Gene Alsace

Gene Alsace Filmography

movie 1951 Callaway Went Thataway as Cowboy
movie 1950 The Fighting Stallion as Lem
movie 1950 The Savage Horde as Townsman
movie 1948 The Enchanted Valley as Constable
movie 1946 Driftin' River as Henchman
movie 1946 Romance of the West as Henchman Chico
movie 1945 Song of Old Wyoming as Henchman Ringo
movie 1945 Wildfire as Henchman Buck Perry
movie 1944 Harmony Trail as Agent Rocky Camron
movie 1944 Outlaw Trail as Sheriff Rocky Camron
movie 1944 Sonora Stagecoach as Rocky Camron
movie 1944 Valley of Vengeance as Deputy
movie 1943 Sagebrush Law as Bystander at Bank
movie 1943 Wagon Wheels West as Stage Robber - edited from 'Song of the Saddle'
movie 1942 Arizona Roundup as Henchman Rocky
movie 1942 Sin Town as Townsman
movie 1942 Western Mail as Henchman Rod
movie 1942 Where Trails End as Henchman Buck
movie 1941 Arizona Bound as Henchman Mack
movie 1941 Dynamite Canyon as Regan
movie 1941 Lone Star Law Men as Marshal Brady
movie 1941 Ridin' the Cherokee Trail as Henchman Bat
movie 1941 Riding the Sunset Trail as 'Pecos' Dean, Hired Gunman
movie 1941 Texas as Barfly
movie 1941 The Driftin' Kid as Henchman Blackie
movie 1941 The Gunman from Bodie as Henchman
movie 1941 The Pioneers as Sheriff
movie 1941 Wanderers of the West as Henchman Bronco
movie 1940 Adventures of Red Ryder as Deputy Lawson
movie 1940 Arizona Frontier as Bisbee
movie 1940 Rainbow Over the Range as Henchman Bart
movie 1940 Roll Wagons Roll as Wagon Train Man
movie 1940 Rollin' Home to Texas as Henchman
movie 1940 Take Me Back to Oklahoma as Henchman Red
movie 1940 The Cowboy from Sundown as Cattle Buyer
movie 1940 The Golden Trail as Sheriff Bat Toles
movie 1940 Winners of the West as Soldier in Town
movie 1939 Ride, Cowboy, Ride as Shorty
movie 1939 The Oklahoma Kid as McCord Henchman
movie 1938 On the Great White Trail as Mountie
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Henchman Adams
movie 1938 The Last Stand as Rustler
movie 1938 The Overland Express as Sammy Doubleday
movie 1938 Where the Buffalo Roam as Posse Rider
movie 1937 Blazing Sixes as Joe - Stage Shotgun Guard
movie 1937 Empty Holsters as Rider
movie 1937 Guns of the Pecos as Don, Burton Hand
movie 1937 Land Beyond the Law as Announces Cattle Coming
movie 1937 Ranger Courage as Guard
movie 1937 The Cherokee Strip as Guitar Player
movie 1936 California Mail as Jim
movie 1936 Song of the Saddle as Henchman Monte, Posing as The Singing Kid
movie 1936 The Sunday Round-Up as Quartet Member Joe
movie 1936 Trailin' West as Army Scout
movie 1936 Treachery Rides the Range as Scout Blackbourne
movie 1935 Blazing Guns as Henchman Gene
movie 1935 Captain Blood as Oliver Clark - Pirate
movie 1935 Gallant Defender as Cattleman
movie 1935 Gun Smoke as Steve Branning
movie 1935 Law Beyond the Range as Ranger Gene
movie 1935 Moonlight on the Prairie as Deputy Charlie
movie 1935 The Silver Bullet as Lyncher
movie 1934 Fighting Through as Barfly
movie 1934 Range Warfare as Jerry Blake
movie 1934 The Man from Hell as Joe
movie 1934 Western Racketeers as Cowhand
movie 1932 Guns for Hire as Posse Rider
movie 1930 Whoopee! as Cowhand

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