George Eldredge

George Eldredge (September 10, 1898 ? March 12, 1977) was an American actor. ... more on Wikipedia

George Eldredge Filmography

tv movie 1966 Lost Island of Kioga as Allen Kendall
movie 1963 Johnny Cool as Building Superintendent
movie 1962 Air Patrol as Howie Franklin
movie 1960 Psycho as Police Chief James Mitchell
movie 1960 The 3rd Voice as Judge Kendall
movie 1960 Vice Raid as Internal Affairs Hearing Officer
movie 1959 A Dog's Best Friend as Dr. Lannon
movie 1959 King of the Wild Stallions as Doc
movie 1959 The Rookie as Gen. Bechtel
movie 1958 A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed as Racing Board Commissioner
movie 1958 Gang War as Police Sergeant Ernie Tucker
movie 1958 Life Begins at 17 as Mr. Lippincott
movie 1958 The Lineup as Dr. Turkel
movie 1957 Mister Cory as Mr. Davis - Card Player
movie 1957 Monkey on My Back as Marine Doctor
tv series 1957 The New Adventures of Spin and Marty as Dr. Spaulding
movie 1956 Inside Detroit as Doctor
movie 1956 The Killer Is Loose as Police Captain
movie 1956 Three for Jamie Dawn as Court Clerk
tv series 1956 Further Adventures of Spin and Marty as Dr. Spaulding
movie 1955 An Annapolis Story as Capt. Lord
movie 1955 Dial Red O as Major Sutter
tv movie 1955 Dr. Harvey W. Wiley as Congressman
movie 1955 Spin and Marty: The Movie as Dr. Spaulding
movie 1955 The Naked Street as Judge #2
movie 1955 Top Gun as Anders
tv series 1955 The Adventures of Spin and Marty as Dr. Spaulding
movie 1954 Demetrius and the Gladiators as Chamberlain
movie 1954 Man with the Steel Whip as Clem Stokes
movie 1954 Overland Pacific as Broden
movie 1954 Riders to the Stars as Dr. Paul Drayden
movie 1954 The Desperado as Mr. Bannerman
movie 1954 The Mad Magician as Theatre Manager
movie 1954 Woman's World as Executive Reception Guest
movie 1953 Border City Rustlers as Judge
movie 1953 Gunsmoke as Stagecoach Passenger
movie 1953 It Came from Outer Space as Dr. Snell
movie 1953 Pickup on South Street as Fenton
movie 1953 The Lawless Breed as Sheriff Charlie Webb
movie 1953 The Man from the Alamo as Sheriff Kohl
movie 1953 Valley of Head Hunters as Comm. Kingston
movie 1953 Vice Squad as Mr. Lawson
movie 1952 Bonzo Goes to College as Edmund Crowe
movie 1952 Brave Warrior as Captain Barney Demming
movie 1952 California Conquest as Capt John C. Fremont
movie 1952 Flesh and Fury as Dr. Buell
movie 1952 Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land as Fred Lewis
movie 1952 Just Across the Street as John Ballanger
movie 1952 Kansas Territory as 1st Bartender
movie 1952 Last Train from Bombay as Mr. Bern - American Consulate
movie 1952 Loan Shark as Mr. Howell
movie 1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair as Man at Accident
movie 1952 Monkey Business as Mr. Peabody
movie 1952 My Six Convicts as Convict #3
movie 1952 Phone Call from a Stranger as Doctor
movie 1952 Springfield Rifle as Judge Advocate
movie 1952 The Duel at Silver Creek as Jim Ryan - Bartender
movie 1952 The Sniper as Man at Park Murder Scene
movie 1952 Without Warning! as Sam, Detective at Murder Scene
movie 1951 Bowery Battalion as Major
movie 1951 Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere as Dr. Tobor
movie 1951 FBI Girl as FBI Fingerprint Man
movie 1951 Fingerprints Don't Lie as King Sullivan
movie 1951 Fury of the Congo as Barnes
movie 1951 Half Angel as Court Clerk
movie 1951 Let's Go Navy! as Officer #3
movie 1951 Meet Danny Wilson as Detective Lt. Kelly
movie 1951 Roar of the Iron Horse - Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail as Karl Ulrich- aka The Baron
movie 1951 The Texas Rangers as Sheriff
movie 1950 Chain Gang as Guard Adams
movie 1950 Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard as Assistant
movie 1950 Federal Man as Wade Brandon
movie 1950 Frenchie as Gorman's Friend
movie 1950 Hi-Jacked as Digbey
movie 1950 Hot Rod as Police Dispatcher
movie 1950 Louisa as Policeman
movie 1950 One Too Many as Harry
movie 1950 Rookie Fireman as Floyd
movie 1950 Shadow on the Wall as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1950 Sierra Passage as Sheriff
movie 1949 Bad Boy as Gambler
movie 1949 Bodyhold as Stadium Security Guard Morgan
movie 1949 Coyote Canyon as Marshal Kelly
movie 1949 Holiday Affair as Elevator Starter
movie 1949 Samson and Delilah as Lord
movie 1949 The Last Bandit as Bank Teller
movie 1949 The Sky Dragon as Det. Stacey
movie 1949 Undertow as Pop
movie 1948 Angels' Alley as Policeman
movie 1948 Campus Sleuth as Officer Edwards
movie 1948 False Paradise as Radley
movie 1948 For the Love of Mary
movie 1948 Jinx Money as Tax Man
movie 1948 King of the Gamblers as Saunders
