G. Pat Collins

G. Pat Collins Filmography

movie 1958 The Sheepman as Elmer - Engineer
movie 1957 Beau James as 1st Policeman
movie 1957 The Quiet Gun as Townsman
movie 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive as Josh Wilson
movie 1956 Yaqui Drums as Bartender
movie 1955 A Lawless Street as Gambler
movie 1955 Betrayed Women as Hostage Guard
movie 1955 Night Freight as Kelly
movie 1955 Ten Wanted Men as Queen Hotel Bartender
movie 1955 The Big Tip Off as Bartender at Scoop's
movie 1955 The Naked Street as Mr. Hough
movie 1955 The Toughest Man Alive as Manager of Bar
movie 1954 Overland Pacific as Connors
movie 1954 The Great Diamond Robbery as Nightwatchman Connelly
movie 1954 Three Hours to Kill as Townsman
movie 1953 99 River Street as Police Detective
movie 1953 Francis Covers the Big Town as Bailiff
movie 1953 The Clown as Actor as the Carpenter
movie 1952 Above and Beyond as Maj. Gen. Creston
movie 1952 Sky Full of Moon as Foreman
movie 1952 The Las Vegas Story as Stickman
movie 1952 The Pride of St. Louis as Marty
movie 1952 The Wild North as Bartender
movie 1951 The Whip Hand as Nelson
movie 1950 Father Makes Good as Mr. Joe Sweeney
movie 1950 Gambling House as Homicide Detective Jenson
movie 1950 Indian Territory as Jim Colton
movie 1950 Southside 1-1000 as Hugh B. Pringle - Treasury Agent
movie 1950 Triple Trouble as Bat Armstrong
movie 1949 Flaming Fury as Battalion Fire Chief
movie 1949 Neptune's Daughter as Detective
movie 1949 Scene of the Crime as Det. Edward Joseph Monigan
movie 1949 The Clay Pigeon as Abbott
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Jury Foreman
movie 1949 The Woman on Pier 13 as Charlie Dover
movie 1949 Top o' the Morning as Bartender
movie 1949 White Heat as The Reader
movie 1948 Jungle Patrol as Sgt. Hanley
movie 1948 Romance on the High Seas as Detective Humphrey
movie 1948 Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! as Mike Malone
movie 1948 The Dark Past as Al's Father
movie 1948 The Naked City as Charles Meade - Parole Officer
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Attendant
movie 1948 Up in Central Park as Ward Heeler
movie 1947 Easy Come, Easy Go as Desk Sergeant
movie 1942 Rings on Her Fingers as Doorman
movie 1941 Navy Blues as Chief Petty Officer
movie 1941 They Died with Their Boots On as Corporal
movie 1940 Brother Orchid as Tim O'Hara
movie 1940 Flowing Gold as Oil Worker
movie 1940 King of the Lumberjacks as Mr. Gregg, Parole Officer
movie 1940 Little Old New York as Undetermined Role
movie 1939 Charlie McCarthy, Detective as McNeil
movie 1939 Invisible Stripes as Alec - New 'Fish'
movie 1938 What Price Safety!
movie 1937 Bad Guy as Griffith - Prison Electrician
movie 1937 Between Two Women as Mr. Hendry
movie 1937 Carnival Queen as Bert MacGregor
movie 1937 Dead End as Detective at Killing
movie 1937 Double Wedding as Mounted Policeman
movie 1937 Souls at Sea as Slaver
movie 1936 Anything Goes as Purser
movie 1936 Fifteen Maiden Lane as Fake Detective
movie 1936 It Had to Happen as Workman
movie 1936 Parole! as Police Sergeant
movie 1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado as Doc
movie 1936 San Francisco as Bartender
movie 1936 With Love and Kisses as Joe
movie 1935 Alibi Ike as Lieutenant
movie 1935 Baby Face Harrington as Hank
movie 1935 Black Fury as Lefty - Company Policeman
movie 1935 Mister Dynamite as Rod
movie 1935 Night Life of the Gods as Times Square Policeman
movie 1935 People Will Talk as Duffy
movie 1935 The Case of the Curious Bride as Ferry Pilot
movie 1935 Times Square Lady as Disgruntled Hockey Fan
movie 1935 West Point of the Air as Lieutenant Kelly
movie 1934 A Very Honorable Guy as Red Hendrickson
movie 1934 Friends of Mr. Sweeney as Soda Jerk
movie 1934 Keep 'Em Rolling as Sergeant Tom Randall
movie 1934 Manhattan Melodrama as Killer in Prison
movie 1934 The Big Shakedown as Gyp
movie 1934 The Captain Hates the Sea as Donlin
movie 1934 The Crime Doctor as Walters
movie 1934 The Personality Kid as Ed
movie 1934 West of the Pecos as Sam Sawtelle
movie 1933 Bureau of Missing Persons as Man Who Will Kill Wife's Lover
movie 1933 Fog
movie 1933 Girl Missing as Crawford
movie 1933 Hard to Handle as Dance Judge
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as Leader of Agitators
movie 1933 Hold Your Man as Phil Dunn
movie 1933 Parachute Jumper as Tom Crowley
movie 1933 Picture Snatcher as Hennessy the Fireman
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Brandon
movie 1933 The Silk Express as Train Guard Harry Burns
movie 1932 20,000 Years in Sing Sing as Mike - Death Row Convict
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Detective Archie Quinn
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Male Nurse
movie 1932 Central Park as Gangster Spud
movie 1932 Hold 'Em Jail as Whitey
movie 1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang as Wilson
movie 1932 Madison Sq. Garden as Wise Guy
movie 1932 Two Lips and Juleps; or, Southern Love and Northern Exposure
movie 1931 A Woman of Experience as Submarine Captain Franz
movie 1931 Doctors' Wives as Doctor
movie 1931 Julius Sizzer as Nick
movie 1931 No Limit as Charlie
movie 1931 The Lawyer's Secret as Minor Role
movie 1931 The Vice Squad as Pete - Detective
movie 1931 Wicked as Cop
movie 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front as Bertinck
movie 1930 Be Yourself! as McCloskey
movie 1930 Big Money as Smiley
movie 1930 Check and Double Check as Angry Policeman
movie 1930 Hook Line and Sinker as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1930 Manslaughter as John Drummond
movie 1930 Only Saps Work as Rafferty
movie 1930 Street of Chance as Police officer
movie 1929 Half Marriage as Detective Bob Mulhall
movie 1928 The Racket as Johnson

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