Gail Sterling

Gail Sterling Filmography

video movie 1996 Born for Sex
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 32
video movie 1989 Afro Erotica 33
movie 1989 Club Sex as Carol
video movie 1989 She Wolves of the SS
movie 1988 Ginger Rides Again as Gail
video movie 1988 Greatest American Blonde
video movie 1988 Grind! as Regina
video movie 1988 Hitler Sucks as Brunhilde
movie 1988 Joanna's Dreams as Joanna's Acting Coach
movie 1988 Lesbian Lovers
video movie 1988 Lost Innocence
movie 1988 The Erotic Adventures of Bonnie & Clyde as Bonnie
movie 1988 The P.T.X. Club
video movie 1988 The Sleazy Detective
video movie 1988 Wow Volume 6
movie 1987 A Lover for Susan
movie 1987 Adultery
video movie 1987 Chocolate Chips
movie 1987 Deviled X
video movie 1987 Fun House
movie 1987 L.A. Raw as Jenny Lee
movie 1987 Lust Inferno as Gail
movie 1987 Private Encounters
movie 1987 Seduction by Fire as Linette
video movie 1987 Star Ship Intercourse
video movie 1987 Tastes Like Candy
video movie 1987 The Art of Passion as The Girl
movie 1987 The Chocolate Fudge Factory
video movie 1986 And I Do Windows... Too!
video movie 1986 Bare Waves
video movie 1986 Dangerous Desire
movie 1986 For the Fun of It
movie 1986 Hot Rocks as Jill
movie 1986 Irresistible II
movie 1986 Mouth Watering
video movie 1986 Sensual Seductions
video movie 1986 The Legend of King Karl
video movie 1986 The Sex Dancer
video movie 1986 Unnatural Phenomenon as Susie
movie 1986 Unnatural Phenomenon 2 as Susie
video movie 1986 Video Bone
movie 1985 Anal Annie and the Magic Dildo
movie 1985 Battle of the Stars 3: Stud Wars
video movie 1985 Battle of the Stars, Round 2: East vs. West
video movie 1985 Cream Puff as Shirley
video movie 1985 Futuresex
video movie 1985 Nasty
movie 1985 Passions as Gail Sterling
movie 1985 Sex Wars as Honey Puss
movie 1985 Spitfire as Mrs. Fairchild
video movie 1985 The House of Strange Desires as Blond Ghost
movie 1984 Chocolate Cream
movie 1984 Give It to Me
video movie 1984 Hot Close Ups
movie 1984 Playmate #1
video movie 1984 Prettygirls
movie 1984 Rebecca's
movie 1984 Reel People as Herself
video movie 1984 Spectators as Young Girl
movie 1983 Carnal Olympics as Herself
movie 1983 Heaven's Touch as Wendy
movie 1983 Irresistible as Juliet
movie 1983 Suzie Superstar as Toni
movie 1983 The Dark Angel
movie 1982 Nightlife as Cassie

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