Gertrude Short

Gertrude Short (6 April 1902 ? 31 July 1968) was an American film actress of the silent era. She appeared in 132 films between 1912 and 1945. ... more on Wikipedia

Gertrude Short Filmography

movie 1946 Gettin' Glamour as Gussie
movie 1945 Guest Pests
movie 1945 Man Alive as Mrs. Fogarty
movie 1945 Sheriff of Cimarron as Portly Woman
movie 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf as Telephone Operator
movie 1942 Her Cardboard Lover as Hotel Telephone Operator
movie 1942 Two for the Money
movie 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob as Mother
movie 1941 Tom Dick and Harry as Bridge Matron
movie 1940 Spots Before Your Eyes
movie 1939 Broadway Serenade as 2nd 5&10 Salesgirl
movie 1939 Dog-Gone as Hilda, the Maid
movie 1939 You Can't Get Away with Murder as Peg - Madge's Friend
movie 1938 Tip-Off Girls as 'Boots' Milburn
movie 1937 Manhattan Merry-Go-Round as Danny's Nightclub Date
movie 1937 Park Avenue Logger as Margy MacLean
movie 1937 Penny Wisdom as Chloe Smudge
movie 1937 Stella Dallas as Carrie Jenkins
movie 1937 The Singing Marine as Mamie - Mike's Girl
movie 1937 Wild Money as Miss Green
movie 1936 Follow the Fleet as Cashier in Paradise Ballroom
movie 1936 The Big Broadcast of 1937 as Suzie
movie 1936 Thirteen Hours by Air as Waitress in Omaha
movie 1935 'G' Men as Collins' Moll
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Miss Dunn
movie 1935 Helldorado as Mae
movie 1935 The Affair of Susan as Girl in Candy Shop
movie 1935 Woman Wanted as Gertie
movie 1934 A Trifle Backward
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Player's Wife
movie 1934 Happiness Ahead as Party Reveller
movie 1934 Love Birds as Burlesque Girl
movie 1934 The Key as Evie a Barmaid
movie 1934 The St. Louis Kid as Babe Smith - the Girl Buck Picks Up
movie 1934 The Thin Man as Marion
movie 1933 Scandals of 1933
movie 1933 Secret Sinners as Chorus Girl
movie 1933 The Girl in 419 as Lucy - Housekeeper
movie 1933 The Son of Kong as Reporter
movie 1932 Blonde Venus as Receptionist
movie 1932 Gigolettes
movie 1932 Make Me a Star as Girl with the Pattersons
movie 1932 Niagara Falls
movie 1932 Only Men Wanted
movie 1932 What Price Hollywood? as Waitress Letting Mary Serve Max
movie 1931 A Butter 'n' Yeggman
movie 1931 Easy to Get as Gertrude
movie 1931 June First as Gertrude
movie 1931 Laughing Sinners as Edna
movie 1931 Take 'em and Shake 'em
movie 1930 Once a Gentleman as Dolly
movie 1930 The Last Dance as Sybil Kelly
movie 1930 The Little Accident as Miss Clark
movie 1929 Bulldog Drummond as Barmaid
movie 1929 Gold Diggers of Broadway as Topsy
movie 1929 In Old California
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer as Annabelle
movie 1929 The Girl Who Wouldn't Wait as Maizie
movie 1929 The Three Outcasts as June
movie 1929 Trial Marriage as Prudence
movie 1928 None But the Brave
movie 1927 Adam and Evil as Dora Dell
movie 1927 Ladies at Ease as Mabel
movie 1927 Polly of the Movies as Polly Primrose
movie 1927 The Masked Woman as Mimi
movie 1927 The Show as Lena
movie 1927 Tillie the Toiler as Bubbles
movie 1927 Women's Wares as Maisie Duncan
movie 1926 A Poor Girl's Romance as Anne Beaudeau
movie 1926 Dangerous Friends as Linda Betts
movie 1926 Ladies of Leisure as Marian Forrest
movie 1926 Sweet Adeline as Cabaret Dancer
movie 1926 The Lily as Lucie Plock
movie 1925 Beggar on Horseback as Gladys Cady
