G. Raymond Nye

G. Raymond Nye (1889 ??), was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 111 films between 1912 and 1952. ... more on Wikipedia

G. Raymond Nye Filmography

movie 1952 Carrie as Waiter
movie 1951 Man in the Saddle as Townsman
movie 1945 Eadie Was a Lady as Policeman
movie 1945 The Dolly Sisters as Tom
movie 1945 Where Do We Go from Here?
movie 1942 Eyes in the Night as Hugo
movie 1937 Git Along Little Dogies as Sheriff
movie 1936 The King Steps Out as Secret Service Man
movie 1936 The Man Who Lived Twice as Stoney - Fingerprint Man
movie 1936 The Music Goes 'Round as Motorcycle Cop
movie 1935 Escape from Devil's Island as Sergeant Major
movie 1935 Grand Exit as Al, the turnkey
movie 1935 In Old Kentucky as Deputy Officer
movie 1935 Les Misérables as Jacques
movie 1934 Murder in the Private Car as Detective
movie 1933 King Kong as Police Captain
movie 1933 Somewhere in Sonora as Crooked Gambler
movie 1932 A Man's Land as Cowhand Pudge
movie 1932 Heroes of the West as Railroad Worker [Ch. 3]
movie 1932 The Big Stampede as Steele's Guard
movie 1932 The Boiling Point as Henchman Nick
movie 1932 The Reckless Rider as 'Wheezer' Bill
movie 1931 The Deadline as Sheriff Grady
movie 1931 The Hard Hombre as Joe Barlow
movie 1930 The Last of the Duanes as Watson
movie 1929 The Devil Bear as Capt. Epsom
movie 1928 Tenderloin as Cowles
movie 1928 The Devil's Skipper as Nick the Greek
movie 1926 Driftin' Thru as Joe Walters
movie 1925 Let 'er Buck as James Ralston
movie 1925 Nine and Three-Fifths Seconds as Link Edwards
movie 1925 The Saddle Hawk as Zach Marlin
movie 1924 Do It Now
movie 1924 Sawdust Trail as Gorilla Lawson
movie 1924 The Fighting Coward as Major Patterson
movie 1924 Tiger Love as El Pezuño)
movie 1923 Salomy Jane as Red Pete
movie 1923 Snowdrift as Johnnie Claw
movie 1923 The Ramblin' Kid as Mike Sabota
movie 1922 Bells of San Juan as Undetermined Role
movie 1922 Pardon My Nerve! as Bill McFluke
movie 1922 The Boss of Camp Four as Dave Miller
movie 1921 Oliver Twist, Jr. as Bill Sykes
movie 1921 Straight from the Shoulder as Big Ben Wiliams
movie 1921 The Queen of Sheba as Adonijah
movie 1921 To a Finish as Bill Terry
movie 1921 While the Devil Laughs as 'Fence' McGee
movie 1920 Drag Harlan as Luke Deveny
movie 1920 Sand as Joseph Garber
movie 1920 The Joyous Troublemaker as Bill Rice
movie 1920 The Orphan as Bill Howland
movie 1920 The Scuttlers as Erickson
movie 1919 The Broken Commandments as Berger
movie 1919 The Jungle Trail as Ebano
movie 1919 The Last of the Duanes as Poggin
movie 1919 The Lone Star Ranger as Bully Brome
movie 1919 When Men Desire as Von Rohn
movie 1919 Wings of the Morning as Mir Jan
movie 1919 Wolves of the Night as Slade
movie 1918 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves as Abdullah
movie 1918 For Freedom as Bill Harris
movie 1918 Mother, I Need You
movie 1918 Play Straight or Fight
movie 1918 Salome as King Herod
movie 1918 The Branded Man as Val Heywood
movie 1918 The Fast Mail
movie 1918 The Girl with the Champagne Eyes as Warren McKenzie
movie 1918 The Midnight Flyer
movie 1918 The Strange Woman as Walter Hemingway
movie 1918 True Blue as Hank Higgins
movie 1918 Under the Yoke as Diablo Ramirez
movie 1917 The Curse of Eve as Attorney
movie 1917 The Desert Ghost
movie 1917 The Kingdom of Love as Caribou Bill
movie 1916 A Fight for Love
movie 1916 For Her Mother's Sake
movie 1916 Is Any Girl Safe?
movie 1916 Liberty as Pancho Lopez
movie 1916 Stronger Than Woman's Will
movie 1916 The Adventures of Peg o' the Ring
movie 1916 The Avenging Shot
movie 1916 The Cage Man
movie 1916 The Cry of Conscience
movie 1916 The Eternal Way
movie 1916 The Guilt of Stephen Eldridge as William Eldridge
movie 1916 The Iron Will as Fatia Negra
movie 1916 The Mystery of Orcival as De Tremorel
movie 1916 The Other Half
movie 1916 The Panel Game
movie 1916 The Passing of Hell's Crown
movie 1916 The Social Slave
movie 1916 The Song of the Woods
movie 1916 Weapons of Love
movie 1915 A Bogus Bandit as Bat Collins
movie 1915 A Daughter of Earth as Judson
movie 1915 A Woman Without a Soul as Zane Ambrose
movie 1915 Ashes of Inspiration
movie 1915 Captain Fracasse as Agostino
movie 1915 Felix Holt as Felix Holt
movie 1915 Her Stepchildren as Philip Ray
movie 1915 His Hand and Seal
movie 1915 His Wife's Story as William Courtnay
movie 1915 Lorna Doone as Carver Doone
movie 1915 Reapers of the Whirlwind as Charles Howard - John's Son
movie 1915 Smouldering Fires
movie 1915 The Black Sheep as Stewart Routh
movie 1915 The Chief Inspector as Arthur Wheeler
movie 1915 The Laurel of Tears as Mason Downs
movie 1915 The Law of Love
movie 1915 The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke as Prince Aziz
movie 1915 The Palace of Dust as Prince Aziz
movie 1915 The Rehearsal
movie 1915 The Road to Paradise as Prince Aziz
movie 1915 The Smuggler's Ward as Cutler
movie 1915 The Tides of Retribution as Tom Larkin
movie 1915 The Wives of Men as The Blast Foreman
movie 1915 The Woman of Mystery as General Tremont
movie 1915 The Worth of a Woman as Holmes
movie 1915 When a Queen Loved O'Rourke as Prince Aziz
movie 1914 A Kentucky Gentleman
movie 1914 Disillusioned
movie 1914 The King and the Man
movie 1914 The Proof of a Man
movie 1912 The Girl at the Key