George Terwilliger

George Terwilliger (27 February 1882 ? 12 December 1970) was an American film director and screenwriter of silent and early sound-era films. He directed 76 films between 1912 and 1936. He also wrote 54 films between 1910 and 1939. ... more on Wikipedia

George Terwilliger Filmography

movie 1939 The Devil's Daughter
movie 1936 Ouanga
movie 1929 After the Fog
movie 1926 Married?
movie 1926 The Big Show
movie 1926 The Highbinders
movie 1925 Daughters Who Pay
movie 1923 Wife in Name Only
movie 1922 Bride's Play
movie 1922 What Fools Men Are
movie 1921 Little Italy
movie 1920 Dollars and the Woman
movie 1920 Slaves of Pride
movie 1920 The Fatal Hour
movie 1920 The Misleading Lady
movie 1920 The Sporting Duchess
movie 1919 A Star Over Night
movie 1919 An Honorable Cad
movie 1919 Fighting Mad
movie 1919 His Woman
movie 1919 Romeo's Dad
movie 1919 She's Everywhere
movie 1919 The Inner Ring
movie 1919 The Mad Woman
movie 1919 The Madonna of the Slums
movie 1919 The Mite of Love
movie 1919 The Price Woman Pays
movie 1919 Tom's Little Star
movie 1919 Winning His Wife
movie 1917 A Long Lane
movie 1917 Ace High
movie 1917 Birds of Prey
movie 1917 Her Good Name
movie 1917 Kidnapped
movie 1917 Many a Slip
movie 1917 Misjudged
movie 1917 Outwitted
movie 1917 Taking Chances
movie 1917 The Black Door
movie 1917 The Counterfeiters
movie 1917 The Jade Necklace
movie 1917 The Meeting
movie 1917 The Schemers
movie 1917 The Smite of Conscience
movie 1917 The White Trail
movie 1916 Race Suicide
movie 1916 The Greater Wrong
movie 1916 The Lash of Destiny
movie 1916 The Last Shot
movie 1916 Perils of Our Girl Reporters
movie 1916 The City of Failing Light
movie 1915 A Romance of the Navy
movie 1915 Destiny's Skein
movie 1915 Feel My Muscle
movie 1915 His Soul Mate
movie 1915 In Spite of Him
movie 1915 The Cipher Key
movie 1915 The Cornet
movie 1915 The Human Investment
movie 1915 The Insurrection
movie 1915 The Last Rebel
movie 1915 The Man of God
movie 1915 The Nation's Peril
movie 1915 The Regenerating Love
movie 1915 The Second Shot
movie 1915 The Shanghaied Baby
movie 1915 The Telegrapher's Peril
movie 1915 The Thief in the Night
movie 1915 The Urchin
movie 1915 A Heart Awakened
movie 1915 Just Retribution
movie 1915 Such Things Really Happen
movie 1915 The Hermit of Bird Island
movie 1915 The Phantom Happiness
movie 1915 The Rainy Day
movie 1915 The Ringtailed Rhinoceros
movie 1914 A Believer in Dreams
movie 1914 A Country Girl
movie 1914 A Desperate Chance
movie 1914 A Man's Faith
movie 1914 A Servant of the Rich
movie 1914 Between Two Fires
movie 1914 By Whose Hand
movie 1914 Down the Hill to Creditville
movie 1914 Fitzhugh's Ride
movie 1914 Love's Long Lane
movie 1914 The Inscription
movie 1914 The Intriguers
movie 1914 The Investment
movie 1914 The Lie
movie 1914 The Making of Him
movie 1914 The Man from the Sea
movie 1914 The Weaker Brother
movie 1914 Three Men and a Woman
movie 1914 When Conscience Calls
movie 1914 The Changeling
movie 1914 The Daughters of Men
movie 1914 The Gamblers
movie 1913 A Prisoner of Cabanas
movie 1913 A Son of His Father
movie 1913 A Thief in the Night
movie 1913 Between Dances
movie 1913 His Best Friend
movie 1913 In the Toils
movie 1913 Keeping Up Appearances
movie 1913 Partners in Crime
movie 1913 Poker Paid
movie 1913 The Angel of the Slums
movie 1913 The Best Man Wins
movie 1913 The Burning Rivet
movie 1913 The Clod
movie 1913 The Hazard of Youth
movie 1913 The Love of Beauty
movie 1913 The Man of Him
movie 1913 The Parasite
movie 1913 The Pawned Bracelet
movie 1913 The Two Cowards
movie 1913 When John Brought Home His Wife
movie 1912 His Love of Children
movie 1912 Jinx's Birthday Party
movie 1912 The Burglar's Reformation
movie 1912 The District Attorney's Conscience
movie 1911 Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1911 The Beautiful Voice
movie 1911 The Courting of Mary
movie 1911 When a Man Loves
movie 1910 A Lucky Toothache

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