Gladys Hulette

Gladys Hulette (July 21, 1896 ? August 8, 1991) was a silent film actress from Arcade, New York. Her career began in the early years of silent movies and continued until the mid-1930s. She first performed on stage at the age of three and on screen when she was seven years old. Hulette was also a talented artist. Her mother was an opera star. ... more on Wikipedia

Gladys Hulette Filmography

movie 1934 One Hour Late as Gertrude
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Paige's Secretary
movie 1933 Her Resale Value
movie 1933 Torch Singer as Nightclub Patron
movie 1928 Faithless Lover as Mary Callender
movie 1928 Life's Crossroads as The Lady
movie 1928 Making the Varsity as Estelle Carter
movie 1927 A Bowery Cinderella as Nora Denahy
movie 1927 Combat as Risa Bartlett
movie 1926 Be Your Age as The Widow's Secretary
movie 1926 Jack O'Hearts
movie 1926 The Night Owl as Mary Jackson
movie 1926 The Skyrocket as Lucia Morgan
movie 1926 The Warning Signal
movie 1926 Unknown Treasures as Mary Hamilton
movie 1925 Go Straight as Gilda Hart
movie 1925 Lena Rivers as Lena Rivers
movie 1925 On the Threshold as Rosemary Masters
movie 1925 Private Affairs as Agnes Bomar
movie 1925 The Mystic as Doris Merrick
movie 1925 The Pride of the Force as Mary Moore
movie 1925 The Thoroughbred as Mitzi Callahan
movie 1924 The Family Secret as Margaret Selfridge
movie 1924 The Iron Horse as Ruby
movie 1924 The Night Message as Elsie Lefferts
movie 1924 The Ridin' Kid from Powder River as 'Miss'
movie 1924 The Slanderers as Gladys Gray
movie 1923 As a Man Lives as Nadia Meredith
movie 1923 Enemies of Women as Vittoria
movie 1923 Hoodman Blind as Nancy Yeulette
movie 1923 Whispering Palms
movie 1922 Fair Lady as Myra Nell Drew
movie 1922 How Women Love as Natalie Nevins
movie 1922 Secrets of Paris as Mayflower
movie 1922 The Referee as Janie Roberts
movie 1921 Tol'able David as Esther Hatburn
movie 1920 High Speed as Edith Rhoades
movie 1920 The Silent Barrier as Etta Stampa
movie 1918 Annexing Bill as Enid Barwell
movie 1918 For Sale as Dorothy Daniels
movie 1918 Mrs. Slacker as Susie Simpkins
movie 1918 Waifs as Marjorie Whitney
movie 1917 A Crooked Romance as Mary Flynn
movie 1917 Her New York as Phoebe Lester
movie 1917 Miss Nobody as Roma
movie 1917 Over the Hill as Esther
movie 1917 Pots-and-Pans Peggy as Peggie McGraw
movie 1917 The Candy Girl as Nell
movie 1917 The Cigarette Girl as The cigarette girl
movie 1917 The Last of the Carnabys as Lucy Carnaby
movie 1917 The Streets of Illusion as Beam
movie 1916 In the Name of the Law as Daisy Rudyard - the Mountain Girl
movie 1916 Other People's Money as The Girl
movie 1916 Prudence, the Pirate as Prudence
movie 1916 The Flight of the Duchess as Lady Alice - The Earl's Ward
movie 1916 The Girl from Chicago as The Girl from Chicago
movie 1916 The Shine Girl as The Shine Girl
movie 1916 The Traffic Cop as Casey's Sweetheart
movie 1916 What Doris Did
movie 1916 When She Played Broadway as The Young Actress
movie 1915 A Sprig of Shamrock as The New Stenographer
movie 1915 A Thorn Among Roses
movie 1915 Ambition as Carolyn 'Youth' Bartlett
movie 1915 Count Macaroni
movie 1915 Eugene Aram as Eleanor Lester
movie 1915 His Majesty, the King as Lady in Waiting
movie 1915 Joey and His Trombone as Tillie Perkins
movie 1915 Out of the Ruins as Priscilla Varden
movie 1915 The Corporal's Daughter as Kate - the Corporal's Daughter
movie 1915 The King of the Wire as Patricia Beverly
movie 1915 The Mission of Mr. Foo as Florence - the Diplomat's Daughter
