George Pearson

George Pearson Filmography

tv movie 2006 Silent Britain as Himself
movie 1939 British Made
movie 1937 Command Performance
movie 1937 The Fatal Hour
movie 1936 Shipmates
movie 1936 Midnight at Madame Tussaud's
movie 1936 Murder by Rope
movie 1936 The Secret Voice
movie 1936 Wednesday's Luck
movie 1935 Jubilee Window
movie 1935 Checkmate
movie 1935 Gentlemen's Agreement
movie 1935 Once a Thief
movie 1935 That's My Uncle
movie 1935 The Ace of Spades
movie 1934 Open All Night
movie 1934 The Four Masked Men
movie 1934 The Pointing Finger
movie 1934 The River Wolves
movie 1934 Whispering Tongues
movie 1933 The Good Companions
movie 1933 Shot in the Dark
movie 1932 The Third String
movie 1931 East Lynne on the Western Front
movie 1931 I Love a Lassie
movie 1931 I Love to Be a Sailor
movie 1931 Nanny
movie 1931 Roamin' in the Gloamin'
movie 1931 She Is Ma Daisy
movie 1931 Somebody's Waiting for Me
movie 1931 The Saftest of the Family
movie 1931 Tobermory
movie 1931 Wee Hoose Among the Heather
movie 1930 Journey's End
movie 1929 Auld Lang Syne
movie 1928 Huntingtower
movie 1928 Yellow Stockings
movie 1928 Love's Option
movie 1926 Blinkeyes
movie 1926 The Little People
movie 1925 Satan's Sister
movie 1925 Reveille, das große Wecken
movie 1924 Réveille
movie 1923 Love, Life and Laughter
movie 1923 Squibs M.P.
movie 1923 The Romany
movie 1923 Squibs' Honeymoon
movie 1922 A Sailor Tramp
movie 1922 Mord Em'ly
movie 1922 Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep
movie 1922 Wee MacGregor's Sweetheart
movie 1921 The Old Curiosity Shop
movie 1921 Mary-Find-the-Gold
movie 1921 Squibs
movie 1920 Garryowen
movie 1920 Nothing Else Matters
movie 1919 Angel Esquire
movie 1919 Hughie at the Victory Derby
movie 1919 Pallard the Punter
movie 1919 The Better 'ole; or, The Romance of Old Bill
movie 1918 The Kiddies in the Ruins
movie 1918 Ultus, the Man from the Dead
movie 1917 Ultus and the Secret of the Night
movie 1917 Ultus and the Three-Button Mystery
movie 1916 For the Empire
movie 1916 Sir James Mortimer's Wager
movie 1916 Sally Bishop
movie 1916 Ultus and the Grey Lady
movie 1915 Quicksands of Life
movie 1915 A Cinema Girl's Romance
movie 1915 Buttons
movie 1915 John Halifax, Gentleman
movie 1915 The True Story of the Lyons Mail
movie 1914 A Study in Scarlet
movie 1914 Incidents of the Great European War
movie 1914 The Cause of the Great European War
movie 1914 The Life of Lord Roberts, V.C.
movie 1914 A Fishergirl's Folly
movie 1914 A Son of France
movie 1914 Christmas Day in the Workhouse
movie 1914 The Live Wire
movie 1914 Wonderful Nights with Peter Kinema
movie 1913 Heroes of the Mine
movie 1913 The Fool
movie 1913 The Sentence of Death
movie 1913 A Lighter Burden
movie 1912 Peg Woffington

George Pearson on Youtube

This is my imovie hope you like it.

brother visits brother in rehabilitation centre.

Got this video of my brothers picking without them realizing.. Hope you guys aren't mad..:)