Gordon Douglas

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Gordon Douglas Filmography

movie 1977 Viva Knievel!
tv movie 1975 Nevada Smith
movie 1973 Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
movie 1971 Skin Game
movie 1970 Barquero
movie 1970 Skullduggery
movie 1970 They Call Me Mister Tibbs!
movie 1968 Lady in Cement
movie 1968 The Detective
movie 1967 Chuka
movie 1967 In Like Flint
movie 1967 Tony Rome
movie 1966 Stagecoach
movie 1966 Way... Way Out
movie 1965 Harlow
movie 1965 Sylvia
movie 1964 Rio Conchos
movie 1964 Robin and the 7 Hoods
movie 1963 Call Me Bwana
movie 1962 Follow That Dream
movie 1961 Claudelle Inglish
movie 1961 Gold of the Seven Saints
movie 1961 The Sins of Rachel Cade
movie 1959 Little Rascals Varieties
movie 1959 The Miracle
movie 1959 Up Periscope
movie 1959 Yellowstone Kelly
movie 1958 Fort Dobbs
movie 1958 The Fiend Who Walked the West
movie 1957 Bombers B-52
movie 1957 The Big Land
movie 1956 Santiago
movie 1955 Sincerely Yours
movie 1955 The McConnell Story
tv series 1955 The Little Rascals
movie 1954 Them!
movie 1954 Young at Heart
movie 1953 She's Back on Broadway
movie 1953 So This Is Love
movie 1953 The Charge at Feather River
movie 1952 Mara Maru
movie 1952 The Iron Mistress
movie 1951 Come Fill the Cup
movie 1951 I Was a Communist for the FBI
movie 1951 Only the Valiant
movie 1951 The Great Missouri Raid
movie 1950 Between Midnight and Dawn
movie 1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood
movie 1950 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
movie 1950 Rogues of Sherwood Forest
movie 1950 The Nevadan
movie 1949 Mr. Soft Touch
movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma
movie 1948 If You Knew Susie
movie 1948 The Black Arrow
movie 1948 Walk a Crooked Mile
movie 1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
movie 1946 San Quentin
movie 1945 First Yank Into Tokyo
movie 1945 Zombies on Broadway
movie 1944 The Falcon in Hollywood
movie 1944 A Night of Adventure
movie 1944 Gildersleeve's Ghost
movie 1944 Girl Rush
movie 1943 Gildersleeve on Broadway
movie 1943 Gildersleeve's Bad Day
movie 1942 The Devil with Hitler
movie 1942 The Great Gildersleeve
movie 1941 Topper Returns
movie 1941 Broadway Limited
movie 1941 Niagara Falls
movie 1941 Road Show
movie 1940 Saps at Sea
movie 1939 The Housekeeper's Daughter
movie 1939 Zenobia
movie 1938 Aladdin's Lantern
movie 1938 Bear Facts
movie 1938 Came the Brawn
movie 1938 Canned Fishing
movie 1938 Feed 'em and Weep
movie 1938 Hide and Shriek
movie 1938 The Little Ranger
movie 1937 Fishy Tales
movie 1937 Framing Youth
movie 1937 Glove Taps
movie 1937 Hearts Are Thumps
movie 1937 Night 'n' Gales
movie 1937 Our Gang Follies of 1938
movie 1937 Reunion in Rhythm
movie 1937 Roamin' Holiday
movie 1937 Rushin' Ballet
movie 1937 The Pigskin Palooka
movie 1937 Three Smart Boys
movie 1936 Kelly the Second
movie 1936 Bored of Education
movie 1936 General Spanky
movie 1936 Pay As You Exit
movie 1936 Spooky Hooky
movie 1936 Two Too Young
movie 1935 Mystery of Edwin Drood as Coroner
movie 1935 Lucky Beginners
movie 1935 The Infernal Triangle
movie 1933 The Fatal Glass of Beer as Student Drinker
movie 1932 Birthday Blues as Delivery boy
movie 1932 Love Pains
movie 1932 The Knockout as Slug, Sophomore Champ
movie 1932 Too Many Women as Gordon
movie 1932 You're Telling Me as Eddie Morgan
movie 1931 Beau Hunks as Fort Arid Legionnaire
movie 1931 Big Ears as Orderly
movie 1931 Chickens Come Home- as Passerby Outside Apartment
movie 1931 Come Clean as Hotel desk clerk
movie 1931 Love Fever as Thelma's Chauffeur
movie 1931 On the Loose as Fun House Worker
movie 1931 One Good Turn as A Community Player
movie 1931 Pardon Us as Typist
movie 1931 The Kick-Off! as Bit
movie 1930 Looser Than Loose as Young Man
movie 1930 Teacher's Pet as Caterer

Gordon Douglas on Youtube

"Them!" by Gordon Douglas.

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They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! Trailer - Directed by Gordon Douglas and starring Sidney Poitier, Martin Landau, Anthony Zerbe, Edward Asner, Jeff Corey.

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