Georges Boulanger

Georges Ernest Jean-Marie Boulanger (April 29, 1837 ? September 30, 1891) was a French general and reactionary politician. At the apogee of his power in January 1889, it seemed[by whom?] he might attempt a coup d'etat, threatening the very existence of the Republic with a military dictatorship. ... more on Wikipedia

Georges Boulanger Filmography

movie 1987 Das falsche Wort
tv movie 1982 Es ging Tag und Nacht, liebes Kind
movie 1943 Der ewige Klang as Mit sein Ensemble
movie 1941 Immer nur-Du! as Geiger
movie 1937 Die ganz großen Torheiten as Zigeunerprimas: Violin
movie 1936 Das Mädchen Irene as Der Geiger
movie 1935 Die Geige lockt
movie 1935 Punks kommt aus Amerika as Ein Geiger
movie 1932 Allo Berlin? Ici Paris! as President
movie 1932 Der tolle Bomberg as Ein bekannter Geiger

Georges Boulanger on Youtube

"Gloomy Sunday" by Hungarian composer Rezsö Seress probably needs no introduction. It is the infamous "suicide song" composed in 1933 and recorded by many ar ...

Odeon O-31131a, Matr. Be 11619. "Einmal ist keinmal" - Tango aus dem Carl Froelich - Film der Tobis Europa "Die ganz großen Torheiten". Musik: Ralph ...

Georges Boulanger Max und Moritz.

Georges Boulanger mit seinem Tanz-Orchester.