George Merritt

George Merritt (born 14 Aug 1807 White Creek, New York, died 5 October 1873 Irvington, New York) was a businessman from New York. He owned the mansion Lyndhurst on the Hudson River, which was sold to financier Jay Gould by Merritt's widow, Julia Merritt, after Merritt's death in 1873. ... more on Wikipedia

George Merritt Filmography

movie 1973 Gawain and the Green Knight as Old Knight
tv movie 1972 A Man About a Dog as Aitkin
movie 1971 I, Monster as Poole
movie 1970 Cromwell as William
movie 1969 Battle of Britain as Civillian
tv series 1965 Contract to Kill as Alois Buhler
movie 1962 What Every Woman Wants as Maxwell
movie 1961 The Day the Earth Caught Fire as Smudge
movie 1960 The Full Treatment as Mr. Manfield
movie 1960 The Hands of Orlac as 2nd Member
movie 1958 Dracula as Policeman
movie 1958 Tread Softly Stranger as Timekeeper
movie 1957 Quatermass 2 as Super
movie 1957 The End of the Road as Time Keeper
movie 1954 Night of the Silvery Moon as Charlie
movie 1954 The Green Scarf as Advocate General
movie 1953 Noose for a Lady as Inspector Frost
movie 1953 Small Town Story as Michael Collins
movie 1951 Mister Drake's Duck as Home Secretary
movie 1951 Pool of London as Captain of Dunbar
movie 1950 Something in the City as Inspector
movie 1950 Witness for the Defenceless as RSPCA Inspector
movie 1949 Dark Secret as Mr. Lumley
movie 1949 Marry Me as Gazette Editor
movie 1948 Calling Paul Temple as Ticket Inspector
movie 1948 Daughter of Darkness as Constable
movie 1948 Good-Time Girl as Police Sergeant
movie 1948 Love in Waiting as James Hartley Pepperfield
movie 1948 My Brother's Keeper as Constable at Milton Wells
movie 1948 Quartet as Prison Officer
movie 1947 The Man Within as Hilliard
movie 1947 The Root of All Evil as Landlord
movie 1947 The Upturned Glass as Policeman
movie 1946 Demobbed as James Bentley
movie 1946 I'll Turn to You as Cecil Joy
movie 1946 Quiet Weekend as Police Sergeant
movie 1945 Don Chicago
movie 1945 For You Alone as Police Constable Blundell
movie 1945 Give Me the Stars as Porter
movie 1945 Home Sweet Home as Dr. Handy
movie 1945 I'll Be Your Sweetheart as T.P. O'Connor
movie 1945 The Voice Within as McDonnell
movie 1945 Waterloo Road as Air Raid Warden
movie 1944 A Canterbury Tale as Ned Horton
movie 1944 Don't Take It to Heart as Landlord
movie 1944 Give Us the Moon
movie 1944 Love Story as Telephone Engineer
movie 1944 The Way Ahead as The Sergeant-Major
movie 1943 Escape to Danger as Works Manager
movie 1943 I'll Walk Beside You as Hancock
movie 1943 The Adventures of Tartu as Agent
movie 1943 Undercover as Yugoslav General
movie 1943 Variety Jubilee as Music Hall Chairman
movie 1943 Women Aren't Angels as Boxer
movie 1942 Alibi as Bourdille
movie 1942 Back-Room Boy as Uncle
movie 1942 Breach of Promise as Professor Beaver
movie 1942 Hatter's Castle as Gibson
movie 1942 Let the People Sing as Police Sergeant
movie 1942 The Big Blockade as German shelter marshal
movie 1942 The Black Sheep of Whitehall as Stationmaster
movie 1942 The Day Will Dawn as German Trawler Captain
movie 1942 They Flew Alone as Reporter
movie 1942 We'll Smile Again
movie 1941 Gasbags as German General
movie 1941 He Found a Star as Max Nagel
movie 1941 Mr. Reeder in Room 13 as Bert Stevens, club porter
movie 1941 Ships with Wings as Surgeon Comdr.
