George Cooper

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George Cooper Filmography

movie 1940 I Take This Woman as Tommy
movie 1939 Blackmail as Released Prisoner Hawley
movie 1939 Lucky Night as $50 Passerby
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Waiter
movie 1939 Stand Up and Fight
movie 1939 They All Come Out as Prisoner
movie 1938 Boys Town as Tramp
movie 1938 Having Wonderful Time as Camp Maintenance Man
movie 1938 Men of Steel as Metalworker Foreman
movie 1938 Say It in French as Taxi Driver
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Electrician
movie 1938 The Canary Comes Across as Dutch
movie 1938 The Chaser as Man at Calhoun's Auto
movie 1938 The Mexicali Kid as Blacksmith
movie 1938 The Missing Guest as 'Jake'
movie 1938 West of Rainbow's End as Happy
movie 1937 Portia on Trial as Efe
movie 1937 Riders of the Dawn as Grizzly Ike
movie 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! as Slug
movie 1937 That I May Live as Mack
movie 1937 The Duke Comes Back as Janitor
movie 1937 The Man Who Found Himself as Hobo
movie 1937 Think Fast, Mr. Moto as Muggs Blake
movie 1937 We're on the Jury as Oglesby - Taxi Driver
movie 1937 When You're in Love as Assistant Immigration Officer
movie 1936 Adventure in Manhattan as Duncan
movie 1936 Anything Goes as Steward
movie 1936 Federal Agent as Agent Wilson
movie 1936 Missing Girls as Zig
movie 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town as Bob
movie 1936 Ride 'Em Cowboy as Chuck Morse
movie 1936 Sitting on the Moon as Taxi Driver
movie 1936 The Phantom Rider as Spooky
movie 1935 Doubting Thomas as Stagehand
movie 1934 Broadway Bill as Joe
movie 1934 Murder in the Clouds as Wings Mahoney
movie 1934 Return of the Terror as Cotton
movie 1934 The Big Shakedown as Shorty
movie 1934 The Personality Kid as Tiny
movie 1934 West of the Pecos as Wes
movie 1933 Before Midnight as Stubby
movie 1933 Day of Reckoning as Hospital Patient in Traction
movie 1933 Ever in My Heart as Lefty, a Soldier
movie 1933 Grand Slam as Josh
movie 1933 Havana Widows as Paymaster Mullins
movie 1933 Lady for a Day as Cheesecake
movie 1933 Mary Stevens, M.D. as Pete
movie 1933 Soldiers of the Storm as Red Gurney
movie 1933 Wild Boys of the Road as Man Near Columbus
movie 1932 Blondie of the Follies as O'Brien - Stage Manager
movie 1932 Emma as Airport Mechanic
movie 1932 Flames as Fishey
movie 1932 Forbidden Trail as Happy - Tom's Sidekick
movie 1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang as Vaudevillian
movie 1932 Movie Album Featurettes
movie 1932 Night Court as Safecracking Thug
movie 1932 Sky Devils as Mitchell
movie 1932 Uptown New York as Al
movie 1931 Gentleman's Fate as Mike
movie 1931 Laughing Sinners as Joe
movie 1931 The Hot Spot
movie 1931 The Wide Open Spaces as Louis San Nabisco
movie 1930 Numbered Men as 27635
movie 1930 Paid as Red
movie 1930 Renegades as Harry A. Biloxi
movie 1930 Shooting Straight as Chick
movie 1930 The Girl of the Golden West as Trinidad Joe
movie 1930 Under a Texas Moon as Philipe
