George Archainbaud

George Archainbaud (7 May 1890 ? 20 February 1959) was a French-born American film and television director. ... more on Wikipedia

George Archainbaud Filmography

tv series 1954 Annie Oakley
movie 1953 Goldtown Ghost Riders
movie 1953 Last of the Pony Riders
movie 1953 On Top of Old Smoky
movie 1953 Pack Train
movie 1953 Saginaw Trail
movie 1953 Winning of the West
movie 1952 Apache Country
movie 1952 Barbed Wire
movie 1952 Blue Canadian Rockies
movie 1952 Night Stage to Galveston
movie 1952 The Old West
movie 1952 Wagon Team
movie 1950 Border Treasure
movie 1950 Hunt the Man Down
tv series 1950 The Gene Autry Show
movie 1948 Borrowed Trouble
movie 1948 False Paradise
movie 1948 Silent Conflict
movie 1948 Sinister Journey
movie 1948 Strange Gamble
movie 1948 The Dead Don't Dream
movie 1947 Dangerous Venture
movie 1947 Hoppy's Holiday
movie 1947 King of the Wild Horses
movie 1947 The Marauders
movie 1947 The Millerson Case
movie 1947 Unexpected Guest
movie 1946 Fool's Gold
movie 1946 The Devil's Playground
movie 1945 Girls of the Big House
movie 1944 Alaska
movie 1944 Mystery Man
movie 1944 Texas Masquerade
movie 1944 The Big Bonanza
movie 1943 False Colors
movie 1943 Hoppy Serves a Writ
movie 1943 The Kansan
movie 1943 The Woman of the Town
movie 1942 Flying with Music
movie 1940 Comin' Round the Mountain
movie 1940 Opened by Mistake
movie 1940 Untamed
movie 1939 Boy Trouble
movie 1939 Night Work
movie 1939 Some Like It Hot
movie 1938 Campus Confessions
movie 1938 Her Jungle Love
movie 1938 Thanks for the Memory
movie 1937 Blonde Trouble
movie 1937 Clarence
movie 1937 Thrill of a Lifetime
movie 1936 Hideaway Girl
movie 1936 My Marriage
movie 1936 The Return of Sophie Lang
movie 1935 Thunder in the Night
movie 1934 Keep 'Em Rolling
movie 1934 Murder on the Blackboard
movie 1933 After Tonight
movie 1933 The Big Brain
movie 1932 Penguin Pool Murder
movie 1932 State's Attorney
movie 1932 The Lost Squadron
movie 1932 Thirteen Women
movie 1931 Men of Chance
movie 1931 The Lady Refuses
movie 1931 Three Who Loved
movie 1930 Alias French Gertie
movie 1930 Framed
movie 1930 Shooting Straight
movie 1930 The Silver Horde
movie 1929 Broadway Scandals
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer
movie 1929 The College Coquette
movie 1929 The Voice Within
movie 1929 Two Men and a Maid
movie 1928 A Woman Against the World
movie 1928 Bachelor's Paradise
movie 1928 George Washington Cohen
movie 1928 Ladies of the Night Club
movie 1928 The Grain of Dust
movie 1928 The Man in Hobbles
movie 1928 The Tragedy of Youth
movie 1927 Easy Pickings
movie 1927 Night Life
movie 1926 Men of Steel
movie 1926 Puppets
movie 1926 The Silent Lover
movie 1925 Enticement
movie 1925 Scarlet Saint
movie 1925 The Necessary Evil
movie 1925 What Fools Men
movie 1924 Christine of the Hungry Heart
movie 1924 For Sale
movie 1924 Single Wives
movie 1924 The Mirage
movie 1924 The Plunderer
movie 1924 The Shadow of the East
movie 1924 The Storm Daughter
movie 1923 The Common Law
movie 1923 Cordelia the Magnificent
movie 1923 The Midnight Guest
movie 1922 One Week of Love
movie 1922 Evidence
movie 1922 The Power of a Lie
movie 1922 Under Oath
movie 1921 A Man of Stone
movie 1921 Clay Dollars
movie 1921 Handcuffs or Kisses
movie 1921 The Girl from Nowhere
movie 1921 The Miracle of Manhattan
movie 1920 In Walked Mary
movie 1920 Marooned Hearts
movie 1920 The Pleasure Seekers
movie 1920 The Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes
movie 1920 The Wonderful Chance
movie 1920 What Women Want
movie 1919 A Damsel in Distress
movie 1919 The Love Cheat
movie 1918 The Cross Bearer
movie 1918 The Divine Sacrifice
movie 1918 The Trap
movie 1917 A Maid of Belgium
movie 1917 As Man Made Her
movie 1917 Diamonds and Pearls
movie 1917 The Awakening
movie 1917 The Brand of Satan
movie 1917 The Iron Ring
movie 1917 Yankee Pluck

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