George Kuchar

George Kuchar Filmography

movie 2013 Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton as Himself
tv movie 2012 The 84th Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Memorial Tribute
movie 2011 Bloodrape as Grandpa
movie 2011 In Hommage to George and Mike Kuchar
movie 2011 Leonora
movie 2011 Light the Water as Man at Bar
movie 2011 Starman as Starman
movie 2010 Eat My Makeup!
movie 2010 Shift
movie 2009 It Came from Kuchar as Himself
video movie 2009 Te en-video as Himself
movie 2008 3 Stories About Evil as Telephone Man #1
movie 2007 Bump and Grind
video movie 2007 Cinemaville as Himself
tv movie 2006 Hitchcocked! as Himself
movie 2006 Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis as Himself
movie 2006 Tomorrow Always Comes as Desk Clerk # 1
movie 2005 The Fury of Frau Frankenstein
video movie 2005 Beastial Comforts
video movie 2004 A Fatal Desire
video movie 2004 Bay City Detours
video movie 2004 Dreamboat
video movie 2004 Film Folk
video movie 2004 Gallery of Cameos
video movie 2004 Kaponga Island
video movie 2004 Lumps of Joy
movie 2003 Burnout
movie 2003 Butter Balls
video movie 2003 Holiday Harbor
video movie 2003 Isle of Heavenly Fury
video movie 2003 Kiss of Frankenstein
video movie 2003 The Godmother
video movie 2003 The Passion Pot
movie 2002 Paranoia as Narrator
movie 2002 Three Days of Rain as Vendor
video movie 2002 Fashion Vixen
video movie 2002 Forbidden Fruits
movie 2002 The Celtic Crevasse
video movie 2002 The Gates of Gomorrha
video movie 2002 The Guzzler of Grizzly Manor
video movie 2002 The Kingdom by the Sea
movie 2001 Arizona Byways
movie 2001 Chariots of Fear
video movie 2001 Honey Bunnies on Ice
video movie 2001 Matinee Idylls
video movie 2001 Murmurs of the Hearth
video movie 2001 Nectar of the Neophytes
video movie 2001 Passionate Visions
movie 2000 Aquatica
movie 2000 Celestial Cravings
video movie 2000 Cyclone Alley Ceramics
video movie 2000 Metropolitan Monologues
video movie 2000 Planet of the Vamps
movie 1999 Art Asylum
video movie 1999 Chigger Country
video movie 1999 Culinary Linkage
video movie 1999 Hush, Hush, Sweet Harlot
movie 1998 Divine Trash as Himself
movie 1998 Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore as Banquet speaker
movie 1998 Attack of the Giant Garuda
video movie 1998 City Sluckers
video movie 1998 Cretins of the Crate
video movie 1998 Demon of the Tropics
video movie 1998 Diorama
video movie 1998 Domain of the Pixel Pixies
video movie 1998 Evangelust
movie 1998 The Acrylliac
video movie 1998 The Flakes of Winter
video movie 1998 The Pagan Angel
movie 1997 Bongwater as Homeless Man
video movie 1997 Cocktail Crooners
video movie 1997 Curmudgeon of the Campus
video movie 1997 Oasis of the Pharoahs
video movie 1997 The Exiled Files of Eddie Gray
video movie 1997 The Inmate
video movie 1997 The Litter Box
movie 1996 Anniversary Schmaltz
video movie 1996 Bargain Basement Bumpkin
video movie 1996 Fur Ball Blues
video movie 1996 Homes for the Holiday
video movie 1996 Kitty Porn
video movie 1996 Paganville Flats
video movie 1996 The Crimes of Armand Tessler
video movie 1995 Grotto of the Gorgons
video movie 1995 Omewenne
video movie 1995 Portraiture in Black
video movie 1995 Princess
video movie 1995 The Confessions of Nina Noir
movie 1994 Jonas in the Desert as Himself
movie 1994 The Cage of Nicholas
video movie 1994 Baldies of Burgermeister Bungalow
movie 1994 Cellar Sinema
video movie 1994 Chow Down on Chenery Street
video movie 1994 Dingleberry Jingles
video movie 1994 Felines of Castle Frauline
video movie 1994 Going Hollywood
video movie 1994 Holidaze
video movie 1994 Jungle Jezebel
video movie 1994 Nirvana of the Nebbishites
video movie 1994 Rancho Roulette
video movie 1994 Route 666
video movie 1994 The Gifted Goon
movie 1993 Andy's House of Gary
movie 1993 Ann Arbor
video movie 1993 Bayou of the Blue Behemoth
video movie 1993 Dial a Kvetch
video movie 1993 Glacier Park Video News
video movie 1993 Grafitti Junction
video movie 1993 ID Came from Inner Space
video movie 1993 Isleton
video movie 1993 Kitchenetiquette
video movie 1993 Melody for Marla
movie 1993 I Was a Teenage Serial Killer
video movie 1992 Award
movie 1992 Big Ones Hurt
video movie 1992 Chat'n'Chew
video movie 1992 Demonatrix of Kebrina Castle
video movie 1992 George Kuchar Goes to Work with Today's Youth
video movie 1992 Going Nowhere
video movie 1992 Impaction of the Igneous
video movie 1992 Indigo Blues
video movie 1992 Interoir Vacuum
video movie 1992 Pilgrimage
video movie 1991 Scarlet Droppings as Himself
