George Bloomfield

George Bloomfield Filmography

video movie 2006 Ride Forever as Himself
tv series 2003 Wild Card
tv series 2001 The Associates
tv movie 2000 Deadly Appearances
tv movie 2000 Love and Murder
movie 1999 Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang
tv movie 1996 The Best of John Candy on SCTV
tv movie 1995 The Awakening
tv movie 1994 TekWar: TekLords
tv series 1994 Hawkeye
tv movie 1992 Wojeck: Out of the Fire
movie 1990 The Argon Quest
movie 1990 African Journey
movie 1990 African Journey 2
tv movie 1989 African Journey
tv series 1989 E.N.G.
tv series 1988 My Secret Identity
movie 1987 And Then You Die as Prego
tv movie 1986 The Park Is Mine as Dr. Mueller
movie 1983 Spasms as Rev. Thomas Thanner
tv series 1983 SCTV Channel
tv movie 1981 Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper as Sampson
movie 1981 Double Negative
movie 1980 Nothing Personal
tv movie 1979 Riel
tv movie 1978 Love on the Nose
tv movie 1978 Nellie McClung
tv series 1977 Custard Pie
movie 1974 Child Under a Leaf
movie 1972 To Kill a Clown
movie 1970 Jenny
tv series 1969 The Way It Is
tv movie 1966 Henry V
tv movie 1964 The Times They Are A-Changin'
movie 1960 The Scouler Case
movie 1959 Teamwork in Farm Research
movie 1959 The Mine Makers
movie 1959 The Threshold: The Immigrant Meets the School
movie 1958 Ground Handling of Aircraft, Part 2: Winter Operations

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Director: George Bloomfield Head Writer: Harold Ramis (1-16), Joe Flaherty, Dave Thomas Writers: Brian Doyle Murray, Jim Fisher, Jim Staahl Producers: ...

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