Gary Casey

Gary Casey Filmography

movie 2014 Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie as Men in Black
movie 2014 The Extendables as Paparazzi
movie 2013 Living Lost as Lester
movie 2013 Thrillseekers the Indosheen as Bum #1
movie 2013 Wedding Palace as Wedding Guest
movie 2013 Everything as Is
movie 2012 Empress Vampire as Magician
movie 2012 Husky as Party Member
movie 2012 Jordan's Walk as Fallen Soldier
movie 2012 Surreal Lounge as Evan
movie 2012 The Last Act as Homeless Man
movie 2011 Leave as Party Guest
movie 2010 Ben & Jake's Big Deal as Willie
movie 2010 Bocce as UBF Agent #2
movie 2010 Penny for Your Tongue as Boss
movie 2010 Tic as Man at Bar
movie 2010 Trapped: Haitian Nights as Doctor
movie 2009 Clones Gone Wild as Restaurant Patron
movie 2009 Do Not Disturb as Hotel Guest
movie 2009 Dumpster Diving as Bum
movie 2009 Good Guys Finish Last as Photographer
movie 2009 Little Black Dress as Wedding Guest
movie 2009 Reconciliation as Jeff's Friend
movie 2009 The Silver Skirt as Cross Dresser
movie 2008 Dockweiler as Walt
movie 2008 Man Overboard as Mason Marine Customer

Gary Casey on Youtube

Another special thanks to Evan Mazzafero for this tape. :) I believe this was the first men's show of the 1991-1992 season. Gary Casey had just come off winn...

The official TRAILER for the short, Everything As Is. THE FILM PREMIERES SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26th, 2013!! HERE on YOUTUBE! For more information ...

A fake trailer for the movie The Break-Up using LWD characters. About the movie: A once-loving Chicago couple whose happily-ever-after quickly turned into a .

Dateline: Cannes Film Festival 2013. 3 Sides Entertainment releases the first look at their trailer for Living Lost . The film features the world premiere of...