George Kunkel

George Kunkel Filmography

movie 1921 An Unwilling Hero as Hobo
movie 1921 The Tempest
movie 1921 Where Men Are Men as Sheriff Grimes
movie 1920 Forbidden Trails as Sheriff Danforth
movie 1920 Pinto as Guardian
movie 1920 The Girl in the Rain as Jim West
movie 1919 A Fighting Colleen as Mortimer Wall
movie 1919 Leave It to Susan as Two-Gun Smith
movie 1918 By the World Forgot as William Waywood
movie 1918 The Changing Woman as Company Manager
movie 1918 The Dawn of Understanding as Sheriff Jack Scott
movie 1918 Unclaimed Goods as Uncle ''Place Jim'' Murphy
movie 1917 The Fighting Trail
movie 1917 The Magnificent Meddler as Big Joe Roth
movie 1916 A Squared Account as The Sheriff
movie 1916 A Villainous Villain
movie 1916 Curfew at Simpton Center
movie 1916 God's Country and the Woman as Thoreau
movie 1916 Her Loving Relations
movie 1916 It's a Bear
movie 1916 The Foxy Trotters
movie 1916 The Mayor's Fall from Grace
movie 1916 Three Johns
movie 1916 Through the Wall as Police Captain Orth
movie 1915 A Scandal in Hickville as Cy Denton
movie 1915 All on Account of Towser as Scranton
movie 1915 Cal Marvin's Wife as Orchestra Leader
movie 1915 Ghosts and Flypaper
movie 1915 Her Last Flirtation as The Sheriff
movie 1915 His Golden Grain
movie 1915 Jones' Hypnotic Eye
movie 1915 The Chalice of Courage as Robert Maitland
movie 1915 The Ebony Casket
movie 1915 The Game of Life
movie 1915 The Legend of the Lone Tree
movie 1915 The Lorelei Madonna as Mr. Morrison
movie 1915 The Man from the Desert
movie 1915 The Navajo Ring
movie 1915 The Quarrel
movie 1915 The Woman's Share
movie 1915 What Did He Whisper?
movie 1915 Willie Stayed Single
movie 1914 Ann, the Blacksmith as The Saloonkeeper
movie 1914 Anne of the Golden Heart
movie 1914 Brandon's Last Ride
movie 1914 Buffalo Jim
movie 1914 Captain Alvarez as Gonzalo, Chief of Police
movie 1914 Detective and Matchmaker
movie 1914 Everything Against Him
movie 1914 Ginger's Reign
movie 1914 His Kid Sister as The Gambler
movie 1914 Love Will Out
movie 1914 Only a Sister as The Factory Foreman
movie 1914 Prosecution
movie 1914 The Horse Thief
movie 1914 The Little Bugler
movie 1914 The Love of Tokiwa as Yoshisada
movie 1914 The Power to Forgive as The Saloon Proprietor
movie 1914 The Sage-Brush Gal as Bill McTwirk - a Gambler
movie 1914 Ward's Claim as An Indian
movie 1913 A Broken Melody as Judson Blair
movie 1913 A Doll for the Baby
movie 1913 Any Port in a Storm as Capt. Judd
movie 1913 At the Sign of the Lost Angel as The Stage Driver
movie 1913 Bianca as Angelo - the Overseer
movie 1913 Slim Driscoll, Samaritan as The Detective
movie 1913 Sunny; or, The Cattle Thief as Weston - Sunny's Father
movie 1913 The Ballyhoo's Story
movie 1913 The Face of Fear as Sleek Face