movie 1941 The Ghost Train as Inspector
movie 1940 A Window in London as Manager
movie 1940 All at Sea as Bull
movie 1940 Meet Maxwell Archer as Insp. Cornell
movie 1940 Now You're Talking as Fred Perkins
movie 1940 Spare a Copper as Edward Brewster
movie 1940 The Case of the Frightened Lady as Det. Inspector Tanner
movie 1940 The Proud Valley as Mr. Lewis
movie 1940 They Came by Night as Inspector Metcalfe
movie 1940 Two for Danger as Inspector Canway
movie 1939 Q Planes as Mr. Barrett
movie 1939 The Four Just Men as Inspector Falmouth
movie 1939 Wanted by Scotland Yard as Charlie
tv movie 1938 Bird in Hand as Thomas Greenleaf
movie 1938 Convict 99 as Policeman Outside Bank
movie 1938 No Parking
movie 1938 The Gaunt Stranger as Police Station Sergeant
movie 1938 They Drive by Night as Detective
movie 1937 Doctor Syn as Mipps the Coffin Maker
movie 1937 Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel as Chief of Police
movie 1937 Rhythm Racketeer as Inspector Hunt
movie 1937 The Compulsory Wife as Mr. Thackery
movie 1937 The Rat as Pierre Verdier
movie 1937 The Vicar of Bray as Oliver Cromwell
movie 1937 The Vulture as Spicer
movie 1937 The Wife of General Ling as Police Commissioner
movie 1937 Young and Innocent as Det. Sgt. Miller
movie 1936 Dusty Ermine as Police constable
movie 1936 Educated Evans as Joe Markham
movie 1936 Everything Is Thunder as Webber
movie 1936 Love at Sea as Inspector
movie 1936 Love in Exile as Capt. Mackenzie
movie 1936 Prison Breaker as Goldring
movie 1936 Rembrandt as Church Warden
movie 1936 Spy of Napoleon as The Prussian Consul
movie 1936 The Man Behind the Mask as Det. Insp. Mallory
movie 1936 Ticket of Leave as Inspector Black
movie 1936 Windbag the Sailor as Officer On Yacht
movie 1935 Brown on Resolution as William Brown
movie 1935 Crime Unlimited as Detective Inspector Cardby
movie 1935 Drake of England as Tom Moore
movie 1935 Emil and the Detectives as PC
movie 1935 Line Engaged as Sgt. Thomas
movie 1935 Me and Marlborough as Harley
movie 1935 Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk as Pat O'Connor
movie 1935 Ten Minute Alibi as Inspector Pemper
movie 1934 Jew Süss as Bilfinger
movie 1934 My Song for You as Otto Newberg
movie 1934 Nine Forty-Five as Inspector Dickson
movie 1934 No Escape as Inspector Matheson
movie 1934 The Fire Raisers as Sonners
movie 1934 The Silver Spoon as Inspector Innes
movie 1933 Crime on the Hill as Insp. Wolf
movie 1933 Double Bluff as Bruce
movie 1933 F.P.1 as Lubin
movie 1933 Going Straight
movie 1933 I Was a Spy as Captain Reichman
movie 1933 Little Fella as Detective
movie 1933 Money for Speed
movie 1933 Mr. Quincey of Monte Carlo as Inspector
movie 1933 The Ghost Camera as Police Detective
movie 1932 Blind Spot as Inspector Cadbury
movie 1932 The Lodger as Commissioner
movie 1932 White Face
movie 1931 A Gentleman of Paris as M. Duval
movie 1931 Bracelets as Director
movie 1931 Dreyfus as Émile Zola
movie 1930 The W Plan as Ulrich Muller
movie 1930 Thread O' Scarlet as Butters

George Merritt on Youtube

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Fresh Baked Boys. George Merritt singing, playing banjo. Chris Veon, rhythm guitar/vocals; Jacob Dill, bass; Scott Thompson, drums; Chuck Voellinger, lead gu.

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