Glyn Edwards

Glynn Edwards (born 2 February 1931) is a British actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Glyn Edwards Filmography

tv movie 1991 T-Bag's Christmas Turkey
tv movie 1990 T-Bag's Christmas Ding Dong
tv series 1989 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
tv series 1988 Palace Hill
movie 1979 All the Fun of the Fair
tv series 1975 Celebrity Squares

Glyn Edwards on Youtube

Glyn's table gets moved in 2 the middle of the chicken shop unfortuatly the staff dnt find it funny and move him bk.

Glyn blindfolded eats hamster food.

Following Glyn Edwards down the Larl Killer on dent fell cleator moor. Cumbria.

Following Kevin Jackson and Glyn Edwards down Bummers. WIPE OUT by Glyn. Then a tumble by me.