Gladys Field

Gladys Field Filmography

movie 1920 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Bernice Lanyon
movie 1915 Queen of the Band as Ethel Dawn
movie 1913 A Montana Mix-Up as Maizie Mackay
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Son as The Sheriff's Daughter-in-Law
movie 1912 The Railroad and the Widow as The Daughter
movie 1911 A Pal's Oath as Marie Wentworth
movie 1911 A Thwarted Vengeance as Nell Ollcott
movie 1911 A Western Girl's Sacrifice as Nora Flannigan
movie 1911 Across the Plains as Jennie Lee
movie 1911 Brothers
movie 1911 Forgiven in Death as Katy
movie 1911 Mustang Pete's Love Affair as Mrs. Dugan
movie 1911 Spike Shannon's Last Fight as Nora Flannigan
movie 1911 The Backwoodsman's Suspicion as Mrs. Walker - the Wife
movie 1911 The Bad Man's Downfall as Molly Martin
movie 1911 The Bad Man's First Prayer as Alice Selling
movie 1911 The Border Ranger as The Ranger's Girl
movie 1911 The Bunco Game at Lizardhead
movie 1911 The Cattleman's Daughter as Gladys Brown
movie 1911 The Corporation and the Ranch Girl as Ann Newton
movie 1911 The Cowboy Coward as Katie
movie 1911 The Dude
movie 1911 The Forester's Plea as Agnes
movie 1911 The Girl of the West
movie 1911 The Lucky Card as The Woman
movie 1911 The Millionaire and the Squatter as The Squatter's Daughter
movie 1911 The Outlaw Deputy as Mrs. Kelly
movie 1911 The Puncher's New Love as The City Girl
movie 1911 The Romance on 'Bar O' as Alice Walton - The Rancher's Daughter
movie 1911 The Sheriff's Chum as Jessie Phelps
movie 1911 The Sheriff's Decision as Nita Sanchez
movie 1911 The Stage Driver's Daughter as Nell
movie 1911 The Strike at the Little Jonny Mine as Mrs. Logan
movie 1911 The Tribe's Penalty as Dorothy Sloane
movie 1911 The Two Reformations
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Mother-in-Law as Nellie Blair
movie 1910 A Flirty Affliction as Molly
movie 1910 A Ranchman's Wooing
movie 1910 Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men
movie 1910 Hank and Lank: Lifesavers
movie 1910 The Bad Man's Christmas Gift as Gladys Pierce
movie 1910 The Bearded Bandit as Nan Conners
movie 1910 The Cowpuncher's Ward as The Cowpuncher's Ward, as an Adult
movie 1910 The Silent Message as Gladys - the Ranchman's Daughter
movie 1910 The Tout's Remembrance
movie 1910 The Unknown Claim
movie 1910 Trailed to the Hills as Gladys Forsyth