Gina Clayton

Gina Clayton Filmography

movie 2009 Saturday as Sonia
movie 2005 Fever Pitch as Lady at Other Table
movie 2003 Guest Room
tv movie 2003 Ice Bound as Dr. Miller
tv series 2002 Patti as Cathy Chadwick
tv movie 2001 The Judge as Dr. Darten
tv movie 2000 Dear America: When Will This Cruel War Be Over? as Mama
movie 1999 Pushing Tin as Dynajet Flight Attendant
tv movie 1999 The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer as Joann DiBenedetto
tv movie 1998 Thanks of a Grateful Nation as Dr. Applebaum
tv movie 1998 When Husbands Cheat as Denise
movie 1997 The Wrong Guy as Dr. Harris
video movie 1996 The Conspiracy of Fear as Mrs. Markowitz
movie 1995 It Takes Two as Muffy Bilderberg
movie 1995 The End
tv movie 1991 Alligator Pie as Mother
tv series 1990 Scales of Justice

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Information about the movie on Drama, Canada / USA, 2003, 89 min. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode Starring Susan ...