Googie Withers

Googie Withers, CBE (born 12 March 1917) is an Indian-born British theatre, film and television actress who has long been resident in Australia. ... more on Wikipedia

Googie Withers Filmography

tv movie 2002 Forever Ealing as Herself
movie 1996 Shine as Katharine Susannah Prichard
movie 1994 Country Life as Hannah
tv movie 1989 Ending Up as Marigold
tv movie 1978 Golden Gala as Herself
movie 1977 To See Such Fun as Herself
tv movie 1974 The Cherry Orchard
movie 1971 Nickel Queen as Meg Blake
movie 1956 Port of Escape as Anne Stirling
movie 1954 Devil on Horseback as Mrs. Cadell
movie 1952 Derby Day as Betty Molloy
movie 1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again as Susan Foster
movie 1951 The Magic Box as Sitter in Bath Studio
movie 1951 White Corridors as Dr. Sophie Dean
movie 1950 Night and the City as Helen Nosseross
movie 1950 Traveller's Joy as Bumble Pelham
movie 1949 Once Upon a Dream as Carol Gilbert
movie 1948 Miranda as Clare Martin
movie 1947 It Always Rains on Sunday as Rose Sandigate
movie 1947 The Loves of Joanna Godden as Joanna Godden
movie 1945 Dead of Night as Joan Cortland
movie 1945 Pink String and Sealing Wax as Pearl Bond
movie 1944 On Approval as Helen Hale
movie 1944 They Came to a City as Alice
movie 1943 The Silver Fleet as Helène van Leyden
movie 1942 Back-Room Boy as Bobbie
movie 1942 One of Our Aircraft Is Missing as Jo de Vries
movie 1941 Jeannie as Laundry Girl
movie 1940 Bulldog Sees It Through as Toots
movie 1940 Busman's Honeymoon as Polly
movie 1940 She Couldn't Say No as Dora
movie 1939 Dead Men Are Dangerous
movie 1939 Murder in Soho as Lola Matthews
movie 1939 The Gang's All Here as Alice Forrest
movie 1939 Trouble Brewing as Mary Brown
movie 1938 Convict 99 as Lottie
movie 1938 If I Were Boss as Pat
movie 1938 Kate Plus Ten as Lady Moya
movie 1938 Paid in Error as Jean Mason
movie 1938 Strange Boarders as Elsie
movie 1938 The Lady Vanishes as Blanche
movie 1938 You're the Doctor as Helen Firmstone
movie 1937 Action for Slander as Mary
movie 1937 Paradise for Two as Miki
movie 1937 Pearls Bring Tears as Doreen
movie 1937 The Green Cockatoo
movie 1936 Accused as Ninette Duval
movie 1936 Crime Over London as Miss Dupres
movie 1936 Crown v. Stevens as Ella Levine
movie 1936 Her Last Affaire as Effie
movie 1936 King of Hearts as Elaine
movie 1936 She Knew What She Wanted as Dora
movie 1935 All at Sea as Daphne Tomkins
movie 1935 Dark World as Annie
movie 1935 The Girl in the Crowd as Sally
movie 1935 The Love Test as Minnie
movie 1935 Windfall as Dodie

Googie Withers on Youtube

Googie Withers Was Born Georgette Lizette Withers.She was Given The name "Googie'(Little Pigeon)By her nanny.

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