Glenn Payne

Glenn Payne Filmography

movie 2013 Echoes as Joel
movie 2013 Kane as Camden
movie 2013 A Mutual Friend
movie 2013 Last Fall
movie 2012 Coldblooded as Gary
movie 2012 Genrevolt as Ben
movie 2012 Reverie
movie 2012 Third Shift
movie 2011 Curtain Call as Man
movie 2011 Gypsy Heart as Timothy James
movie 2011 Illumination as Alex
movie 2011 Purdie & Pepper as A Groom
movie 2011 The Fall of Henry as James
movie 2011 Zion
movie 2010 High Tide as Anthony Craig
movie 2010 Purdie Wars: A Few Dopes as Lizard
movie 2010 TV Casualty as Insurance Pitchman
movie 2010 Blackout
movie 2009 Cigarette Girl as Customer
movie 2009 M-Power
movie 2009 Room 327
movie 2009 A Zombie Movie
movie 2008 In a Trice as John Fischer
movie 2008 The Collectors
movie 2007 Avarice

Glenn Payne on Youtube

Full Trailer for Glenn Payne's feature film, EARTHRISE. "99% of the human race has colonized on Mars. The remaining few work to rehabilitate our dying planet.

Trailer for the film "Zion." Starring Amye Gousset, Kenny Cook, Ashton Waters, Aleigh Farris, & Todd Barnett. Sound by Casey Spradling, Key Grip Jason Lively...

Trailer for multiple Award Winning film, "The Fall of Henry" starring Casey Dillard, Glenn Payne, Kenny Cook, & Seth Wilson. Assistant Director Heather Roebu...

Directed by Glenn Payne, starring Casey Dillard, Amye Gousset, Greg Earnest, Kristen Stephens, Michael Ewing, Carolyn Parson, David Collins, Kenny Cook, ...