George Albert Smith

George Albert Smith, Sr. (April 4, 1870 ? April 4, 1951) was the eighth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). ... more on Wikipedia

George Albert Smith Filmography

movie 1911 Man's Best Friend
movie 1910 A Visit to the Seaside
movie 1910 From Bud to Blossom
movie 1909 Kinemacolor Puzzle
movie 1909 Choosing the Wallpaper
movie 1909 Natural Colour Portraiture
movie 1906 Repulsing an Attack by Artillery and Cycle Maxim Corps
movie 1904 Firework Display at Crystal Palace
movie 1904 Great Display of Brock's Fireworks
movie 1904 Holiday Makers Dancing on Crystal Palace Terrace
movie 1904 Motor Climbing Contest at Crystal Palace
movie 1904 Phillip's New Flying Machine
movie 1904 Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machines
movie 1904 The Baby and the Ape
movie 1903 Dorothy's Dream
movie 1903 Mary Jane's Mishap
movie 1903 Sick Kitten
movie 1903 After Dark; or, the Policeman and His Lantern
movie 1903 John Bull's Hearth
movie 1903 Pa's Comment on the Morning News
movie 1903 The Free Trade Bench
movie 1903 The Monk in the Monastery Wine Cellar
movie 1902 Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
movie 1902 The Two Old Sports at the Music Hall
movie 1902 Ascent of a Crystal Palace Balloon
movie 1902 Ping-Pong Contest at Crystal Palace
movie 1902 Various Stages of Balloon Inflation
movie 1902 An Episode in the Life of a Lodger
movie 1902 At Last! That Awful Tooth
movie 1902 Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandria
movie 1902 Hilarity on Board Ship
movie 1902 His First Cigar, Probably His Last
movie 1902 Oh That Collar Button!
movie 1902 Pantomime Girls Having a Lark
movie 1902 Tambourine Dancing Quartette
movie 1902 That Awful Cigar
movie 1902 The Amazons' March and Evolutions
movie 1902 The Cakewalk
movie 1902 The Comedian and the Flypaper
movie 1902 The Donkey and the Serpentine Dance
movie 1902 The Irishman and the Button
movie 1902 The March of the Amazons
movie 1902 The Monk in the Studio
movie 1902 The Monk's Macaroni Feast
movie 1902 The Monk's Ruse for Lunch
movie 1902 Tommy and the Mouse in the Art School
movie 1902 Tommy Atkins and His Harriet on a Bank Holiday
movie 1902 Too Much of a Good Thing
movie 1902 Topsy-Turvy Dance by Three Quaker Maidens
movie 1901 The Little Doctors
movie 1901 A Water Carnival
movie 1901 Bicycle Race at the Crystal Palace
movie 1901 Corpus Christi Procession at Naples
movie 1901 Incidents from the Battle of Trafalgar
movie 1901 Naples and Vesuvius
movie 1901 Naval Demonstration: S.S. Ophir
movie 1901 Panorama of Naples Harbour
movie 1901 Vesuvius in Eruption
movie 1901 Water Pantomime
movie 1901 A Good Story
movie 1901 In the Green Room
movie 1901 Photograph from an Area Window
movie 1901 The Adrian Troupe of Cyclists
movie 1901 The Bill Poster's Revenge
movie 1901 The Death of Poor Joe
movie 1901 The Kitten Nursery
movie 1901 The Last Glass of the Two Old Sports
movie 1901 The Monocle: Me and Joe Chamberlain
movie 1901 Whiskey Versus Bullets
movie 1900 As Seen Through a Telescope
movie 1900 Grandma's Reading Glass
movie 1900 Let Me Dream Again
movie 1900 The House That Jack Built
movie 1900 Beauty and the Sandow Exerciser
movie 1900 Drill of the Kansas City Fire Department
movie 1900 Exhibition of Quick Harnessing with Trained Horses
movie 1900 Launch of Brighton Lifeboat from Pier
movie 1900 Panorama of the Lake and Its Surroundings
movie 1900 Panorama View of Crystal Palace Terraces
movie 1900 Physical Culture by Sandow's Pupils
movie 1900 Sandow's Herculean Feat
movie 1900 Sandow's Record Lift
movie 1900 Sandow's Roman Horse Lift
movie 1900 The Prehistoric Monsters at Crystal Palace
movie 1900 A Bad Cigar
movie 1900 A Jolly Old Couple
movie 1900 A Quick Shave and Brush Up
movie 1900 An Incident on Brighton Pier
movie 1900 Grandma Threading Her Needle
movie 1900 Grandmother's Wolf
movie 1900 Letty Limelight in Her Lair
movie 1900 Scandal Over the Teacups
