Gertrude McCoy

Gertrude McCoy Filmography

movie 1926 A Royal Divorce as Josephine
movie 1926 Nelson as Lady Hamilton
movie 1925 Children of the Night No. 1
movie 1925 The Lady in Furs
movie 1925 Verborgene Gluten as Olive Clayton
movie 1924 Chappy: That's All as Bettina
movie 1924 Miriam Rozella as Lura Wood
movie 1924 Nets of Destiny as Constancae
movie 1924 The Diamond Man as Mrs. Marshalt
movie 1923 Always Tell Your Wife as Mrs. Hawkes
movie 1923 Heartstrings as Norah
movie 1923 The Temptation of Carlton Earle as Margaret Roynton
movie 1922 Sam's Kid as Cole
movie 1922 Tell Your Children as Maudie
movie 1922 Was She Guilty? as Ruth Herwood
movie 1921 Christie Johnstone as Christie Johnstone
movie 1921 The Golden Dawn as Nancy Brett
movie 1920 Burnt In as Nancy Risdon
movie 1920 The Auction Mart as Jacqueline
movie 1920 The Wife Whom God Forgot as Sylvia Fairfax
movie 1919 Angel Esquire as Kathleen Kent
movie 1919 Castle of Dreams as Irene Redfern
movie 1919 The Usurper as Lady Alice Holden
movie 1918 His Daughter Pays as Louise La Tour
movie 1918 Men as Alice Fairbanks
movie 1918 The Blue Bird as Light
movie 1918 The Danger Mark as Sylvia Mallett
movie 1918 To Him That Hath as Helen Chambers
movie 1917 Madame Sherry as Yvonne Sherry
movie 1917 The Silent Witness as Helen Hastings
movie 1916 The Isle of Love as Helen Arthur
movie 1916 The Lash of Destiny as Myra Fielding
movie 1915 A Tragedy of the Rails as Belle - a Telegraph Operator
movie 1915 Friend Wilson's Daughter as Phoebe Wilson
movie 1915 Greater Than Art as Lavinia Santell - Art Student
movie 1915 Her Husband's Son as Dorothy Bruce
movie 1915 In Spite of All as Alice Knickerbocker
movie 1915 June Friday as Mary Blake
movie 1915 On the Stroke of Twelve as Irene Bromley
movie 1915 The Girl at the Key as Agnes
movie 1915 The Girl Who Kept Books as Gertrude Neyland
movie 1915 The House of the Lost Court as Elinore Vane
movie 1915 The Magistrate's Story as Bess Howard
movie 1915 The Phantom Thief as Lady Sylvia
movie 1915 The Ploughshare as Helena Leigh
movie 1915 Through Turbulent Waters as Alice Robinson
movie 1914 A Lonely Road as Jane
movie 1914 A Moment of Madness as Rita Willis
movie 1914 A Real Helpmate as Marion Maxwell - Reade's Niece
movie 1914 All for His Sake as Fanny Thornton Archer
movie 1914 Always Tell Your Wife as Mrs. Hawkes
movie 1914 An American King as Helen Bond
movie 1914 Andy Plays Cupid as Elsie Worth
movie 1914 Dick Potter's Wife as Dick Potter's Wife
movie 1914 Sheep's Clothing as Lydia Craven - the Daughter
movie 1914 The Best Man as Cecilia Jefferson
movie 1914 The Birth of Our Saviour as Mary
movie 1914 The Birth of the Star Spangled Banner as Helen Beanes
movie 1914 The Brass Bowl as Sylvia Graeme
movie 1914 The Hand of Iron as Helen Taylor
movie 1914 The Heritage of Hamilton Cleek as Miss Lorne
movie 1914 The Impersonator as Mary Lang - the Orphan
movie 1914 The Last of the Hargroves as Viney Hargrove
movie 1914 The Man in the Street as Kitty French
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Glass Tubes as Miss Lorne
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Ladder of Light as Miss Lorne
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Octagonal Room
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Sealed Art Gallery as Miss Lorne
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Silver Snare as Miss Lorne
movie 1914 The New Partner as Elizabeth Marsh
movie 1914 The President's Special as Mrs. Farley
movie 1914 The Shattered Tree as Marjorie Boone
movie 1914 The Stenographer as Gertrude Sawyer - the Stenographer
movie 1914 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of as The Villainess
movie 1914 The Uncanny Mr. Gumble as Blanche Frayne
movie 1914 The Witness to the Will as Marjorie Thorndyke
movie 1914 United in Danger as Maud Varian
movie 1914 What Could She Do as Sylvia Fairfax
movie 1914 When the Cartridges Failed as Eleanor Cooper
movie 1913 A Good Sport as Alice Burwell - the Girl Back Home
