George Kuwa

George Kuwa (April 7, 1885 ? October 13, 1931) was a Japanese film actor of the silent era. He appeared in 58 films between 1916 and 1931. He was the first actor to portray Charlie Chan on-screen, in the 1926 film serial The House Without a Key. ... more on Wikipedia

George Kuwa Filmography

movie 1931 A Clean-Up on the Curb as Vegetable Wagon Owner
movie 1931 Daughter of the Dragon as Sing Lee
movie 1931 Doctors' Wives as Ruyter's Servant
movie 1931 Sweepstakes as Cantina Bartender
movie 1931 Wicked as Tony's friend
movie 1928 After the Storm as A. Hop
movie 1928 Chinatown Charlie as Hip Sing Toy
movie 1928 The House of Shame as Kuwa - Kimball's Valet
movie 1928 The Secret Hour as Ah Gee
movie 1928 The Showdown as Willie
movie 1927 Chicago as Flynn's servant
movie 1927 Melting Millions
movie 1927 Night Bride as Japanese Gardner
movie 1927 Perch of the Devil as Charley Lee
movie 1927 The Chinese Parrot as Louis Wong
movie 1927 The Warning as Ah Sung
movie 1927 White Pants Willie as Wong Lee
movie 1926 A Trip to Chinatown as Tulung
movie 1926 Money Talks as Ah Foo
movie 1926 That Model from Paris
movie 1926 The Dice Woman as Steward
movie 1926 The Enchanted Hill as Chan
movie 1926 The House Without a Key as Charlie Chan
movie 1926 The Nutcracker as Saki
movie 1926 The Silver Treasure as Luis
movie 1925 A Son of His Father as Wing
movie 1925 Head Winds as Wai Sai
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor! as Chang
movie 1925 The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted as Japanese Servant
movie 1924 Broken Barriers as Chang
movie 1924 Curlytop as Wang Toy
movie 1924 Sporting Youth as Chinese Attendant
movie 1924 The Man from Wyoming as Sing Lee Wah
movie 1924 The Storm Daughter as Ah Sin
movie 1923 Daddy as Valet
movie 1923 The Eternal Struggle as Wo Long
movie 1923 The World's Applause as Valet to Townsend
movie 1922 Bought and Paid For as Oku
movie 1922 Enter Madame as Tomamoto>
movie 1922 Five Days to Live as Hop Sing
movie 1922 Moran of the Lady Letty as 'Chopstick' Charlie
movie 1922 Sherlock Brown as Sato
movie 1922 The Beautiful and Damned
movie 1922 The Half Breed as Kito
movie 1921 Nobody's Fool as Ah Gone
movie 1921 The Invisible Fear as Nagi
movie 1920 Midsummer Madness as Japanese Servant
movie 1920 Officer 666 as Bareatto
movie 1920 Sick Abed as Wing Chow
movie 1920 The Round-Up as Chinese boy
movie 1920 The Willow Tree as Kimura
movie 1919 Man of Might
movie 1919 Toby's Bow as Jap
movie 1919 When the Clouds Roll by as Elevator Operator
movie 1918 Love Me as Fenton's Houseboy
movie 1918 Rimrock Jones as Woe Chong
movie 1918 The Woman in the Web
movie 1917 Forbidden Paths as Sato's Valet
movie 1917 The Bottle Imp as Makale
movie 1917 The Countess Charming as Soto
movie 1916 The Cossack Whip as Turov's Servant
movie 1916 The Soul of Kura San as Oki
movie 1916 The Yellow Pawn as Sen Yat