movie 1900 Snapshotting an Audience
movie 1900 The Conjurer
movie 1900 The Dull Razor
movie 1900 The Old Maid's Valentine
movie 1900 The Two Old Sports
movie 1900 The Two Old Sports' Game of Nap
movie 1900 The Two Old Sports' Political Discussion
movie 1900 The Village Choir
movie 1900 Two Grinning Yokels
movie 1900 Two Jolly Old Fellows
movie 1900 Where Did You Get It?
movie 1899 The Kiss in the Tunnel
movie 1899 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
movie 1899 Boxing Match Between M. Leneve and Miss Norah Sullivan
movie 1899 Brighton
movie 1899 The Legacy
movie 1899 A Brighton Fire Drill
movie 1899 A Hilarious Bank Holiday Crowd
movie 1899 All the Fun of the Fair
movie 1899 Around the Swings on a Bank Holiday
movie 1899 Arrival of Hose Cart
movie 1899 Kaffirs and Zulus on the Warpath
movie 1899 Launch of the Shamrock
movie 1899 Life Saving by Rope and Sling
movie 1899 Over the Tower
movie 1899 Police Officers Full Uniform Dress Race
movie 1899 Rescue of Tower by Escapes
movie 1899 Savage South Africa Arriving at Earl's Court
movie 1899 The Brighton Fire: Arrival of the Brigade
movie 1899 The Brighton Fire: The Department at Work
movie 1899 The Swings at Crystal Palace
movie 1899 Through Tubs
movie 1899 Under Blankets
movie 1899 A Game of Chess and Kisses
movie 1899 A Good Joke
movie 1899 Dick Whittington
movie 1899 Good Stories
movie 1899 The Gambler's Wife
movie 1899 The Haunted Picture Gallery
movie 1899 The Inexhaustible Cab
movie 1899 The Sandwiches
movie 1898 A Practical Joke
movie 1898 Aladdin
movie 1898 Ally Sloper
movie 1898 Animated Clown Portrait
movie 1898 Cinderella
movie 1898 Early Fashions on Brighton Pier
movie 1898 Faust
movie 1898 Faust and Mephistopheles
movie 1898 Girls Bathing
movie 1898 Gladstone's Funeral
movie 1898 Hanging Out the Clothes; or, Master, Mistress and Maid
movie 1898 Phantom Ride
movie 1898 Photographing a Ghost
movie 1898 Portsmouth Ferry
movie 1898 Santa Claus
movie 1898 The Baker and the Sweep
movie 1898 The Corsican Brothers
movie 1898 The Lady Barber
movie 1898 The Mesmerist
movie 1898 The Policeman, the Cook and the Copper
movie 1898 The Runaway Knock
movie 1898 Waves and Spray
movie 1898 Animated Portrait: Miss Marie Lloyd
movie 1898 Children on the Sands
movie 1898 Down Exeter Incline
movie 1898 Launch of the Skylark
movie 1898 Maypole Dance
movie 1898 The Dog Show
movie 1898 The Esplanade
movie 1898 The Lower Esplanade
movie 1898 Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer
movie 1898 The Woman Barber
movie 1897 Brighton Seagoing Electric Car
movie 1897 Brighton Seagoing Electric Car No. 2
movie 1897 Football and Cricket
movie 1897 Football Game and Scrimmage
movie 1897 Hanging Out the Clothes
movie 1897 Miss Ellen Terry at Her Window
movie 1897 Miss Ellen Terry Gathering Flowers
movie 1897 Miss Ellen Terry, Afternoon Tea
movie 1897 Mohawk Minstrels
movie 1897 Passenger Train
movie 1897 Pierrot Troupe
movie 1897 Portsmouth Express
movie 1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: Colonials
movie 1897 Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Procession: Queen's Carriage
movie 1897 Sailing and Car
movie 1897 Sailing Boat
movie 1897 Squad with Horizontal Bar
movie 1897 Squad with Vaulting Horse
movie 1897 The Haunted Castle
movie 1897 The Miller and the Sweep
movie 1897 The Miller and the Sweep (No. 2)
movie 1897 The X-Ray Fiend
movie 1897 Trafalgar Day
movie 1897 Walking Greasy Pole
movie 1897 Westminster
movie 1897 Yachting
movie 1897 Children Paddling at the Seaside
movie 1897 Comic Face
movie 1897 Comic Shaving
movie 1897 Gymnastics - Indian Club Performer
movie 1897 Making Sausages
movie 1897 Nursing the Baby
movie 1897 The Maid in the Garden
movie 1897 The Sign Writer
movie 1897 Tipsy-Topsy-Turvy
movie 1897 Weary Willie
movie 1897 Workers Leaving Brighton Railway Station

George Albert Smith on Youtube

Sick Kitten - George Albert Smith - 1903.

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