Fulvio Cecere

Fulvio Cecere (born March 11, 1960) is an American actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Fulvio Cecere Filmography

tv movie 2013 The Trainer as Detective Porter
tv movie 2012 Abducted: The Carlina White Story as Detective Dalton
movie 2011 High Chicago as Popeye
movie 2011 Matty Hanson and the Invisibility Ray as FBI Agent
movie 2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife as Wendell
movie 2010 Steve the Mushroom as Steve
movie 2010 The Life and Times of Steve the Mushroom
movie 2010 The Tortured as Detective Berger
movie 2009 Case 39 as Fire Marshall
tv movie 2009 Jesse Stone: Thin Ice as Teddy Leaf
movie 2009 Watchmen as Agent Forbes
movie 2008 Girlfriend Experience as Police Officer
tv movie 2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor as Lt. Alastair Thorne
movie 2007 Centigrade as Trailer Graveyard
movie 2007 No Reservations as Fish Vendor Bob
tv movie 2007 Second Sight as Detective Connick
movie 2006 Deck the Halls as Town Passerby
tv movie 2006 Her Fatal Flaw as Jack Rourke
movie 2006 John Tucker Must Die as Chemistry Teacher
movie 2006 Last Bang as John
tv movie 2006 The Path to 9/11 as Joe Dunne
tv movie 2006 Veiled Truth as Clements
tv series 2006 Covert One: The Hades Factor as Army Major
movie 2005 Assault on Precinct 13 as Ray Portnow
movie 2005 Chaos as Det. Thomas Branch
movie 2005 Cinderella Man as Referee McAvoy
tv movie 2005 Recipe for a Perfect Christmas as Johnny Iannides
tv movie 2004 NTSB: The Crash of Flight 323 as Burke's Father
movie 2004 The Perfect Score as Francesca's Father
tv movie 2003 On Thin Ice as Leeville Cop
movie 2003 Paycheck as Agent Fuman
movie 2003 The Invitation as Correlli
movie 2003 The Regular Guy as Louis
tv movie 2002 Damaged Care as Chipps
tv movie 2002 Dead in a Heartbeat as Detective Berman
movie 2002 Liberty Stands Still as Burt McGovern
tv movie 2002 Pretend You Don't See Her as Baldwin
tv movie 2001 Black River as Cop
tv movie 2001 Final Jeopardy as Luther Waldron
movie 2001 Replicant as Agent #1
movie 2001 See Spot Run as Lawyer
movie 2001 Valentine as Detective Leon Vaughn
movie 2000 Best in Show as Airport Passerby
tv movie 2000 Deadlocked as Officer #1
tv movie 2000 Harry's Case as Constable
movie 2000 Mercy as Leeland
tv movie 2000 The Golden Spiders: A Nero Wolfe Mystery as Fred Durkin
movie 1999 Delivered as Detective #1
movie 1999 Double Jeopardy as BMW Salesman
tv movie 1999 Mean Streak as Nakelski
tv movie 1999 Mr. Rock 'n' Roll: The Alan Freed Story as Pete Bell
tv movie 1999 Murder in a Small Town as Richard
tv movie 1999 Our Guys: Outrage at Glen Ridge as Paul's Lawyer
movie 1999 The Bone Collector as Forensics Expert
movie 1999 The Hurricane as Paterson Policeman
movie 1998 American Dragons as Spano
movie 1998 Dirty as Larry
movie 1998 Disturbing Behavior as Anesthesiologist
tv movie 1998 I Know What You Did as Det. Celio
movie 1998 Letters from a Killer as Angry Man
tv movie 1998 Outrage as Jim
tv movie 1998 The Hunted as Detective Cuneo
tv movie 1997 Alibi as Desk Sergeant
tv movie 1997 Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story as John Anders
tv movie 1997 Cloned as Agent Briggs
tv movie 1997 Contagious as D.J.
tv movie 1997 Echo as Lawrence Russo
movie 1997 Excess Baggage as Sharp Shooter
tv movie 1997 Five Desperate Hours as Cop #3
tv movie 1997 Medusa's Child as Presidential Aide
tv movie 1997 The Advocate's Devil as Bernie Stein
tv movie 1997 Unwed Father as Foreman
tv movie 1996 Abducted: A Father's Love as San Francisco Agent
tv movie 1996 An Unexpected Family as Detective Barry Fox
tv movie 1996 Generation X as Lead Officer
tv movie 1996 In the Lake of the Woods as Air Force Officer
tv movie 1996 Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? as Tow Driver
tv movie 1996 Night Visitors as Sergeant Sumner
movie 1996 Unforgettable as Partner
movie 1995 Assassins as Cop
movie 1995 Dangerous Intentions as Officer Tuggles
tv movie 1995 Falling from the Sky: Flight 174 as Simulator Co-Pilot
tv movie 1995 Jack Reed: One of Our Own as SWAT Man
tv movie 1995 Shadow of a Doubt as Kevin Carroll Jr.
tv movie 1995 She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal as Talmadge's Associate
tv movie 1994 The Disappearance of Vonnie as Parole Officer
tv movie 1993 Judgment Day: The John List Story as Willie

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