movie 1925 Code of the West as Mollie Thurman
movie 1925 Her Market Value as Kitty
movie 1925 My Lady's Lips as Crook girl
movie 1925 Tessie as Mame McQuire
movie 1925 The Narrow Street as Nell Mangan
movie 1925 The Other Woman's Story as Gertie Van
movie 1925 The People vs. Nancy Preston as Agnes
movie 1925 The Talker as Maud Fells
movie 1924 Barbara Frietchie as Sue Rogers
movie 1924 For the Love of Mike as Sadie
movie 1924 Julius Sees Her as Sadie
movie 1924 King Leary as Sadie
movie 1924 Leap Year as Molly Morris
movie 1924 Love and Learn as Hazel
movie 1924 Money to Burns as Sadie
movie 1924 Sherlock's Home as Sadie
movie 1924 The Square Sex as Hazel
movie 1924 When Knighthood Was in Tower as Sadie
movie 1924 William Tells as Sadie
movie 1923 Breaking Into Society as Sally
movie 1923 Crinoline and Romance as Sibil Vane
movie 1923 The Gold Diggers as Topsy St. John
movie 1923 The Man Life Passed By as Paula
movie 1923 The Prisoner as Lady Jane
movie 1922 Boy Crazy as Evelina Skinner
movie 1922 Headin' West
movie 1922 Rent Free as Justine Tate
movie 1922 Youth to Youth as Luella
movie 1921 Fool's Paradise as Child
movie 1921 The Blot as Neighbor Olsen's Daughter
movie 1920 Cinderella's Twin as Marcia Valentine
movie 1920 She Couldn't Help It as Mag Monahan
movie 1920 You Never Can Tell as Vera
movie 1919 Blackie's Redemption as Baby Doll
movie 1919 In Mizzoura as Lisbeth Vernon
movie 1919 The Heart of Youth as Cora
movie 1918 Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley as Gossip
movie 1918 Riddle Gawne as Jane Gawne
movie 1918 The Only Road as Bianca
movie 1917 A Bit o' Heaven as A Raggedy Ruggles
movie 1917 The Hostage as Sophia
movie 1917 The Little Princess as Ermigarde
movie 1916 Luke's Movie Muddle
movie 1916 The Purple Mask as Mary MacLean
movie 1915 The Broken Coin as Young girl
movie 1915 The Cowboy and the Lady
movie 1914 Captain Junior
movie 1914 Her Father's Guilt as Marie
movie 1914 Jess as One of the Children
movie 1914 Secret of the Bulb as Little Nellie
movie 1914 The Embezzler
movie 1914 The Fruit of Evil
movie 1914 The Honor of the Mounted
movie 1914 The Little Angel of Canyon Creek as Olaf Tryggvesson
movie 1914 The Test
movie 1914 Thieves as Billy Barr
movie 1913 A Cracksman Santa Claus as Dot's Sister
movie 1913 Campaigning with Custer as Gertrude
movie 1913 Chivalry Days
movie 1913 Cinders as Katy, a Child
movie 1913 In the Coils of the Python as Oswald Bainbridge - the Child
movie 1913 Playmates as Dorothy
movie 1913 The Darling of the Regiment as Gertrude - the Darling of the Regiment
movie 1913 The Echo of a Song as Fagin's Younger Daughter
movie 1913 The Kid as Gertrude
movie 1913 The Sea Urchin
movie 1913 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Eva
movie 1913 When Sherman Marched to the Sea as Gertie
movie 1913 Why Rags Left Home as Maggie
movie 1912 Early's Awakening as Gertie - Poor Little Girl
movie 1912 Hearts in Conflict as Jeanne
movie 1912 The Driver of the Deadwood Coach as Myrtle Nelson - John's Little Girl

Gertrude Short on Youtube

Scene from silent film "The Show" (1927, Dir. Tod Browning) starring John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Lionel Barrymore and Gertrude Short with new score by Alan ...

EN: The Show BR: No Domínio das Ilusões ESP: El Palacio de las Maravillas Gênero: Terror, Drama, Suspense Diretor: Tod Browning Duração: 76 minutos Ano ...

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