movie 1948 Quick on the Trigger as Alfred Murdock
movie 1948 Reaching from Heaven as Mr. Gram
movie 1948 Shanghai Chest as Police Sgt. Pat Finley
movie 1948 Speed to Spare as Truck Driving Instructor
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Reporter
movie 1947 Dead Reckoning as Police Officer Casey
movie 1947 The Fabulous Texan as Tax Collector
movie 1947 The Unsuspected as Bit Part
movie 1946 Because of Him as Reporter
movie 1946 Below the Deadline as Vail
movie 1946 Dark Alibi as Brand
movie 1946 Ginger as Health Dept. Official
movie 1946 Her Adventurous Night as Police Radio Announcer
movie 1946 In Fast Company as Officer
movie 1946 Live Wires as Policeman at Airport
movie 1946 Lost City of the Jungle as Bowen, Peace Foundation Member
movie 1946 Passkey to Danger as Mr. Nelson
movie 1946 Shadows Over Chinatown as Police Chief Flannagan
movie 1946 The Bandit of Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood's Man
movie 1946 The Devil's Playground as U.S. Marshal
movie 1946 The Gentleman Misbehaves as Official
movie 1946 The Mysterious Mr. M as Thomas Elliott
movie 1946 The Phantom Thief as Cop #2 Outside Hospital Room
movie 1945 Counter-Attack as Russian Officer
movie 1945 Frontier Gal as Henchman
movie 1945 Honeymoon Ahead as Caldwell
movie 1945 I Was a Criminal
movie 1945 Jungle Queen as Muller
movie 1945 Mom and Dad as Dan Blake
movie 1945 River Gang as Reporter
movie 1945 Rustlers of the Badlands as Jim Norton
movie 1945 Secret Agent X-9 as Bill Browder
movie 1945 The Chicago Kid as Typewriter Buyer
movie 1945 The Crimson Canary as Frank Wilson
movie 1945 The Great John L. as Crony
movie 1945 The Royal Mounted Rides Again as Grail
movie 1945 There Goes Kelly as John Quigley
movie 1944 Arizona Whirlwind as Mr. Davis
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Capt. Sherwood
movie 1944 Cry of the Werewolf as George Latour
movie 1944 Follow the Boys as Submarine Officer
movie 1944 Girl in the Case as Henry
movie 1944 Hey, Rookie as Captain Mulligan
movie 1944 Jam Session as Berkeley Bell
movie 1944 Oklahoma Raiders as James Prescott
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Man
movie 1944 Outlaw Trail as Carl Beldon
movie 1944 Raiders of Ghost City as Henry
movie 1944 Return of the Ape Man as Patrolman on beat
movie 1944 Song of the Range as Federal Agent CleveTrevor
movie 1944 Sonora Stagecoach as Lawyer Larry Payne
movie 1944 Stars on Parade as Director
movie 1944 The Impostor as Voice
movie 1944 The Old Texas Trail as Sparks Diamond
movie 1944 The Racket Man as Jerry
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as U.S. Navy Damage Control Officer
movie 1944 Trigger Law as Corey
movie 1944 Trigger Trail as Rance Hudson
movie 1944 U-Boat Prisoner as George Acton, Nazi Spy
movie 1943 Calling Dr. Death as District Attorney
movie 1943 Frontier Badmen as Cattle Buyer
movie 1943 Frontier Law as Henchman Slinger Jones
movie 1943 Raiders of San Joaquin as Gus Sloan
movie 1943 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack as Detective-Guard [Ch. 5]
movie 1943 The Lone Star Trail as Doug Ransom
movie 1943 The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler as Gestapo Colonel
movie 1943 There's Something About a Soldier as Transportation Manager
movie 1943 Top Man as Mike
movie 1943 Two Tickets to London as Fireman
movie 1942 Bowery at Midnight as Det. Thompson
movie 1942 Gang Busters as Policeman at Bank [Ch. 7]
movie 1942 Isle of Missing Men as Ship's Captain
movie 1942 Joan of Ozark as Chandler
movie 1942 Let's Get Tough! as Marine recruiter
movie 1942 Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon as Policeman Outside Durer's
movie 1942 Silver Queen as Hotel Guest
movie 1942 So's Your Aunt Emma! as Jake - Mickey's Trainer
movie 1942 The Corpse Vanishes as Mike
movie 1942 The Ghost of Frankenstein as Constable
movie 1942 The Living Ghost as Tony Weldon
movie 1942 Top Sergeant as Deputy Joey
movie 1941 Flying Wild as Man
movie 1941 Pacific Blackout as Police Dispatcher
movie 1941 Roaring Frontiers as Sheriff
movie 1941 Spooks Run Wild as Policeman
movie 1941 They Died with Their Boots On as Capt. Riley
movie 1940 'Northwest Passage' (Book I -- Rogers' Rangers) as McMullen
movie 1940 Buzzy Rides the Range as Fred Ames
movie 1940 Junior G-Men as Draftsman Lynch [Chs. 5-6]
movie 1940 Take Me Back to Oklahoma as Sheriff
movie 1939 Exile Express as Federal Man
movie 1939 The Star Maker as Reporter
movie 1938 Hawk of the Wilderness as Allan Kendall
movie 1938 Paroled from the Big House as 'Red' Herron
movie 1936 Special Agent K-7 as Prosecuting Attorney Ames
movie 1936 Till We Meet Again as English Officer Spy

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