Gary Gray

Gary Gray Filmography

movie 1995 Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick as Himself
tv movie 1994 100 Years of the Hollywood Western as Himself
movie 1962 Terror at Black Falls as Johnny
movie 1958 The Party Crashers as Don Hartlow
movie 1958 Wild Heritage as Hugh Adam David Breslin
movie 1956 Emergency Hospital as Earl Fanmorn
movie 1956 Teenage Rebel as Freddie Green
movie 1955 The First Hundred Days as Gary
movie 1953 Crazylegs as Teenager on Phone
movie 1952 Rodeo as Joey Cartwright
movie 1951 Father Takes the Air as David Latham
movie 1951 Pal's Gallant Journey as Gary
movie 1951 The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story
movie 1951 The Painted Hills as Tommy Blake
tv series 1951 AMC as Himself
tv series 1951 The Dub Taylor Show as Himself
movie 1950 Father Is a Bachelor as Jan Chalotte
movie 1950 Father Makes Good as David Latham
movie 1950 Father's Wild Game as David Latham
movie 1950 Pal, Canine Detective as Gary
movie 1950 Pal, Fugitive Dog as Gary
movie 1950 Spic and Span as Michael
movie 1950 The Jimmy Fund for Boston's Children's Hospital as Himself
movie 1950 The Next Voice You Hear... as Johnny Smith
movie 1950 Two Weeks with Love as McCormick Robinson
tv series 1950 Movietown USA as Himself
movie 1949 Dog of the Wild as Gary
movie 1949 Henry, the Rainmaker as David Latham
movie 1949 I Found a Dog as Gary
movie 1949 It's Your Health as Tommy Davis
movie 1949 Leave It to Henry as David Latham
movie 1949 Masked Raiders as Artie Trevett
movie 1949 Streets of San Francisco as Frankie Fraser
movie 1949 The Girl from Jones Beach as Woody Wilson
movie 1949 The Great Lover as Tommy O'Connor
movie 1948 Best Man Wins as Bob Smiley
movie 1948 Fighting Back as Jimmy Sanders
movie 1948 Gun Smugglers as Danny Reeves
movie 1948 Night Wind as Johnny Benson
movie 1948 Pal's Return as Gary
movie 1948 Rachel and the Stranger as Davey
movie 1948 Return of the Bad Men as Johnny
movie 1948 Tenth Avenue Angel as Boy
movie 1948 Whispering Smith as Bobby, Baggs' Grandson
movie 1947 Backlash as Chris
movie 1947 Dark Delusion as Boy Patient
movie 1947 Heaven Only Knows as Jimmie
movie 1947 High Conquest as Boy on train
movie 1947 Little Mister Jim as Neighbor Boy
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as Boy at 'Broken Arms'
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Boy at School
movie 1947 Swing the Western Way as Boy in Grandstand at Rodeo
movie 1947 The Millerson Case as Second Boy at School
movie 1947 Too Many Winners as Jimmy Edwards
movie 1946 Gay Bubbles as Jimmie
movie 1946 Rendezvous 24 as 'Hansel' in Radio Show
movie 1946 Slightly Scandalous as Little Boy
movie 1946 The Green Years as Boy Making First Communion
movie 1946 The Wonderful Ears of Johnny McGoggin as Johnny McGoggin
movie 1946 Three Little Girls in Blue as Farm Boy with Jug
movie 1946 Three Wise Fools as Willie the Squeak
movie 1946 To Each His Own as Casey Ingham
movie 1945 Adventures of Rusty as Herbie
movie 1945 It Happened in Springfield as Elementary student
movie 1945 Men in Her Diary as Boy Outside Flower Shop
movie 1945 The Clock as Little Joe, Boy in Park
movie 1945 Youth for the Kingdom as Boy
movie 1944 Address Unknown as Hugo Schulz
movie 1944 And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street as The boy
movie 1944 Beautiful But Broke as Boy in Nursery
movie 1944 Gaslight as Boy in Park with Nanny
movie 1944 I Am an American as Thomas Jefferson Kanowski
movie 1944 I'll Be Seeing You as Franklin - Boy with Toy Machine Gun
movie 1944 Meet Me in St. Louis as Boy at Pavilion
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Boy with Shoebox
movie 1944 The White Cliffs of Dover as Boy at Dinner Table
movie 1943 Alaska Highway as Boy
movie 1943 Heaven Can Wait as Boy in Park
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Little Boy
movie 1943 It's a Great Life as Boy at Circus Show
movie 1943 The Meanest Man in the World as Second Boy With Candy
movie 1943 Two Tickets to London as Boy Pushing Swing
movie 1943 Where Are Your Children? as Boy in Day Care Nursery
movie 1941 A Woman's Face as Sailor-Suited Boy in Park
movie 1941 Sun Valley Serenade as Charles - Adopted Refugee Boy

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