Gavin Muir

Gavin Muir (15 September 1951 - 15 July 2002), was a British actor and musician probably best known for his role in the 1983 Television version of Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Muir had small parts in various television programmes including The Bill, Thieftakers, Cracker, Jo Brand and Our Friends in the North. He appeared in films such as Accidental Death of an Anarchist (1983), a small film called Representative Radio in which he played the role of Joseph Goddard and The One And Only (2002) ... more on Wikipedia

Gavin Muir Filmography

movie 1961 Night Tide as Capt. Samuel Murdock
movie 1959 Island of Lost Women as Dr. McBain
movie 1959 The Miracle as Colonel
movie 1958 Too Much, Too Soon as Sean
movie 1957 Johnny Trouble as Madden
movie 1957 The Abductors as Herbert Evans
movie 1956 D-Day the Sixth of June as Voice of Radio Broadcaster
movie 1955 Escape to Burma as Astrologer
movie 1955 The Sea Chase as British Officer of the Watch
movie 1954 Charge of the Lancers as Ring Official at Boxing Match
movie 1954 Khyber Patrol
movie 1954 King Richard and the Crusaders as Physician
movie 1953 King of the Khyber Rifles as Maj. Lee, doctor
movie 1953 The Desert Rats as Captain
movie 1953 The Royal African Rifles
movie 1952 Lady in the Iron Mask
movie 1951 Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man as Dr. Philip Gray
movie 1951 Double Crossbones as British sea captain
movie 1951 The Son of Dr. Jekyll as Editor Richard Daniels
movie 1951 Thunder on the Hill as Melling
movie 1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest as Baron Alfred
movie 1949 Chicago Deadline as G.G. Temple
movie 1948 The Prince of Thieves as Baron Tristram
movie 1947 Calcutta as Inspector Kendricks
movie 1947 California as Booth Pennock
movie 1947 Ivy as Sergeant
movie 1947 The Imperfect Lady as Kelvin
movie 1947 Unconquered as Lt. Fergus McKenzie
movie 1946 O.S.S. as Col. Crawson
movie 1946 Temptation as Smith-Parrington
movie 1945 Patrick the Great as Prentis Johns
movie 1945 Salome Where She Danced as Henderson
movie 1945 The Brighton Strangler as Capt. Perry
movie 1945 The House of Fear as Chalmers
movie 1945 Tonight and Every Night as Group Captain G. Homesby
movie 1944 Passport to Destiny as Herr Joyce
movie 1944 The Master Race as William Forsythe
movie 1944 The Merry Monahans as Weldon Laydon, Broadway Talent Scout
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as Dutch Military Messenger
movie 1944 The White Cliffs of Dover as Captain Griffiths
movie 1943 Hitler's Children as Nazi Major
movie 1943 Passport to Suez as Karl
movie 1943 Sherlock Holmes Faces Death as Phillip Musgrave
movie 1943 Sherlock Holmes in Washington as Mr. Lang, government agent
movie 1942 Captains of the Clouds as Orderly
movie 1942 Eagle Squadron as Major Severn
movie 1942 Nightmare as J.B. Abbington
movie 1942 Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror as BBC Radio Announcer
movie 1941 A Yank in the R.A.F. as Wing Commander
movie 1941 Dangerously They Live as Captain Strong
movie 1941 One Night in Lisbon as Aide
movie 1939 Tarzan Finds a Son! as Pilot
movie 1937 Fair Warning as Herbert Willett
movie 1937 The Holy Terror as Redman
movie 1937 Wee Willie Winkie as Captain Bibberbeigh
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track as Bagley
movie 1936 Half Angel as Dr. William Barth
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Sir Gavin Gore
movie 1936 Mary of Scotland as Leicester
movie 1932 Artistic Temper

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Starring Dennis Hopper, Luana Anders, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir, and Marjorie Eaton. Directed by Curtis Harrington (Games, Queen of Blood).

Synopsis: "Seaman Johnny Drake (Dennis Hopper), on shore leave, finds a ""Mermaid"" sideshow attraction at the marina, operated by Captain Murdock (Gavin ...

Johnny becomes romantically interested in a brunette who may be a mermaid. Full movie. Public domain. Director: Curtis Harrington Stars: Dennis Hopper, ...

THE 20TH CENTURY-FOX HOUR: Season 1, Episode 12. Airdate - March 7th, 1956. Starring, Linda Darnell, Trevor Howard, John Williams, Alan Napier, Gavin ...