movie 1913 A Letter to Uncle Sam as Grace - 1st Older Sister
movie 1913 A Serenade by Proxy as Muriel Jackson
movie 1913 All on Account of a Portrait
movie 1913 An Almond-Eyed Maid as Alice - Frank's Fiancée
movie 1913 Aunt Elsa's Visit as Aunt Elsa's 1st Niece
movie 1913 Aunty and the Girls as 1st Niece
movie 1913 Caste as Esther Eccles
movie 1913 Hard Cash as Julia Dodd
movie 1913 Her Secretaries as Geraldine
movie 1913 His Enemy as Sylvia Bennett - George's Fiancée
movie 1913 His Greatest Victory as Jane Doone
movie 1913 How Did It Finish?
movie 1913 How They Outwitted Father as Annette Forsythe
movie 1913 In the Garden as Jane North - Stevens' Long Lost Sweetheart
movie 1913 In the Shadow of the Mountains as Alice Holmes
movie 1913 Kathleen Mavourneen as Dorothy Kavanagh - Bernard's Sister
movie 1913 Mercy Merrick as Grace Rosebury
movie 1913 Nora's Boarders as Nora McIntyre
movie 1913 Peg o' the Movies as Peg
movie 1913 Reginald's Courtship as Flossie Benson - the Boss's Daughter
movie 1913 The Cabaret Singer
movie 1913 The Dream Fairy as The Dream Fairy
movie 1913 The Duke's Dilemma as The Princess
movie 1913 The Greed of Osman Bey as Zulika - the Daughter of Osman Bey
movie 1913 The Manicure Girl
movie 1913 The Mountaineers as Kate Morris - Fred's Daughter
movie 1913 The Mystery of West Sedgwick as Florence Lloyd
movie 1913 The Office Boy's Birthday as 1st Stenographer
movie 1913 The One Hundred Dollar Elopement as Geraldine Gwynne
movie 1913 The Stolen Models as Betty - the Artist
movie 1913 The Title Cure as Bessie Clayworth
movie 1913 The Translation of a Savage
movie 1913 The Twin Brothers as Mary Leigh
movie 1913 The Vanishing Cracksman as Miss Lorne
movie 1913 Winsome Winnie's Way as Winsome Winnie
movie 1913 Circumstances Make Heroes
movie 1912 A Baby's Shoe as Forest's Wife
movie 1912 A Cowboy's Stratagem as Jessie Scadds
movie 1912 A Dangerous Lesson as Rose Marshall - the Wife
movie 1912 A Fresh Air Romance as Rose
movie 1912 A Personal Affair as One of Ann's Friends
movie 1912 A Soldier's Duty as Grace - John's Sweetheart
movie 1912 A Winter Visit to Central Park, New York City as Herself - Cameo Appearance
movie 1912 Annie Crawls Upstairs as The Young Woman
movie 1912 Apple Pies
movie 1912 Curing the Office Boy as A Stenographer
movie 1912 Cynthia's Agreement as Cynthia Temple
movie 1912 Every Rose Has Its Stem as Gwendolyn - the Stenographer
movie 1912 Father's Bluff as The Daughter
movie 1912 Her Face as The Maid
movie 1912 His Daughter as Nora Thompson - the Daughter
movie 1912 His Mother's Hope as The Mother
movie 1912 Hope, a Red Cross Seal Story as Edith
movie 1912 Jack and the Beanstalk as The Fairy
movie 1912 Kitty at Boarding School as Kitty
movie 1912 Kitty's Holdup as Kitty
movie 1912 Lost: Three Hours as Betty - a Jolly Good Fellow's Wife
movie 1912 Revenge Is Sweet
movie 1912 The Artist's Joke
movie 1912 The Girl at the Key
movie 1912 The Jam Closet as The Cook
movie 1912 The Little Girl Next Door
movie 1912 The Non-Commissioned Officer as The Colonel's Daughter
movie 1912 The Shadow on the Blind as The Artist's Daughter
movie 1912 The Sketch with the Thumb Print as The Artist's Daughter
movie 1912 The Stranger and the Taxicab as Rose - Harry's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The Usurer's Grip as Mrs. Thomas Jenks
movie 1912 The Workman's Lesson as Liseben - Wenzel's Daughter
movie 1912 Under False Colors as Marcia Goodwin
movie 1912 Very Much Engaged as One of the Rejected Young Women
movie 1912 Winnie's Dance as Winsome Winnie
movie 1912 Young Mrs. Eaton as Young Mrs. Eaton
movie 1911 Heroes Three
movie 1911 How Mrs. Murray Saved the American Army
movie 1911 Mike's Hero as MIke's Sweetheart
movie 1911 That Winsome Winnie Smile as Winsome Winnie
movie 1911 The Fairies' Banquet as The Fairy Queen
movie 1911 The Kid from the Klondike as A Confederate
movie 1911 The Star Spangled Banner
movie 1911 The Summer Girl as The Summer Girl

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