movie 1929 Sailor's Holiday as Shorty
movie 1929 The Devil's Apple Tree as Cooper
movie 1929 The Unholy Night as The Orderly
movie 1928 Lilac Time as Mechanic's Helper
movie 1928 Rose-Marie as Fuzzy
movie 1928 The Barker as Hap Spissel
movie 1928 The Trail of '98 as Samuel Foote - The Worm
movie 1927 The Lovelorn as Joe Sprotte
movie 1927 Women Love Diamonds as Snub Flaherty
movie 1926 Pals First as The Squirrel
movie 1926 Red Dice as Squint Scoggins
movie 1926 Shadow of the Law as Chauffeur
movie 1926 The Barrier as Sergeant Murphy
movie 1926 The Unknown Soldier as Cpl. Fogarty
movie 1926 The Wise Guy as The Bozo
movie 1926 Tin Hats as 'Lefty' Mooney
movie 1926 Your Husband's Past as Dippy, the Crook's Pal
movie 1925 Just a Woman as Oscar Dunn
movie 1925 Smouldering Fires as Mugsy
movie 1925 The Devil's Cargo as Jerry Dugan
movie 1925 The Goose Woman as Reporter
movie 1925 The Great Divide as Shorty
movie 1925 The Lawful Cheater as Johnny Burns
movie 1925 The New Commandment as Red
movie 1924 Behind the Curtain as Slug Gorman
movie 1924 Never Say Die as Gaston Gibbs
movie 1924 No More Women as Tex
movie 1924 Riders Up as Henry, the Rat
movie 1924 Scarem Much as Edison Watts - Violet's Suitor
movie 1924 Shanghaied Lovers as Sailor
movie 1924 Through the Dark as Travel
movie 1924 Torment as Chick Fogarty
movie 1924 Unmarried Wives as Joe Dugan
movie 1923 Flip Flops as Professor Whiz - Magician
movie 1923 Her Temporary Husband as Conrad Jasper
movie 1923 Little Church Around the Corner as Jude Burrows
movie 1923 Quicksands as Matt Patterson
movie 1923 Suzanna as Miguel
movie 1923 The Eternal Three as Bob Gray
movie 1923 The Love Letter as Red Mike
movie 1923 The Nth Commandment as Max Plute
movie 1923 The Shriek of Araby as Presto the Magician
movie 1922 Bow Wow as The Country Girl's Sweetheart
movie 1922 Home Made Movies as The 2nd Theatre Operator
movie 1922 The Glorious Fool as Al
movie 1922 Turn to the Right as Mugsy
movie 1921 For Those We Love as Bert
movie 1921 I Am Guilty as Dillon
movie 1921 The Fox as K.C. Kid
movie 1920 Chains of Evidence as George Brownlow
movie 1920 The Birth of a Soul as Joe Barlow
movie 1920 The Holdup Man
movie 1920 The Veiled Mystery
movie 1920 The Very Idea as Fisherman
movie 1919 The Dark Star as Mr. Brandes
movie 1918 Fields of Honor as Paul
movie 1918 Her Man as Jeb Havey
movie 1918 The Struggle Everlasting as Slimy Thing
movie 1917 Her Secret as Charley
movie 1917 The Auction Block as Jimmy Knight
movie 1917 Whistling Dick's Christmas Stocking as Whistling Dick
movie 1916 A Night Out as Waldo Deacon
movie 1916 The Hunted Woman as Mortimer Fitzhugh
movie 1916 The Suspect as Valdor
movie 1916 The Vital Question as Richard King
movie 1916 Thou Art the Man as John MacDowell
movie 1915 A Fortune Hunter
movie 1915 A Madcap Adventure
movie 1915 A Wireless Rescue as Jim Burke
movie 1915 Easy Money as First Crook
movie 1915 Four Grains of Rice
movie 1915 From Out of the Big Snows as Jean
movie 1915 In the Days of Famine as Lt. Walker, R.C.M.P.