video movie 1991 Artists in Residence
video movie 1991 Come Forth, Julyowa
video movie 1991 Foto Spread
video movie 1991 Gastronomic Getaway
video movie 1991 Indian Summer
video movie 1991 The Fall of the House of Yasmin
video movie 1991 The Holiday Xmas Video of 1991
video movie 1991 The Redhead from Riverside Terrace
video movie 1990 A Passage to Wetness
video movie 1990 Curse of the Kurva
video movie 1990 Edible Atrocities
video movie 1990 Kiss of the Veggie Vixen
video movie 1990 Letter from New York
video movie 1990 Munchkins of Melody Manor
video movie 1990 Rocky Interlude
video movie 1990 Saga of Magda
movie 1989 La Verbotene Voyage
movie 1989 500 Millibars to Ecstasy
video movie 1989 Chili Line Stops Here
video movie 1989 Fill Thy Crack with Whiteness
video movie 1989 Hefner's Heifers
video movie 1989 Love Me True
video movie 1989 Migration of the Blubberoids
video movie 1989 Pictures at an Exhibitionist's
video movie 1989 Point 'n Shoot
video movie 1989 Precious Products
video movie 1989 Say Yes to No
video movie 1989 The Deafening Goo
video movie 1988 Weather Diary 3 as Himself
video movie 1988 L.A. Screening Workshop
video movie 1988 Low Light Life
video movie 1988 Mecca of the Frigid
video movie 1988 Motivation of the Carcasoids
video movie 1988 Orbits of Fear
video movie 1988 Return to the House of Pain
movie 1988 Summer of No Return
movie 1988 The Celluloids
video movie 1988 The Hurt That Fades
movie 1987 1980 Seven
movie 1987 Caged Culture
movie 1987 Calling Dr. Petrov
video movie 1987 Creeping Crimson
video movie 1987 Cult of the Cubicles
video movie 1987 East by Southwest
movie 1987 Insanitorium
video movie 1987 Muffled Darkness
video movie 1987 Rainy Season
video movie 1987 The Desert Within
video movie 1986 Greetings from Boulder
movie 1986 La noche d'amour
video movie 1986 Last Hello
movie 1985 Screamplay as Martin
movie 1985 Sparkle's Tavern as Mr. Pupik
movie 1985 Ascension of the Demonoids
movie 1985 Motel Capri
movie 1984 The X-People
movie 1984 Club Vatican
movie 1984 Untitled Musical
movie 1983 Cattle Mutilation
movie 1983 George Kuchar: The Comedy of the Underground as Himself
movie 1983 Colo
movie 1983 Mom
movie 1983 Ms. Hyde
movie 1982 The Oneers
movie 1981 Boulevard Kishka
movie 1981 Yolanda
movie 1980 Taboo: The Single and the LP
movie 1980 Aqueerius
movie 1980 How to Choose a Wife
movie 1980 The Nocturnal Immaculation
movie 1980 The Woman and the Dress
movie 1979 Blips
movie 1979 Symphony for a Sinner
movie 1979 The Power of the Press
movie 1978 The Mongreloid as Himself
movie 1978 Forever and Always
movie 1978 One Night a Week
movie 1978 Prescription in Blue
movie 1977 I, an Actress
movie 1977 Portrait George and Mike Kuchar as Himself
movie 1977 KY Kapers
movie 1977 La casa de Chorizo
movie 1977 The Asphalt Ribbon
movie 1977 Wild Night in El Reno
movie 1976 A Reason to Live
movie 1976 Back to Nature
movie 1975 Thundercrack! as Bing
movie 1975 The Devil's Cleavage
movie 1975 The Desperate and the Deep
movie 1974 A Night with Gilda Peck
movie 1974 Beaver Fever
movie 1974 Nudes: A Sketchbook
movie 1974 True Blue and Dreamy
movie 1974 I Married a Heathen
movie 1973 Boggy Depot as Damon
movie 1973 Carnal Bipeds
movie 1972 Confessions
movie 1972 Weiners and Buns Musical
movie 1972 Destination Damnation
movie 1972 The Sunshine Sisters
movie 1971 Portrait of Ramona
movie 1970 Pagan Rhapsody
movie 1969 The Mammal Palace
movie 1968 Encyclopedia of the Blessed
movie 1968 Unstrap Me
movie 1968 House of the White People
movie 1968 Knocturne
movie 1967 The Craven Sluck as Morton
movie 1967 Color Me Shameless
movie 1967 Eclipse of the Sun Virgin
movie 1967 The Lady from Sands Point
movie 1966 Galaxie as Himself
movie 1966 Hold Me While I'm Naked
movie 1966 The Secret of Wendel Samson
movie 1966 Leisure
movie 1966 Mosholu Holiday
movie 1965 Sins of the Fleshapoids as Prince Gianbeno
movie 1965 Corruption of the Damned
movie 1964 Born of the Wind
movie 1964 Lust for Ecstasy as Father Nelson
movie 1964 Lovers of Eternity
movie 1963 Anita Needs Me
movie 1963 Confessions of Babette
movie 1963 Tootsies in Autumn
movie 1963 A Town Called Tempest
movie 1962 Night of the Bomb
movie 1962 A Woman Distressed
movie 1962 Sylvia's Promise
movie 1961 Pussy on a Hot Tin Roof
movie 1961 The Wet Destruction of the Atlantic Empire
movie 1960 I Was a Teenage Rumpot
movie 1959 The Thief and the Stripper
movie 1958 The Slasher
movie 1957 The Naked and the Nude
movie 1956 A Tub Named Desire

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