Gene Gauntier

Gene Gauntier (May 17, 1885 ? December 18, 1966) was an American screenwriter and actress who was one of the pioneers of the motion picture industry. A writer, director and actress in films from early 1906 to 1920, she wrote screenplays for 31 films. She performed in 28 films and is credited as the director of The Grandmother (1909). ... more on Wikipedia

Gene Gauntier Filmography

movie 1920 Witch's Gold
movie 1915 Gene of the Northland as Gene aka Jeanne
movie 1915 The Mad Maid of the Forest as The Mad Maid of the Forest
movie 1915 The Smuggler's Lass as Sheila
movie 1915 The Ulster Lass as Eileen - the Ulster Lass
movie 1915 The Woman Hater's Baby as Gene - the Baby's Mother
movie 1914 A Fight for a Birthright as Fay
movie 1914 Come Back to Erin as Peggy O'Malley
movie 1914 False Evidence as Florence Cobb
movie 1914 For Ireland's Sake as Eileen Donaghue
movie 1914 His Brother's Wife as The Wife
movie 1914 The Eye of the Government
movie 1914 The Little Rebel
movie 1914 Through the Fires of Temptation as Helen
movie 1914 Twilight as Twilight - the Half Breed
movie 1914 A Celebrated Case
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Confederacy
movie 1913 In the Clutches of the Ku Klux Klan
movie 1913 In the Power of a Hypnotist as Mlle. Renault - the Hypnotist's Adopted Daughter
movie 1913 Lady Peggy's Escape as Lady Peggy
movie 1913 The Mystery of Pine Creek Camp as Nell
movie 1913 The Wives of Jamestown as Lady Geraldine
movie 1913 When Men Hate as Ruth Morrison
movie 1913 The Octoroon
movie 1912 A Prisoner of the Harem as Alice Durand
movie 1912 An Arabian Tragedy as Lucashah
movie 1912 Ancient Temples of Egypt as Herself
movie 1912 Captain Rivera's Reward as Ermina
movie 1912 Captured by Bedouins as Doris Barnett
movie 1912 Down Through the Ages as Miriam Morris
movie 1912 Far from Erin's Isle as Kathleen
movie 1912 From the Manger to the Cross; or, Jesus of Nazareth as Mary
movie 1912 His Mother as Miss Foster - the Banker's Daughter
movie 1912 Making Photoplays in Egypt as Herself
movie 1912 Missionaries in Darkest Africa as Faith Lawrence - the Missionary's Daughter
movie 1912 The Ancient Port of Jaffa as Herself
movie 1912 The Belle of New Orleans as Delaphine
movie 1912 The Fighting Dervishes of the Desert as Zahrah - Daughter of the Coptic Priest
movie 1912 The Kerry Gow
movie 1912 The Mayor from Ireland as Bridget Donovan
movie 1912 The O'Kalems' Visit to Killarney as Herself
movie 1912 The O'Neill as Elinor
movie 1912 The Shaughraun as Claire Ffoliott
movie 1912 The Vagabonds as Jane
movie 1912 Tragedy of the Desert as Miriam - the Doctor's Wife
movie 1912 Victim of Circumstances as Meg of the Everglades
movie 1912 Winning a Widow as An American Widow
movie 1912 You Remember Ellen as Ellen - Pride of the Village
movie 1912 Along the River Nile
movie 1912 Conway, the Kerry Dancer
movie 1912 Ireland, the Oppressed
movie 1912 Luxor, Egypt
movie 1912 My Hielan' Lassie
movie 1912 Shaun Rhue
movie 1912 The Poacher's Pardon
movie 1912 The Vengeance Mark
movie 1911 A Hitherto Unrelated Incident of the Girl Spy as The Girl Spy
movie 1911 A Saw Mill Hero as Jennie
movie 1911 A War Time Escape
movie 1911 An Irish Honeymoon as The Bride
movie 1911 Arrah-Na-Pogue as Arrah Meelish
movie 1911 For Love of an Enemy as Hallie Colburn
movie 1911 Her Chum's Brother
movie 1911 In Blossom Time as The Gardener's Daughter
movie 1911 In Old Florida as Señorita Ana - The Spanish GIrl
movie 1911 Little Sister as Little Sister
movie 1911 Losing to Win as Diana Grant
movie 1911 Robbie and the Redskins as Robbie's Mother
movie 1911 Rory O'More as Kathleen
movie 1911 Special Messenger as Nancy
movie 1911 Tangled Lives
movie 1911 The Carnival as The Wife
movie 1911 The Colleen Bawn as Eily O'Connor, the 'Colleen Bawn'
movie 1911 The Fiddle's Requiem as Dolores
movie 1911 The Fishermaid of Ballydavid as Kathleen - the Fishermaid of Ballydavid
movie 1911 The Lass Who Couldn't Forget as The Fishermaiden
movie 1911 The Open Road as Zora the Gypsy
movie 1911 The Romance of a Dixie Belle
movie 1911 To the Aid of Stonewall Jackson
movie 1911 When the Dead Return
movie 1911 Last Day of School
movie 1911 The Franciscan Friars of Killarney, Ireland
movie 1911 The Love of Summer Morn
movie 1910 A Child's Faith
movie 1910 A Colonial Belle
movie 1910 A Daughter in Dixie as Betsy - a Daughter of Dixie
movie 1910 A Lad from Old Ireland as Aileene
movie 1910 Confederate Spy
movie 1910 Seth's Temptation
movie 1910 The Bravest Girl in the South
movie 1910 The Castaways
movie 1910 The Cow Puncher's Sweetheart as The Cow Puncher's Sweetheart
movie 1910 The Egret Hunter
movie 1910 The Forager
movie 1910 The Further Adventures of the Girl Spy as The Girl Spy
movie 1910 The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg as The Girl Spy
movie 1910 The Heart of Edna Leslie
movie 1910 The Little Spreewald Maiden as Frieda - the Spreewald Maiden
movie 1910 The Love Romance of the Girl Spy as The Girl Spy
movie 1910 The Man Who Lost
movie 1910 The Perversity of Fate
movie 1910 The Romance of a Trained Nurse
movie 1910 The Stepmother
movie 1910 The Stranger
movie 1909 The Cracker's Bride
movie 1909 The Girl Spy: An Incident of the Civil War as The Girl Spy
movie 1909 The Law of the Mountains
movie 1909 The Slave to Drink
movie 1909 The Wayward Daughter
movie 1909 The Grandmother
movie 1909 The Japanese Invasion
movie 1908 As You Like It
movie 1908 Betrayed by a Handprint as Party Guest
movie 1908 Dolly, the Circus Queen as Dolly
movie 1908 Evangeline as Evangeline
movie 1908 Hulda's Lovers as Hulda
movie 1908 The Girl and the Outlaw as Nellie Carson
movie 1908 The Man in the Box as Gang Member
movie 1908 The Romance of an Egg as College Student
movie 1908 The Scarlet Letter as Hester Prynne
movie 1908 The Stage Rustler
movie 1908 The Taming of the Shrew as Wedding Party
movie 1908 Thompson's Night Out as Mrs. Smith
movie 1908 Way Down East
movie 1908 Hiawatha
movie 1908 The Days of '61
movie 1908 Washington at Valley Forge
movie 1907 Ben Hur
movie 1907 Tom Sawyer
movie 1907 Why Girls Leave Home
movie 1906 Skyscrapers
movie 1906 The Paymaster

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Gene Gauntier Feature Players Director: Sidney Olcott / Scenario: Gene Gauntier. Part of the O'Kalem Collection, restored and preserved by the IFI Irish Film...