage-manager
movie 1916 Sally Bishop as Reverend Bishop
movie 1916 Sally in Our Alley as Steward
movie 1916 The Broken Melody
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe as Dean Maitland
movie 1916 The New Clown as Clown
movie 1915 The Great Adventure as Courier
movie 1915 The Jade Heart as Slippery Sam
movie 1913 Daphne and the Dean
movie 1913 How a Housekeeper Lost Her Character
movie 1912 Back at Three as Tramp
movie 1912 Duped by Determination as Actor
movie 1912 Lieutenant Daring and the Ship's Mascot as Miguel
movie 1912 Little Miss Demure as Uncle
movie 1912 Love at Arms as Frenchman
movie 1912 My Wife's Pet as Husband
movie 1912 Sammy's Revenge as Sammy
movie 1912 The Battalion Shot
movie 1912 The New Owner of tbe Business as Manager
movie 1912 The Stolen Necklace as Man
movie 1912 Aladdin in Pearlies
movie 1912 His Duty
movie 1912 Love Conquers Crime
movie 1912 The Mexican's Love Affair
movie 1911 A Village Scandal as Jimson
movie 1911 Jimson Joins the Anarchists as Jimson
movie 1911 Jimson Joins the Piecans as Jimson
movie 1911 Johnson's Strong Ale as Tramp
movie 1911 Jones' Nightmare as Jones
movie 1911 The Suffragettes' Downfall; Or, Who Said 'Rats'? as Husband
movie 1911 Dan Nolan's Cross
movie 1910 A Yuletide Reformation
movie 1910 Absent-Minded Jones as Jones
movie 1910 Caught Napping
movie 1910 Jones Buys China as Jones
movie 1910 Jones Dresses for the Pageant as Jones
movie 1910 Jones Junior; or, Money for Nothing as Jones
movie 1910 Jones' Lottery Prize, a Husband as Jones
movie 1910 Looking for Lodgings at the Seaside
movie 1910 One Who Remembered
movie 1910 The Artul Burglar
movie 1910 The Boy and the Physic
movie 1910 The Burglar's Misfortune
movie 1910 The Harlequinade as Clown
movie 1910 The Jealous Husband as Husband
movie 1910 The Kidnapped Servant
movie 1910 The New Park-Keeper
movie 1910 Up-to-Date Pickpockets
movie 1910 Susan's Revenge
movie 1910 The Navvy's Fortune

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Bang Bang - song written in 1996 on Randolph St. by Ty Parrish, with contributions by 'V' and Fred Rains; performed in 2008.