Gabriel Barbaro

Gabriel Barbaro Filmography

tv movie 2014 The Benski Show
movie 2012 Crazy in Brooklyn as Gregory
movie 2005 Cecil

Gabriel Barbaro on Youtube

The Trailer for The New Fellas. Shot in Coney Island on my Canon 5D Mark II Edited & Color Corrected in Avid MC Visit my Comedy Channel for Laughs!

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A gothic comedy in 26 minutes. 2005. Directed by Gabriel Barbaro. Cast: Tim Curry - Narrator Rob Gennet - Cecil Dr. John Cavazos - Xavier Jeannine Haas ...

Master Accordionist Yuri Lemeshev (part of Gogol Bordello) performs at Moscow 57 New York City on 7-25-14 He's the best accordion player I've ever seen!