George Regas

George Regas Filmography

movie 1940 'Til We Meet Again as Mexican Bartender
movie 1940 North West Mounted Police as Freddie
movie 1940 The Mark of Zorro as Sgt. Gonzales
movie 1940 Torrid Zone as Sergeant of Police
movie 1940 Virginia City as Murrell's Halfbreed Henchman
movie 1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond as Soongh
movie 1939 Beau Geste as Arab Scout
movie 1939 Code of the Secret Service as Mexican Police Officer
movie 1939 Gunga Din as Thug Chieftain
movie 1939 Scouts to the Rescue as Lokola -Indian Tribe High Priest
movie 1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as Mateo
movie 1939 The Cat and the Canary as Indian guide
movie 1939 The Light That Failed as Cassavetti
movie 1939 The Mad Empress as Mariano Escobedo
movie 1939 The Oklahoma Kid as Pedro
movie 1939 The Rains Came as Rajput
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Indian Hearing Mollie's Telegraphy
movie 1938 Four Men and a Prayer as Egyptian Policeman
movie 1938 Hawaiian Buckaroo as Regas
movie 1938 Mr. Moto Takes a Chance as Bokor
movie 1938 The Toy Wife as Man Shot in Court
movie 1938 Torchy Blane in Panama as Gomez, the Fence
movie 1937 Ali Baba Goes to Town as Bearded Arab
movie 1937 Another Dawn as Sheik Achaben
movie 1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway as Hindu
movie 1937 Clipped Wings as Fernando, Moran's Henchman
movie 1937 Left-Handed Law as Sam Logan
movie 1937 Love Under Fire as Lt. de Vega
movie 1937 The Californian as Ruiz
movie 1937 The Legion of Missing Men as Sergeant Garcia
movie 1937 The Mysterious Pilot as RCAF Constable Remington
movie 1937 Waikiki Wedding as Muamua
movie 1936 Daniel Boone as Black Eagle
movie 1936 Hell-Ship Morgan as Covanci
movie 1936 Isle of Fury as Otar
movie 1936 Night Cargo as Gus Noble
movie 1936 Rebellion as Gang Member
movie 1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado as Tomás
movie 1936 Rose-Marie as Boniface
movie 1936 Sworn Enemy as Greek, a Gangster
movie 1936 The Charge of the Light Brigade as Wazir
movie 1936 The Girl from Mandalay as Headman
movie 1936 Under Two Flags as Keskerdit
movie 1935 Bordertown as Guillermo - Jailer in Mexico
movie 1935 Eight Bells as Pedro
movie 1935 Here's to Romance as Greek Husband
movie 1935 In Caliente as First Motor Cop
movie 1935 Pursuit as Mexican Border Patrolman
movie 1935 The Lives of a Bengal Lancer as Kushal Khan
movie 1935 The Red Blood of Courage as Henchman Frenchy
movie 1935 Under Pressure as Ruby, the Greek
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Singh
movie 1934 Grand Canary as El Dazo
movie 1934 Kid Millions as Attendant
movie 1934 Red Morning
movie 1934 Sixteen Fathoms Deep as Theo Savanis
movie 1934 The Fighting Trooper as Henri
movie 1934 The Marines Are Coming as The Torch
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as Don Rodrigo
movie 1933 Blood Money as Charley
movie 1933 Central Airport as Havana Mechanic
movie 1933 Destination Unknown as Tauru
movie 1933 Phantom of the Air as Ship Captain
movie 1933 The Way to Love as Pedro
movie 1932 The Golden West as Chief Black Wolf
movie 1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill as 'Breed' Johns
movie 1931 Beau Ideal as The Emir
movie 1931 Caught Cheating as Giuseppe
movie 1931 City Streets as Machine Gunner
movie 1931 Danger Island as Lascara
movie 1931 Hell Bent for Frisco as Tony
movie 1931 Mounted Fury as Pierre LeStrange
movie 1931 Newly Rich as Lippo
movie 1931 Riders of the North as Leclerc
movie 1931 Trapped as Jim Moore
movie 1930 Alma de Gaucho as Don Casimiro
movie 1930 Hearts and Hoofs
movie 1930 The Lonesome Trail as The Ring Tailored Roarer
movie 1929 Acquitted as Henchman Tony
movie 1929 Redskin as Notani
movie 1929 Sea Fury
movie 1929 The Rescue as Wasub
movie 1929 The Wheel of Life as Bit Role
movie 1929 The Wolf Song as Black Wolf
movie 1926 Beau Geste as Maris
movie 1926 Desert Gold as Verd
movie 1925 That Royle Girl as His Henchamn
movie 1925 The Wanderer as Gaal
movie 1923 Fashionable Fakers as A. Turk
movie 1923 The Rip-Tide as The Philosopher
movie 1922 Omar the Tentmaker as Emissary to the Shah
movie 1921 The Dangerous Moment as Movros Tarkides
movie 1921 The Love Light as Tony

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Evan Regas, Toms River North HS, Toms River NJ Temple Owls Football.

Una muchacha gana un concurso de belleza y viaja a Haway para su promoción, allí un agente la ayuda a lanzar su carrera, a la vez que se enamora de ella.

Rev. George Regas and Stanley Sheinbaum discuss the great opportunities for progress on nuclear disarmament in the near future. Series: Voices [Public Affair.

October 7th 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the beginning of America's war on 'terror'. ICUJP after w...