movie 1915 The Working of a Miracle as Mary Murdock - Kent's Ward
movie 1915 The Wrong Woman as Ivy Fairfax - the Heiress
movie 1915 Tracked by the Hounds as Katherine Stuart
movie 1915 What Happened on the Barbuda as Ruth Dislow - the Professor's Daughter
movie 1915 Won Through Merit as Helen Morse
movie 1915 Young Mrs. Winthrop as Edith - Mrs. Douglas Winthrop's Sister-in-Law
movie 1914 A Canine Rival
movie 1914 A Deal in Statuary as The Nephew's Sweetheart
movie 1914 A Double Elopement
movie 1914 A Foolish Agreement as Betty Wallace - the Daughter
movie 1914 A Millinery Mix-Up as Tillie - Tightwad's Secretary
movie 1914 A Summer Resort Idyll as Jane
movie 1914 A Transplanted Prairie Flower as Mary Arden
movie 1914 A Village Scandal as Margaret
movie 1914 An Absent-Minded Cupid
movie 1914 An American King as Princess Sonia
movie 1914 Courting Betty's Beau as Betty
movie 1914 George Washington Jones
movie 1914 Getting to the Ball Game as Mrs. Meekley
movie 1914 His Chorus Girl Wife as Gladys Warwick
movie 1914 How Bobby Called Her Bluff as Rosalyn
movie 1914 Post No Bills as Nellie Prim
movie 1914 The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Extra Baby
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Missing Legacy as Pennington's 1st Daughter
movie 1914 The Double Shadow as Marie Fielding - James's Daughter
movie 1914 The Janitor's Flirtation
movie 1914 The Lucky Vest as Mrs. Dora Flynn
movie 1914 The Poisoned Bit as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1914 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of as Nellie Davis
movie 1914 The Two Doctors
movie 1914 With the Eyes of Love
movie 1913 A Hornet's Nest
movie 1913 A Royal Romance as Princess Olga
movie 1913 Bobbie's Long Trousers
movie 1913 Falling in Love with Inez as Inez
movie 1913 Her Royal Highness as Peasant Child
movie 1913 Silas Marner as Effie
movie 1913 The Embarrassment of Riches as Maggie Clancy - Pat's Daughter
movie 1913 The Treasure of Captain Kidd as Modern Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Younger Generation as Maggie Riley
movie 1913 Tired Bill's Career as a Butler as Mrs. Melville - Newlywed Wife
movie 1913 Why Girls Leave Home as The Stenographer
movie 1912 A Romance of the Ice Fields
movie 1912 How the Boys Fought the Indians
movie 1912 Jack and the Beanstalk as Jack
movie 1912 Jim's Wife
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1912 The Bank President's Son as The Secretary
movie 1912 The Guilty Party
movie 1912 The Harbinger of Peace
movie 1912 The Librarian
movie 1912 The Passer-By as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 Captain Barnacle's Baby as The Son
movie 1911 Father's Dress Suit as The Little Girl
movie 1911 Lorna Doone
movie 1911 Papa's Sweetheart as One of the Children
movie 1911 Pull for the Shore, Sailor! as The Little Lame Boy
movie 1911 Stage-Struck Lizzie as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 The Price of a Man as One of Mrs. Johnson's Daughters
movie 1911 The Star Spangled Banner
movie 1911 The Winds of Fate as The Nortons' Son
movie 1910 A Japanese Peach Boy
movie 1910 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as Alice
movie 1909 A Midsummer Night's Dream as Puck
movie 1909 Hiawatha as Hiawatha
movie 1909 Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy as The Elder Fairy
movie 1909 Thanksgiving, Then and Now
movie 1908 A Street Waif's Christmas
movie 1908 Romeo and Juliet

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