Gladys Blake

Gladys Blake Filmography

movie 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth as Spectator
movie 1952 This Woman Is Dangerous as Maggie, the Hairdresser
movie 1950 Paid in Full as Talkative Woman Patient
movie 1950 The Yellow Cab Man as Irate Wife
movie 1949 On the Town as Brooklyn Girl on Subway
movie 1949 Scene of the Crime as Voice on tape
movie 1949 The Accused as Boxing Fan
movie 1948 Dream Girl as Telephone Operator
movie 1948 Hazard as Drunk Woman in Tank
movie 1948 Ladies of the Chorus as Flower Shop Girl
movie 1948 Michael O'Halloran as Saleslady
movie 1948 Night Has a Thousand Eyes as Mrs. Byers
movie 1948 Smart Woman as Elsie, Larrimore's Secretary
movie 1948 The Time of Your Life as Side-kick
movie 1947 Big Town After Dark as Gambler
movie 1947 Fear in the Night as Bank Clerk
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as Bit Role
movie 1947 Scared to Death as Lilybeth
movie 1947 The Long Night as Millie - Saloon Waitress
movie 1946 Because of Him as Mabel
movie 1946 Live Wires as Ann, Patsy's Receptionist
movie 1946 Nocturne as Movie Theater Cashier
movie 1946 Shadows Over Chinatown as Mrs. Myrtle
movie 1946 She Wrote the Book as Miss Donovan
movie 1946 Strange Triangle as Glady's Harry's Receptionist
movie 1946 The Bachelor's Daughters as Salesgirl
movie 1946 The Blonde Stayed On
movie 1946 The Gentleman Misbehaves as PBX Operator
movie 1946 The Magnificent Rogue as Townley's Secretary
movie 1946 To Each His Own as Lorena
movie 1945 Bewitched as Glenda
movie 1945 Her Highness and the Bellboy as Pearl
movie 1945 Her Lucky Night as Woman in Garter Gag
movie 1945 Let's Go Steady as Miss Schlepheimer
movie 1945 Over 21 as Girl
movie 1945 Rockin' in the Rockies as Betty Vale
movie 1945 The Naughty Nineties as Girl in Garter Gag
movie 1945 There Goes Kelly as Stella - Switchboard Operator
movie 1945 Under Western Skies as Lulu
movie 1944 Army Wives
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Townswoman
movie 1944 Career Girl as Janie
movie 1944 Chip Off the Old Block as Receptionist
movie 1944 Hi, Beautiful as Operator
movie 1944 In Society as Manicurist
movie 1944 Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More as Sally
movie 1944 Meet Miss Bobby Socks as Mrs. Loomis
movie 1944 Practically Yours as Brooklyn Girl in Subway
movie 1944 Reckless Age as Waitress
movie 1944 She's a Soldier Too as Miss Dooley
movie 1943 A Stranger in Town as Birdie
movie 1943 Fired Wife as Diana
movie 1943 Footlight Glamour as Taxi Driver
movie 1943 Jitterbugs as Dice-Game Operator
movie 1943 My Kingdom for a Cook as Miss Brooks
movie 1943 Phantom of the Opera as Jeanne
movie 1943 Swingtime Johnny
movie 1943 The More the Merrier as Barmaid
movie 1943 Top Man as Madge
movie 1942 Fly-By-Night as Salesgirl
movie 1942 Henry Aldrich, Editor as Saleslady
movie 1942 Mr. and Mrs. North as Station Master's Receptionist
movie 1942 Seven Sweethearts as Newspaper Telephone Operator
movie 1942 Ship Ahoy as Merton's Secretary
movie 1942 Star Spangled Rhythm as Liz
movie 1942 The Magnificent Dope as Mitchell's Secretary
movie 1942 Who Done It? as Telephone Operator
movie 1942 Woman of the Year as Flo Peters
movie 1941 Bachelor Daddy as Brunette Note-Deliverer
movie 1941 Come Live with Me as Hotel Telephone Operator
movie 1941 Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day as Nurse Maisie
movie 1941 Johnny Eager as Receptionist at Verne's Office
movie 1941 Lucky Devils as Secretary
movie 1941 Married Bachelor as Marie - Complaining Wife at Lecture
movie 1941 Niagara Falls as Trixie
movie 1941 The Lady from Cheyenne as Chorus Girl
movie 1941 The People vs. Dr. Kildare as Maisie
movie 1941 We Go Fast as Hotel Maid
movie 1941 West Point Widow as Salesgirl
movie 1940 Broadway Melody of 1940 as Ms. Martin
movie 1940 Dr. Kildare's Crisis as Maisie, Emergency Switchboard Operator
movie 1940 I Love You Again as Salesgirl
movie 1940 Sailor's Lady as Beauty Operator
movie 1940 Street of Memories as Marjorie
movie 1940 The Earl of Chicago as 'Babe', Silken Legs
movie 1940 The Golden Fleecing as First Stenographer
movie 1940 Young as You Feel as Mrs. Blake
movie 1939 Fast and Furious as Miss Brooklyn
movie 1939 Lucky Night as 'Blackie'
movie 1939 Money to Burn as Miss Pitts
movie 1939 Tell No Tales as Myra Haskins
movie 1939 The Cisco Kid and the Lady as Saloon Girl
movie 1939 The Women as Miss St. Claire
movie 1939 There's That Woman Again as Fran
movie 1939 These Glamour Girls as Joy Lane Cashier
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Woman
movie 1938 You Can't Take It with You as Mary
movie 1936 Love in September
movie 1936 Racing Blood as Phyllis Reynolds
movie 1935 One in a Million as Switchboard Operator
movie 1934 Coming-Out Party as Gold's Secretary
movie 1934 Marrying Widows
movie 1934 Servants' Entrance as Telephone Operator
movie 1933 Air Fright as Lucas's Secretary
movie 1933 By Appointment Only as Helen, Switchboard Operator
movie 1933 Don't Play Bridge with Your Wife as Gertie - Stenographer
movie 1933 I Have Lived as Second Actress
movie 1933 My Weakness as Mitzi
movie 1933 Rainbow Over Broadway as Nellie Valleron
movie 1933 Sing, Sinner, Sing as Cecily Gordon
movie 1933 The Important Witness
movie 1933 The Plumber and the Lady as Model
movie 1933 The Rummy as Secretary

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