Gordon Mulholland

Gordon Mulholland Filmography

video movie 1999 Cold Harvest as Patriarch
movie 1999 Traitor's Heart as Donald
video movie 1994 The Visual Bible: Acts as Annas
movie 1990 Act of Piracy as Captain Jenkins
movie 1989 Accidents as Tom Black
video movie 1989 Brutal Glory as Jack Marshall
movie 1989 Rising Storm as Whitefish Aldana
movie 1989 River of Death as Fanjul
movie 1989 The Evil Below as Max Senior
movie 1989 The Sandgrass People as Loring
movie 1988 Headhunter as Robert Sinclair
movie 1986 Jock of the Bushveld as Tom Barnett
tv series 1981 Westgate as Warren Bartlett
movie 1977 Mister Deathman
movie 1976 One Away as Detective, 'Big man'
movie 1971 Z.E.B.R.A. as Charles Lester
movie 1970 Stop Exchange
movie 1967 The Cape Town Affair as Warrant Officer Du Plessis
movie 1967 The Professor and the Beauty Queen as Joe
movie 1965 Coast of Skeletons as Mr. Spyker
movie 1960 A Christmas Carol as Scrooge's Nephew
movie 1951 Cheer the Brave
movie 1950 The Lady Craved Excitement as A Lunatic
movie 1950 Treasure Island as Durgin

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