Grace Folsom

Grace Folsom Filmography

movie 2013 The Big News as Guest
tv series 2013 Project Reality
tv series 2013 Schoooled as Tasha
movie 2012 Pose as Laylee
movie 2012 Things I Don't Understand as Sara Lowe
movie 2011 Beautiful Garbage as Monika
movie 2010 Pose as Laylee

Grace Folsom on Youtube

A CLIP from the award winning and critically acclaimed "Things I Don't Understand" written & directed by David Spaltro with Molly Ryman, Aaron Mathias, Grace.

Starring Grace Folsom as Amy Stoker.

The critically acclaimed and award "Things I Don't Understand" starring Molly Ryman, Aaron Mathias, Grace Folsom & Lisa Eichhorn. Written & Directed by ...

Season 3 Episode 3 Created, starring, and written by Jenny Donheiser and Meagan Kensil With Special Guest Susan Casey Doorknob Voice Over by Brandon ...