movie 1915 Mother's Roses as Paul Hutchinson
movie 1915 Pawns of Mars
movie 1915 The Battle of Frenchman's Run as John
movie 1915 The Man, the Mission and the Maid as Bert Peyson
movie 1915 The Wheels of Justice as 'Red' Hall, the Burglar
movie 1915 The Woman in the Box
movie 1915 Twice Rescued as Godfrey Royston - Elder Son
movie 1914 A Double Error
movie 1914 Auntie as George
movie 1914 Francine as Jacques, a Violinist
movie 1914 Ginger's Reign
movie 1914 Netty or Letty as The Bellboy
movie 1914 Out in Happy Hollow as Gentleman Bob - a Swindler
movie 1914 Regan's Daughter as Tom Dawson - Strongarm
movie 1914 Saved from a Life of Crime as Jack Bonner
movie 1914 The Apple
movie 1914 The False and the True
movie 1914 The Ghosts as Jim
movie 1914 The Greater Love as Phillip Lane
movie 1914 The Greater Motive as Jimmy Kelly
movie 1914 The Hero
movie 1914 The Hopes of Blind Alley as Little Janitor
movie 1914 The Love of Pierre Larosse as Pierre Larosse
movie 1914 The Masked Dancer as Alphonso
movie 1914 The Night Riders of Petersham as Coke
movie 1914 The Old Oak's Secret as Dick Carroll, Nancy's Fiance
movie 1914 The Soul of Luigi
movie 1914 The Toll as Antonio Perino
movie 1914 The Tragedy of Whispering Creek as The Kid
movie 1914 The Unlawful Trade as Young Tate
movie 1914 The Unwritten Play as Paul - the Suitor
movie 1914 The Wheat and the Tares as George Collins
movie 1914 The Winner Wins
movie 1914 Tony, the Greaser as Tony, the Greaser
movie 1914 Within an Ace as Jack Heriot
movie 1913 Any Port in a Storm
movie 1913 Bianca as Beppo aka Tony
movie 1913 Bingles and the Cabaret
movie 1913 Cupid Through a Keyhole
movie 1913 Dick, the Dead Shot
movie 1913 Getting Up a Practice as Jack - One of the Doctor's Friends
movie 1913 He Fell in Love with His Mother-in-Law
movie 1913 Salvation Sal as Red McGee, Gangster
movie 1913 Sleuths Unawares as The Escaped Convict
movie 1913 Tangled Threads as Harry
movie 1913 The Answered Prayer as The Widow's Son
movie 1913 The Butler's Secret as Barrow's Son
movie 1913 The Drop of Blood as Slick - a Pickpocket
movie 1913 The Face of Fear as Trooper Mulligan
movie 1913 The Mouse and the Lion as A Gangster
movie 1913 The Mystery of the Stolen Child as The Kidnapper
movie 1913 The Outlaw as Jim Farrell - a Gambler
movie 1913 The Right Man as Ned Braham - Rose's Brother
movie 1913 The Skull as A Robber
movie 1913 The White Feather as Steve - the Foreman
movie 1913 Two of a Kind as George
movie 1912 At the Eleventh Hour as A Confidence Man
movie 1912 Billy's Burglar as One-Eyed Jim, the Burglar
movie 1912 Captain Barnacle's Waif as A Vagabond
movie 1912 His Mother's Shroud as The Son
movie 1912 The Adventure of the Italian Model as Luigi - the Model's Rejected Suitor
movie 1912 The Adventure of the Thumb Print as The Thief
movie 1912 The Cross Roads as Kirke Dundee
movie 1912 The Cylinder's Secret as Dave
movie 1912 The Foster Child as Dick Kasper - the Son
movie 1912 The Man Under the Bed as The Thief
movie 1912 The Mills of the Gods as Tano, an Instrument of Lorenzo's
movie 1912 The Picture Idol as Howard's Room-Mate
movie 1912 The Struggle as Jerry Grafton
movie 1912 The Toymaker as Bert Avery
movie 1912 Too Many Caseys as Johnny Casey
movie 1912 Wanted, a Sister as Bunch
movie 1911 Forgotten; or, An Answered Prayer
movie 1911 The Old Folks' Sacrifice
movie 1911 The Sick Man from the East as 2nd Thief

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Illachini is East New York based rap/hip-hop artist, on the come up. Stay tuned, Mixtape release coming soon. Video Produced By: FClefCoop Of CCProductions ...

Illachini is East New York based rap/hip-hop artist, on the come up. Stay tuned, Mixtape release coming soon. Video Produced By: FClefCoop Of CCProductions ...