George Marshall

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George Marshall Filmography

movie 2009 Here's Lucy: On Location
movie 1974 The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder as Corky
movie 1969 Hook, Line and Sinker
movie 1968 The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz
movie 1967 Eight on the Lam
movie 1966 Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!
movie 1964 Advance to the Rear
movie 1964 L'intrigo
tv series 1964 Daniel Boone
movie 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up as Himself
movie 1963 Papa's Delicate Condition
movie 1962 How the West Was Won
movie 1961 Cry for Happy
movie 1961 The Happy Thieves
movie 1959 It Started with a Kiss
movie 1959 The Gazebo
movie 1959 The Mating Game
movie 1958 Imitation General
movie 1958 The Sheepman
movie 1957 The Guns of Fort Petticoat
movie 1957 The Sad Sack
movie 1956 Beyond Mombasa
movie 1956 Pillars of the Sky
movie 1955 The Second Greatest Sex
movie 1954 Destry
movie 1954 Duel in the Jungle
movie 1954 Red Garters
movie 1953 Houdini
movie 1953 Money from Home
movie 1953 Off Limits
movie 1953 Scared Stiff
movie 1952 The Savage
movie 1951 A Millionaire for Christy
movie 1951 Ace of Clubs
movie 1950 Fancy Pants
movie 1950 Never a Dull Moment
movie 1949 Lust for Gold
movie 1949 My Friend Irma
movie 1948 Hazard
movie 1948 Tap Roots
movie 1947 Variety Girl as George Marshall
movie 1947 The Perils of Pauline
movie 1946 The Blue Dahlia
movie 1946 Monsieur Beaucaire
movie 1945 Hold That Blonde
movie 1945 Incendiary Blonde
movie 1945 Murder, He Says
movie 1944 And the Angels Sing
movie 1943 Riding High
movie 1943 True to Life
movie 1942 Star Spangled Rhythm
movie 1942 The Forest Rangers
movie 1942 Valley of the Sun
movie 1941 Pot o' Gold
movie 1941 Texas
movie 1940 The Ghost Breakers
movie 1940 When the Daltons Rode
movie 1939 Destry Rides Again
movie 1939 You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
movie 1938 Battle of Broadway
movie 1938 Hold That Co-ed
movie 1938 The Goldwyn Follies
movie 1937 Love Under Fire
movie 1937 Nancy Steele Is Missing!
movie 1936 Can This Be Dixie?
movie 1936 A Message to Garcia
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes
movie 1935 $10 Raise
movie 1935 In Old Kentucky
movie 1935 Life Begins at Forty
movie 1935 Music Is Magic
movie 1935 Show Them No Mercy!
movie 1934 Call It Luck
movie 1934 365 Nights in Hollywood
movie 1934 Ever Since Eve
movie 1934 She Learned About Sailors
movie 1934 Wild Gold
movie 1933 Olsen's Big Moment
movie 1933 Caliente Love
movie 1933 Easy on the Eyes
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #1: The Grip
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #2: Position and Back Swing
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #3: Hip Action
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #4: Downswing
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #5: Impact
movie 1933 How to Break 90 #6: Fine Points
movie 1933 Husbands' Reunion
movie 1933 Knockout Kisses
movie 1933 Sweet Cookie
movie 1933 The Big Fibber
movie 1932 Pack Up Your Troubles as Pierre
movie 1932 The Soilers as Helpful Bystander - Cameo Appearance
movie 1932 Their First Mistake as Neighbor
movie 1932 Big Dame Hunting
movie 1932 Towed in a Hole
movie 1932 A Firehouse Honeymoon
movie 1932 Alum and Eve
movie 1932 Just a Pain in the Parlor
movie 1932 Strictly Unreliable
movie 1932 The Old Bull
movie 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots' as Himself
movie 1931 He Loved Her Not
movie 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones, No. 2: 'Chip Shots'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 10: 'Trouble Shots'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 12: 'A Round of Golf'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 1: 'The Putter'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 4: 'The Mashie Niblick'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 5: 'The Medium Irons'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 6: 'The Big Irons'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 7: 'The Spoon'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 9: 'The Driver'
movie 1931 How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones, No. 3: 'The Niblick'
movie 1930 Hey Diddle Diddle
movie 1929 Circus Time
movie 1929 No Children
movie 1929 No Vacation
movie 1929 Puckered Success
movie 1929 Tomato Omelette
movie 1929 Uncle's Visit
movie 1929 Watch My Smoke
movie 1928 Camping Out
movie 1928 No Picnic
movie 1928 No Sale Smitty
movie 1928 Bear Knees
movie 1928 The Elephant's Elbows
movie 1927 A Man About Town
movie 1927 Slippery Silks
movie 1927 Gentlemen Prefer Scotch
movie 1927 The Adventures of Ruth
movie 1927 Captain Kidd's Kittens
movie 1927 Twenty Legs Under the Sea
movie 1926 King of the Kitchen
movie 1926 Matrimony Blues
movie 1926 Pawnshop Politics
movie 1926 The Steeplechaser
movie 1926 From a Cabby's Seat
movie 1926 A Bankrupt Honeymoon
movie 1926 A1 Society
movie 1926 Golf Widows
movie 1926 Moving Day
movie 1926 The Battling Kangaroo
movie 1926 The Non-Stop Bride
movie 1925 All Abroad
movie 1925 A Parisian Knight
movie 1925 A Spanish Romeo
movie 1925 The Big Game Hunter
movie 1925 The Sky Jumper
movie 1925 Neptune's Stepdaughter
movie 1924 Paul Jones, Jr.
movie 1924 The Back Trail
movie 1924 The Burglar
movie 1924 The Fight
movie 1924 The Hunt
movie 1924 The Race
movie 1923 Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande
movie 1923 Men in the Raw
movie 1923 The Haunted Valley
movie 1923 Where Is This West?
movie 1922 Smiles Are Trumps
movie 1922 West Is West
movie 1921 A Ridin' Romeo
movie 1921 The Jolt
movie 1921 Why Trust Your Husband
movie 1921 After Your Own Heart
movie 1921 Hands Off
movie 1921 The Lady from Longacre
movie 1920 Prairie Trails
movie 1920 Ruth of the Rockies
movie 1919 The Gun Runners
movie 1919 The Adventures of Ruth
movie 1918 Beating the Limited
movie 1918 Naked Fists
movie 1918 Quick Triggers
movie 1918 The Fast Mail
movie 1918 The Husband Hunter
movie 1918 The Midnight Flyer
movie 1918 When Paris Green Saw Red
movie 1917 The Comeback
movie 1917 Border Wolves
movie 1917 Casey's Border Raid
movie 1917 Double Suspicion
movie 1917 Meet My Wife
movie 1917 Right of Way Casey
movie 1917 Roped In
movie 1917 Squaring It
movie 1917 Swede Hearts
movie 1917 The Man from Montana
movie 1917 The Raid
movie 1917 They Were Four
movie 1917 Bill Brennan's Claim
movie 1917 The Desert Ghost
movie 1917 The Honor of Men
movie 1917 The Ninth Day
movie 1917 Won by Grit
movie 1916 The Code of the Mounted
movie 1916 The Waiters' Ball as Laundry Delivery Man
movie 1916 A Woman's Eyes
movie 1916 Across the Rio Grande
movie 1916 Love's Lariat
movie 1916 The Committee on Credentials
movie 1916 The Devil's Own
movie 1915 And the Best Man Won

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Mary hérite d'un château hanté par des morts vivants. Aidé d'un animateur radio, elle découvre une mine d'argent située sous l'habitat.

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Trailer for George Marshall's 1939 classic western starring James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich.