George A. Williams

George A. Williams Filmography

movie 1931 Three Rogues as Teamster
movie 1925 Super Speed as 'Dad' Perkins
movie 1925 The Queen of Aces as His Father
movie 1924 The Phantom Horseman as Judge
movie 1924 Thundering Romance as The Oil Representative
movie 1923 Dangerous Hour as 'Dad' Carson
movie 1923 The First Degree as Sheriff
movie 1922 In the Days of Buffalo Bill as Calvert Carter
movie 1922 Lucky Dan as Father of The Girl
movie 1922 Never Let Go as The Storekeeper
movie 1922 No. 7 Brick Row as Caleb Knox
movie 1922 Perils of the Yukon as Scott McPherson
movie 1922 The Jaws of Steel as Aaron Duncan - Jeanne's Father
movie 1922 The Long Chance as Dr. Taylor
movie 1921 Black Sheep as Jim Carson
movie 1921 The Fire Eater as Mort Frame
movie 1921 The Girl in the Saddle as The Wealthy Rancher
movie 1920 Love's Battle as Undetermined Role
movie 1918 The Dawn of Understanding as Silas Prescott
movie 1917 A Race to the Drawbridge
movie 1917 Hygeia at the Solito as Doctor
movie 1917 In the Path of Peril
movie 1917 The Borrowed Engine
movie 1917 The College Boys' Special
movie 1917 The Death Siding
movie 1917 The Deserted Engine
movie 1917 The Detective's Danger
movie 1917 The Dynamite Special
movie 1917 The Fireman's Nemesis
movie 1917 The Further Adventures of Stingaree as Black Hill
movie 1917 The Lone Point Feud
movie 1917 The Munitions Plot
movie 1917 The Mystery of the Burning Freight
movie 1917 The Prima Donna's Special
movie 1917 The Railroad Claim Intrigue
movie 1917 The Railroad Smugglers
movie 1917 The Registered Pouch
movie 1917 The Sidetracked Sleeper
movie 1917 The Wrecked Station
movie 1916 A Daring Chance
movie 1916 A Mystery of the Rails
movie 1916 A Plunge from the Sky
movie 1916 A Race Through the Air
movie 1916 A Race with Death
movie 1916 Ablaze on the Rails
movie 1916 At Danger's Call
movie 1916 Defying Death
movie 1916 Hurled Through the Drawbridge
movie 1916 In Death's Pathway
movie 1916 Langdon's Legacy as Mr. Thompson
movie 1916 Life's Maelstrom
movie 1916 One Chance in a Hundred
movie 1916 The Blocked Track
movie 1916 The Bridge of Danger
movie 1916 The Broken Brake
movie 1916 The Capture of Red Stanley
movie 1916 The Death Swing
movie 1916 The Dumb Girl of Portici
movie 1916 The Engineer's Honor
movie 1916 The Forgotten Train Order
movie 1916 The Gate of Death
movie 1916 The Governor's Special
movie 1916 The Hoodoo of Division B
movie 1916 The Human Telegram
movie 1916 The Iron Rivals as Jason Worth
movie 1916 The Lineman's Peril
movie 1916 The Lone Point Mystery
movie 1916 The Lost Messenger
movie 1916 The Midnight Express
movie 1916 The Mysterious Cipher
movie 1916 The Record Run
movie 1916 The Runaway Sleeper
movie 1916 The Secret of the Box Car
movie 1916 The Spiked Switch
movie 1916 The Trail of Danger
movie 1916 The Trial Run
movie 1916 The Vanishing Box Car
movie 1916 The Wrong Door as Hardy
movie 1916 To Save the Road
movie 1916 To Save the Special
movie 1916 With the Aid of the Wrecker
movie 1915 A Deed of Daring as Norton - Chief of the Smuggling Gang
movie 1915 A Life in the Balance as Corning - Conductor
movie 1915 A Perilous Chance as Pike - Chief of the Railroad Detectives
movie 1915 A Race for a Crossing as Sharky - Agent of the Rival Road
movie 1915 The Box Car Trap as Gerald - Engineer of the Power Plant
movie 1915 The Broken Circuit as Wilkens - the Paymaster
movie 1915 The Broken Rail as Markey - Division Superintendent
movie 1915 The Death Train as Duncan - Secret Service Detective
