George Majeroni

George Majeroni Filmography

movie 1922 How Women Love as The Tenor
movie 1921 Diane of Star Hollow as Alessandro Orsini
movie 1921 What Women Will Do as Dr. Joe
movie 1919 Beating the Odds as Milton Shapiro
movie 1919 Beauty-Proof as Hodge, aka Garson
movie 1919 Fighting Destiny as Dan Levarro
movie 1919 In Honor's Web as Rodney Foster
movie 1919 Marriage for Convenience as Oliver Landis
movie 1919 The Darkest Hour as Lee Uastin
movie 1919 The Gamblers as George Cowper
movie 1919 The Invisible Bond as Wasson
movie 1918 All Man as Marco Paroni
movie 1918 Hoarded Assets as James Barr
movie 1918 Stolen Honor as Paul Hollister
movie 1918 Tangled Lives as Paul West
movie 1918 The Belgian
movie 1918 The Caillaux Case as Bolo Pasha
movie 1918 The Green God as Robert Ashton
movie 1918 The King of Diamonds as Dr. Emilio Toranno
movie 1918 The Woman the Germans Shot as Spanish Minister to Belgium
movie 1917 Patria as Juan de Lima
movie 1917 Stranded in Arcady as Edward Blandish
movie 1917 Who's Your Neighbor?
movie 1916 As in a Looking Glass as Dromiroff
movie 1916 Diplomacy as Count Orloff
movie 1916 My Lady Incog. as Rene Lidal
movie 1916 Paying the Price as Evan Vrooman
movie 1916 The Feud Girl as Marlowe
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Nile
movie 1915 Bella Donna as Ibraham
movie 1915 The Eternal City as Dr. Roselli
movie 1915 The Gray Mask as Foreign Agent
movie 1915 The Stolen Voice as Dr. Von Gahl
movie 1914 The Sign of the Cross as Tigellinus