Fred Raynham

Fred Raynham Filmography

movie 1934 King of Whales as Claw
movie 1929 The Burgomaster of Stilemonde as Baron von Rochow
movie 1927 Further Adventures of a Flag Officer as Col. William Thesiger
movie 1926 Baddesley Manor: The Phantom Gambler as Major Hickley
movie 1926 Boadicea as Badwallon
movie 1926 The Flag Lieutenant as Maj. William Thesiger
movie 1925 A Daughter of Love as Lord St. Erth
movie 1925 A Romance of Mayfair as Sir Dugald MacLean
movie 1925 Confessions as E.H. Slack
movie 1925 Somebody's Darling as J.W. Jordan
movie 1925 The Presumption of Stanley Hay, MP as Baron Hertzog
movie 1925 The Qualified Adventurer as Northcote
movie 1924 Fighting Snub Reilly as Dr. Shaw
movie 1924 Sen Yan's Devotion as Lutan Singh
movie 1924 The Cavern Spider as Fricker
movie 1924 The Great Prince Shan as Immelmann
movie 1923 The Gloria Scott as James Trevor
movie 1923 The Indian Love Lyrics as Ibrahim-bey-Israel
movie 1923 The Queen of Hearts as Sir Frazer
movie 1923 The Sign of Four as Prince Abdullah Khan
movie 1923 The Wandering Jew as Inquisitor
movie 1922 Expiation as Cecil Braithwaite
movie 1922 Little Brother of God as Bliss
movie 1922 The Boscombe Valley Mystery as John Turner
movie 1922 The Passionate Friends as Harrison Justin
movie 1921 A Romance of Wastdale as Austin Hawke
movie 1921 The Copper Beeches as Toller
movie 1921 The Fruitful Vine as Dr. Mervynn Ides
movie 1921 The Hound of the Baskervilles as Barrymore, the Butler
movie 1919 Edge o' Beyond as Oswald Grant
movie 1910 Winning a Widow as The Butler