Gidgette Filmography

video movie 1991 Lethal Squirt as Girl by Pool
video movie 1991 Pump
video movie 1991 Sensuous
movie 1990 Anal Nation
movie 1990 Backpackers
video movie 1990 Cheek Busters
movie 1990 Girls Will Be Boys
movie 1990 Girls Will Be Boys 2
movie 1990 Hot Diggity Dog as Amanda
movie 1990 Possession
movie 1990 Wise Ass!

Gidgette on Youtube

Kickinghorse, Golden B.C.. Sara and Garth Whelen take a run armed with Sara's Pentax K7. Nothing too extreme, but a lot of fun with the Prodigy providing the...

Directed by: Kevin hermosada Assistant Director/ Writer: Pam Carlos Editor/Videographer: Kevin hermosada Talent Coordinator: Argie Ergina Location ...


Heyy this vid is about gwen and duncan from TDWT hope u like it!