movie 1915 The Escape on the Fast Freight as Constable Bettger
movie 1915 The Fate of Number One as Gerald - Division Superintendent
movie 1915 The Girl at Lone Point as Spud Hogan - Tommy's Pal
movie 1915 The Girl Engineer as Williams - Owner of the Boss Mine
movie 1915 The Girl on the Engine as McKay - Division Superintendent
movie 1915 The Girl on the Trestle as Passenger Conductor
movie 1915 The Human Chain as Deering - Head of the Wharf Rat Gang
movie 1915 The Leap from the Water Tower as Cleland - the Trainmaster
movie 1915 The Midnight Limited as Griffin - a Traveler
movie 1915 The Pay Train as O'Malley - Section Foreman
movie 1915 Train Order Number Forty-Five as Loring - Division Superintendent
movie 1914 A Million in Jewels as Madj - the Old Family Retainer
movie 1914 A String of Pearls as Cadio - an Organ Grinder
movie 1914 Explosive 'D' as Col. Frasier - Commander of Fort Brandon
movie 1914 From Peril to Peril as Hanley
movie 1914 His Nemesis as G.H. Manning
movie 1914 Kaintucky Bill as Zeb Plunkett
movie 1914 Near Death's Door as G.H. Ford - construction company head
movie 1914 The Car of Death as Rev. Haskins
movie 1914 The Conductor's Courtship as Allen - Gail's Father
movie 1914 The County Seat War as Gordon - a Candidate for Office
movie 1914 The Delayed Special as Weed - Theatrical Manager
movie 1914 The Demon of the Rails as Burns - the Conductor
movie 1914 The Express Messenger as Brent - US Express Agent
movie 1914 The Flaw in the Alibi as Henry FIelding - Banker
movie 1914 The Flying Freight's Captive as Houk - a Detective
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen as Contractor Haddon [Ch. 2]
movie 1914 The Identification as Patterson
movie 1914 The Lost Mail Sack as John Gates - Helen's Father
movie 1914 The Oil Well Conspiracy as Bolton
movie 1914 The Operator at Black Rock as Tom - Ruth's sweetheart
movie 1914 The Plot at the Railroad Cut as Haddon, the Contractor
movie 1914 The Refrigerator Car's Captive as Cranwood - one of Buckley's Men
movie 1914 The Stolen Engine as Tom O'Grady - Section Foreman
movie 1914 The Stolen Rembrandt as Donald McKay - a Millionaire
movie 1914 Under Desperation's Spur as Billy - one of Jack's Confederates
movie 1913 A Demand for Justice as George Marvin
movie 1913 Buck Richards' Bride
movie 1913 Gilt Edge Stocks as Detective West
movie 1913 In Peril of His Life as Barr - Mildred's Father
movie 1913 In the Days of Witchcraft
movie 1913 The Alibi
movie 1913 The Battle at Fort Laramie
movie 1913 The Chinese Death Thorn as Dearborn - a Banker
movie 1913 The Express Car Mystery as Murray - Grant's Employee
movie 1913 The Flying Switch as James Burns - the Foundry Treasurer
movie 1913 The Hermit's Ruse as Arapahoe - the Hermit
movie 1913 The Monogrammed Cigarette as George Dallas - a Detective
movie 1913 The Silent Warning as Guiseppe - an Italian Saloon Keeper
movie 1913 The Smuggler's Last Deal as Dan Morgan - Jennie's Uncle
movie 1913 The Stolen Tapestries as Roberts - Anna's Father

George A. Williams on Youtube

Pastor Elder Marvin Williams Rehoboth Temple Church Church of God in Christ 1210 W.Wyoming Ave. Phila.Pa.19140 Senior Pastor George A.Williams.

Rand, a vengeful discharged fireman, tampers with the airbrakes of a large freight locomotive making them useless on the long descent from the summit of Pine.

This video is about a short but complicated Bree-George relationship. Whoever loves the way Bree handles weapons, this is the right video for you. ;-) No cop...